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2019 Chat Schedule


6th: NO CHAT - Golden Globes

13th: Anna Klassen @AnnaJKlassen - 2017 Black List When Lightning Strikes, a biopic about J.K. Rowling. TOPIC: biopics

20th: Greta Heinemann @GretaHeinemann - TOPIC: Start the new year off write! Let’s set this year up for success and be productive etc. we’ll talk about productivity, a plan etc.
Moderator: Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb

27th: Mark Sanderson @scriptcat - TOPIC: Surviving as a writer - the ups, downs, and disciplines to help you succeed!
Moderator: Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4


3rd: NO CHAT - Super Bowl Sunday

10th: TOPIC: The Many Ways to Pitch Your Screenplay
Moderator: Tawny Stokes @Vivi_Tawny

17th: Jeff Lieber @JeffLieber Screenwriter and showrunner - LOST, NCIS: NEW ORLEANS, SALVATION, THE ORIGINALS, and more!
Moderator: Zoey Sanford @mszoeyrose

24th: NO CHAT - Oscars

MARCH 2019:

3rd: Liz Hannah @itslizhannah Screenwriter - THE POST
Moderator: Zoey Sanford @mszoeyrose

10th: Lisa Takeuchi Cullen @LisaCullen ‏TV Writer - TOPIC: Pitching and selling drama pilots. Lisa is on deal #8—five to network, with one produced.

17th: TBD
Moderator: Tawny Stokes @Vivi_Tawny

24th: TOPIC: World Building
Moderator: Zoey Sanford @mszoeyrose

31st: David Rabinowitz @d_rabinowitz Oscar-winning screenwriter of BlacKkKlansman
Moderator: Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4

APRIL 2019:

7th: NO CHAT

14th: TOPIC: With the battle between WGA writers and agents in full blown "war," let's discuss how writers are helping writers. Great article here.

21st: NO CHAT - Easter/Passover

28th: Melissa Hilfers @melissahilfers (UNDONE, UNFIT, FUSION BOY, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, JAGGED EDGE) TOPIC: On writing/directing her short film BLASPHEMY. BLASPHEMY premieres on on April 30th.
Moderator: Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4

MAY 2019:

5th: OPEN TOPIC: Moderator: Zoey Sanford @mszoeyrose

12th: NO CHAT - Mother's Day

19th: Jeff Lowell @JeffLowell Screenwriter/Producer John Tucker Must Die, Hotel For Dogs, Sports Night, Spin City, Two & A Half Men, The Ranch, George Carlin Show, Cybill, Just Shoot Me, Drew Carey Show, etc.
Moderator: Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb

26th: NO CHAT - Memorial Day

JUNE 2019:

Moderator: Zoey Sanford @mszoeyrose

9th: Documentaries with Cindy Goldberg, @CindyGDrums Beat Keepers: Women with Rhythm
Moderator: Tawny Stokes @Vivi_Tawny

16th: NO CHAT - Father's Day

23rd: Anna & Mark Casadei @annaliterally @markliterally (LEGACY, MURDER HILL) Award-winning screenwriting & filmmaking duo. TOPICS: Getting our work noticed/getting meetings, how to prepare and be good in the room, pitching, building/maintaining industry relationships, etc.
Moderator: Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4

30th: We are fans of screenwriting contests and excited to have Steven DeBose @Steven_DeBose, Director of Script Competitions at Austin Film Festival @austinfilmfest
Moderator: Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb

JULY 2019:

7th: NO CHAT - Independence Day

14th: TOPIC: Taking notes
Moderator: Jamie Livingston @authorjamie

21st: Writer/director Nicole Jones-Dion @novaris (STASIS, DEVIL'S DEAL, DEBRIS, DEATHDATE, IN THE DEATHROOM, SCARS)
Moderator: Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4

Moderator: Zoey Sanford @mszoeyrose

AUGUST 2019:

4th: Script to Novel

11th: Arash Amel @arashamel A PRIVATE WAR
Moderator: Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb

18th: TV writer/producer Mike Alber @malber2000 (GABBY DURAN & THE UNSITTABLES for the Disney Channel and KIRBY BUCKETS for DisneyXD)
TOPIC: Writing and showrunning a live-action comedy TV series for a young audience.
Moderator: Sarah Newman @sarahalexis4

Moderator: Zoey Sanford @mszoeyrose


1st: NO CHAT - Labor Day

8th: Subtext, writing struggles & more!
Moderator: Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb

15th: TOPIC: Character Building
Moderator: Jamie Livingston @authorjamie


29th: Steve Brumwell - UK script consultant and reader for Shore.
TOPIC: Mistakes readers consistently see.
Moderator: Tawny Stokes @Vivi_Tawny


6th: Screenwriter Tom Vaughan @tomvaughan (Winchester, Playing House, Unstoppable)
Topic: Action lines and how to make the script a better reading experience
Moderator: Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4

13th: Austin Film Festival's Steven DeBose @Steven_DeBose @austinfilmfest
Moderator: Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb

20th: Screenwriting Survival 101 - Share tips on how you stay in the game, survive the challenges of having a day job, and find ways to earn money while pursuing your writing career.
Moderator: Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb

27th: Kraig Wenman @KraigWenman
Topic: How to break into Hollywood while living outside of LA
Moderator: Tawny Stokes @Vivi_Tawny


3rd: David Diamond @TheDavidDiamond and David Weissman @Weissy77 (THE FAMILY MAN, OLD DOGS), screenwriters and authors of @bulletproofscr - Bulletproof: Writing Scripts That Don't Get Shot Down

10th: William C. Martell @wcmartell TOPIC: No agent, no problem!

17th: Rebecca Pickens @RebeccaLPickens Editor of



1st: NO CHAT - Thanksgiving



22nd: NO CHAT - Holiday Break

29th: NO CHAT - Holiday Break

Wishlist of guests:
  • Travis Beacham @travisbeacham (PACIFIC RIM, KILLING ON CARNIVAL ROW)
  • Hayley McKenzie @HayleyMcKenzie1 Script Editor 
  • Kevin Biegel @kbiegel (COUGAR TOWN, ENLISTED, SCRUBS)
  • Michael Green @andmichaelgreen (Orient Express, BR2049, American Gods, Logan)
  • @SarahWatson42 
  • @MrTimHerlihy 
  • @rmayemsinger 
  • @d_haggar 
  • @jimmycthatsme 
  • @GennHutchison
  • @dottiehudson 
  • Ed Solomon @ed_solomon Screenwriter - MEN IN BLACK, CHARLIE'S ANGELS, NOW YOU SEE ME, and more!
Future topics
  • How to apply for/get intro jobs while networking, especially from outside L.A.
  • How to keep your passion projects alive long enough to get produced.
  • Writing a limited series.
  • How "in-house" writing affects writers' careers in general. E.g. Lucasfilm, Marvel, and Pixar have their in-house writers.  How does that affect our opportunities.
  • William Martell on how he's worked this industry for so long without an agent.