Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jeff Lyons, founder of Storygeeks, joins Euro Scriptchat on 20th May

A solid premise is essential in writing effective agent or publisher query letters, or for pitching movie producers. But, how do you know your story idea will work? How do you know if you even have a story?  In this Scriptchat session, we’ll explore idea testing, what makes a story a story, and much more with Storygeeks founder Jeff Lyons

Jeff Lyons has more than 25 years’ experience in the entertainment and publishing industries. He is founder of Storygeeks, a professional services company offering editorial, professional training, and story consulting services to individual writers, production companies, literary agencies, and publishing companies. Jeff has been a regular book reviewer for Kirkus Reviews and Kirkus Discoveries, and is a regular guest lecturer at the UCLA Extension Writers Program, where he teaches story structure and story development technique. In 2012, Jeff will be publishing an e-book entitled Anatomy of a Premise Line: 7 Steps to Foolproof Premise and Story Development. And in 2013, he will be publishing two additional books: Story Development from the Inside Out: How to Use the Enneagram System to Unlock the Structure of any Story and How Not to Write Your Self-Published Book: The Missing Manual for Writers & Storytellers.

Come join us as we chat to Jeff Lyons on Sunday 20th May at 8pm BST 

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