Sunday, July 10, 2016

#Scriptchat Transcript: Crowdfunding Tips from John @Trigonis July 10, 2016

The best way to become a better screenwriter is to produce your own work. Filmmaking requires money, and John Trigonis @Trigonis has the tips to help you have a successful crowdfunding campaign. Enjoy! @jeannevb

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#Scriptchat Transcript: Crowdfunding Tips from John @Trigonis

#Scriptchat Transcript: Crowdfunding Tips from John @Trigonis

The best way to become a better screenwriter is to produce your own work. Filmmaking requires money, and John Trigonis has the tips to help you have a successful crowdfunding campaign. Enjoy! @jeannevb

  1. Wut up, folks? How'd you all do on your goals and writing this week? #scriptchat
  2. .@jeannevb Unfortunately, no margarita for me (though I am on three glasses of vino.) Coffee's the key for me tonight! #Scriptchat
  3. I'm a big believer in screenwriters producing their own shorts. Incredible way to learn. But ya need $$. Enter @Trigonis #scriptchat
  4. @Trigonis let's talk crowdfunding tips... LOTS to consider. How about we start with things you should do BEFORE launch? #scriptchat
  5. And sometimes it seems crowds are harder to come buy than money. #scriptchat
  6. .@jeannevb Same here! I think screenwriters & actors should all be creating their own stuff. #scriptchat
  7. You're exactly right, @Al_1701. Like I always say, the crowd's gotta come before the funding. #crowdfunding #scriptchat
  8. Before launch, @jeannevb, we need to spend the proper amount of time finding & interacting with our audiences. #crowdfunding #scriptchat
  9. @Al_1701 @jeannevb Hey guys! *waves* Been celebrating my 34th birthday this weekend! #scriptchat
  10. .@Al_1701 They've got to lessen the extreme of their introversion, actually. The age of the timid #filmmaker is all but over. #scriptchat
  11. In all honestly, though, @Al_1701, introverts just need to be themselves & put focus on their films/ideas & themselves. #scriptchat
  12. Build a following - blog, short films, online stuff, etc? #scriptchat
  13. .@writeranthonydp Through interaction –– that's how to get a crowd to come. First, though, you need to know who your film's for. #scriptchat
  14. . @Trigonis We've noticed a big change in #Crowdfunding since the celebrities jumped in How do we compete? #ScriptChat
  15. .@writeranthonydp If you read something, tweet it. Always seek to add value to followers' lives. Then they stay followers. #scriptchat
  16. .@SarahAlexis4 Great question! First, becoming a curator of valuable content that fellow creators can RT, share, etc. #scriptchat
  17. .@SarahAlexis4 The key thing about building an audience is doing so because you want them to SEE your film, not... (1/2) #scriptchat
  18. When you realize you'd be so rich if you got paid for every hour you worked... #Screenwriting hour number 7 today, and going! #scriptchat
  19. .@SarahAlexis4 (2/2) ...FUND your film. Make the reason we're interaction about #crowdfunding, we lose the interaction game. #scriptchat
  20. @Al_1701 Join the club, half my tweets the past few days was about my pet peeing on me! #scriptchat
  21. @Trigonis have you found 1 social media platform better than others to grow a following? #scriptchat
  22. .@Al_1701 Don't we all, my friend LOL! But you'd be surprised what's tweetable these days. I think you're all good :-) #scriptchat
  23. Because of stuff like this, @jeannevb, Twitter is still my go-to. Problem is so many creators don't "get it." #scriptchat
  24. I also forget I'm no Twitter when tweetable things happen. Big storms hit my area, not even thinking about Twitter. #scriptchat
  25. .@jeannevb But whatever social media platforms you know how to make the best use of, make the best use of 'em 1,000%. #scriptchat
  26. @Trigonis Twitter has definitely changed a lot over the years. Not for the best either. #scriptchat
  27. Absolutely that! All these things. RT @wcmartell: Build a following - blog, short films, online stuff, etc? #scriptchat
  28. @Trigonis so let's say you're a god at social media & have a following, tips for picking amt $ to ask for? What's sweet spot? #scriptchat
  29. For #webseries creators, @filmwritr4, make your own pilot with your own dime. Then go #crowdfunding for the season. @jeannevb #scriptchat
  30. The first impression is also vital. Anyone hear of Midnight Mares? #scriptchat
  31. @Trigonis @jeannevb @blueneumann @SnobbyRobot I might do that on a future project. Thinking of ways to better interact, though #scriptchat
  32. @Trigonis @jeannevb @blueneumann @SnobbyRobot I definitely want to boost FB/Twitter presence, and come up with extra content #scriptchat
  33. @blueneumann Exactly. It was an idea by someone and they intended to crowdfund. However, their teaser was terrible. #scriptchat
  34. @Trigonis - what are the must-haves in a promo video to hook people on you and your project? #scriptchat
  35. .@jeannevb I can do a whole #tweetchat just on setting #crowdfunding goals LOL! First thing is 30% from friends & fam... (1/2) #scriptchat
  36. It was made of mostly tired cliches, and did not make itself look like more than an attempt to latch onto the MLP trend. #scriptchat
  37. Not only did he miss his target, but you could count the percentage he received on one hand. #scriptchat
  38. And his further attempts have proven more fruitless because the well is already poisoned. #scriptchat
  39. .@jeannevb (2/2) ...even if you're a social media "God" you're still gonna need friends & fam –– then the fans will come. #scriptchat
  40. The moral of this tale: Make sure your teaser makes you and your idea look good. #scriptchat
  41. It's true, @Al_1701, a failed campaign spoils the "well" which is why we need to do the due diligence of #crowdfunding research. #scriptchat
  42. No cliches. Emphasize when makes your work special and worth pointing real money into. #scriptchat
  43. .@jeannevb (2/2) ...and she or he must in in the #crowdfunding video in order to make that invite. #scriptchat
  44. On the nose! RT @Al_1701: No cliches. Emphasize when makes your work special and worth pointing real money into. #scriptchat
  45. .@SarahAlexis4 Honestly, the most successful ones listen to me LOL! (But seriously, then do :-) #scriptchat
  46. #scriptchat I noticed many videos have a breakdown of how the money is going to be used. @Trigonis
  47. .@SarahAlexis4 They don't skimp on perks, they have well-designed #crowdfunding campaigns that get folks excited to back. #scriptchat
  48. I've been looking into turning my shorts into directorial practice. should crwdfund only be used for minor or major projects? #scriptchat
  49. Yes, YOU & YOUR IDEA. Not either/or. MT @Al_1701: Moral of this tale: Make sure your teaser makes you and your idea look good. #scriptchat
  50. Great Q., @Tamawil. #Crowdfunding can be used for great or modest projects alike. Depends on what you need and... (1/2) #scriptchat
  51. @Trigonis what about the length of the campaign? What is too long & how do you keep stamina up? It's seriously exhausting! #scriptchat
  52. In the case of Midnight Mares, I heard from the creator some of his ideas, like these sapient horses transition between worlds. #scriptchat
  53. .@Tamawil (2/2) ...what you can get from the folks around you & the following you've earned, #socialmedia-wise & beyond. #scriptchat
  54. .@SarahAlexis4 Authenticity & passion are must-haves, but we also need to have the confidence as backers that you can deliver. #scriptchat
  55. Instead he tried to go for emotional manipulation with a kid who lost their parents and an angsty teenager. #scriptchat
  56. .@SarahAlexis4 #Crowdfunding's come a long way. We no longer have to impress investors, but we have to impress our audiences. #scriptchat
  57. .@Al_1701 I don't know much about this particular campaign, but I do know that's NOT the way to go these days. #scriptchat
  58. If you're a writer/director/producer interested in crowdfunding, checkout tonight's #scriptchat
  59. In science fiction and fantasy, I would think demonstrating a facet of the world the characters is a good teaser. #scriptchat
  60. @writeranthonydp I never recommend putting a #crowdfunding breakdown in the video (the goal amount CAN change), but... (1/2) #scriptchat
  61. Perhaps in other genres too, just giving sense of the fictional normal. #scriptchat
  62. .@writeranthonydp (2/2) ...there should be a visual representation (pie chart) in the story section of every #crowdfunding page. #scriptchat
  63. If possible, @Al_1701, the more #crowdfunding #filmmakers can get us into their world (and their storyworld), the better! #scriptchat
  64. You definitely want consumer confidence. Total transparency. #scriptchat
  65. Hey #scriptchat, if I'm missing some major questions, please RT 'em or ask them again. I wanna get to all of these babies!
  66. #scriptchat I usually see a breakdown as I scroll down. That is some of them. @Trigonis
  67. @Trigonis when @Bekemeyer & I crowdfunded #Impasse we added surprise perks along the way to keep campaign fresh. #scriptchat
  68. @Trigonis Going with the goal of making both you and your idea look good? #scriptchat
  69. Yep @writeranthonydp, y'gotta tell potential backers where OUR money's going to make YOUR film. #scriptchat
  70. Transparency builds Trust. Trust = #crowdfunding success. MT @blueneumann: Definitely want consumer confidence. Transparency. #scriptchat
  71. @Trigonis What would you suggest to show the audience initially if I can't show any kind of footage? #scriptchat
  72. .@Stanton_BruceL No footage to show? No problem. Get storyboards made up. A look book. Heck, a Pinterest board for your film. #scriptchat
  73. .@writeranthonydp Depends on what you mean by "manageable" when it comes to perks, though. If you're skimping... (1/2) #scriptchat
  74. .@writeranthonydp (2/2)'re not gonna reach the widest audience. Some folks do contribute 'cause of what they get. #scriptchat
  75. You also have to consider the real advantage of getting a perk. It can be a representation of history. #scriptchat
  76. .@writeranthonydp Just avoid T-shirts! Unless you're a well-known YouTuber, you won't sell many at $75 & up (to cover cost). #scriptchat
  77. .@Al_1701 Yes, or immortalizing a mere mortal's name in the annals of IMDb! #scriptchat
  78. When I was looking to do a web series a couple of years ago, I created iconic props as part of the story that could be perks. #scriptchat
  79. @wcmartell I was thinking that too! Anything your movie uses that you can give away can be a perk #scriptchat
  80. Interesting, @wcmartell. You created those props specifically to be perks in a #crowdfunding campaign later on? #scriptchat
  81. .@SarahAlexis4 Actors should always, ALWAYS be involved in #crowdfunding. I even know #filmmakers who are putting that... (1/2) #scriptchat
  82. @Trigonis @wcmartell That was the plan - at story stage create things that could be part of crowdfunding. #scriptchat
  83. I was thinking of copies of parts of the production process. #scriptchat
  84. .@SarahAlexis4 (2/2) their contracts. If the actors don't comply, the #filmmakers find other actors. End of story. #scriptchat
  85. We are going to offer a copy of the DVD along with the final draft of the script as a perk. That might work as well. #scriptchat
  86. .@SarahAlexis4 That's how serious #filmmakers take #crowdfunding. This is how we fund our work & keep our creative control! #scriptchat
  87. @markliterally The DVD seems like the most obvious perk. It'd be weird NOT to include it #scriptchat
  88. .@SarahAlexis4 We do have to always understand that no one will put 1,000% in the way we will. And that's okay. #scriptchat
  89. One of my fav perks on a project I got was a signed page of the working script and pdf of the script. #scriptchat
  90. Totally agree, @blueneumann. Too many filmmakers are like, "will it affect my chances of a distribution deal?" @markliterally #scriptchat
  91. Send us a logline about your Sunday! Let's see how creative our followers are :) #scriptchat
  92. .@blueneumann Whether it does or not is irrelevant. You're inviting me to fund YOUR film; I need to see it 1st! @markliterally #scriptchat
  93. @Trigonis @blueneumann @markliterally If the only people who want the DVD are those crowdfunding it, you have much bigger issues #scriptchat
  94. My sis makes jewelry, so heroes have specific rings. Villains have cell phone casings that ID them. I made a list of props. #scriptchat
  95. Re: perks, ask writer/filmmaker friends w/ great networks to donate their books/films. Pays it fwd & they help promote. #winwin #scriptchat
  96. @Trigonis Would early access to BTS or showings be a good perk? #scriptchat
  97. @Al_1701 No, but if you donate money to a film and DON'T get the film ,that just sucks #scriptchat
  98. @blueneumann Exactly. And if the movie is worth crowdfunding, it will sell. #scriptchat
  99. Definitely cool, @Tamawil! There are three types of perks all campaigns should include:  #scriptchat
  100. That's the hope! #FingersCrossed! RT @Al_1701: @blueneumann Exactly. And if the movie is worth crowdfunding, it will sell. #scriptchat
  101. @Trigonis @Al_1701 Con Man. Crowdfunded, then rented/sold on Vimeo, now picked up by the Comic Con HQ channel #scriptchat
  102. .@blueneumann @Al_1701 The only way it doesn't' suck is if the other perks are super. (And I don't see too many "super" perks.) #scriptchat
  103. .@blueneumann And listened to me every step of the way, too :-) And had a pretty good campaign manager, too. @Al_1701 #scriptchat
  104. You won't know what will happen to any film you do until you do it! So not steal NIKE's slogan but, "JUST DO IT!" #scriptchat
  105. As a "donator" I want a download of the film (I usually go for the DVD or Blu). I'm paying to have a movie I want to see made. #scriptchat
  106. .@Tamawil Early access to BTS footage is what I'd call "standard def," almost mandatory. Early access to the film, too. #scriptchat
  107. @SarahAlexis4 Keep a schedule and stick to it and let the funders know about it before it starts! #scriptchat
  108. .@SarahAlexis4 Best way to keep backers informed post-campaign is via email, #socialmedia, and through your platform. #scriptchat
  109. .@SarahAlexis4 But you don't want to burden them with relentless updates. Update when there's something to update, or... (1/2) #scriptchat
  110. @Trigonis @SarahAlexis4 (2/2) least once per month. That's just email. On Twitter, be around as much as possible. #scriptchat
  111. The awesome Gary King videoed a full day where he said the names of donators as he went about post prodo and life. #scriptchat
  112. @Trigonis Frequency correlated to intimacy of platform. Twitter = most frequent, website = medium, e-mail least frequent? #scriptchat
  113. .@blueneumann @SarahAlexis4 Yep! @Indiegogo even has a new feature –– the "Coming Soon page –– for doing just that. #scriptchat
  114. .@wcmartell And @grking is awesome for doing that. But then again, he's an inspiration for what I call "Right crowdfunding." #scriptchat
  115. @wcmartell Did they the like that? I met some that don't want to be named. #scriptchat
  116. @markliterally @wcmartell I think we had to choose to be in closing credits or not at some point. #scriptchat
  117. Thanks so much, #Scriptchat! I hope the knowledge I dropped was informative! #scriptchat
  118. Thanks so much for joining us, @Trigonis! I'll grab the transcript & shout it out in a bit. #scriptchat