Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Great American Pitchfest Guesting May 6, 2012

Regular scriptchat members have often heard me sing my praises for the Great American Pitchfest. Not only do I have deep love for its creative team, Signe Olynyk and Bob Schultz, but also for the event itself.  In my personal experience of pitching, it is indeed one of the most well run events and opportunities a screenwriter has to access producers, agents and managers.  

Great American PitchFest is a weekend event on June 1st to 3rd, and will be held at the Burbank Marriott Hotel & Convention Center.

Saturday is a full day of free classes, and anyone who wishes to attend is welcome, no strings attached. One of the classes is one I’m presenting with RB Botto of Stage 32 called Breaking in Outside of Hollywood. I’ll also be interviewing Doug Richardson on stage Saturday afternoon.  Private consultation sessions are also available with a variety of industry professionals.  

Saturday night at 8pm-ish, we’ll have a Scriptchat Meetup in the bar of the Marriott, The Daily Grill. Come have a non-virtual drink with us!

Sunday is the legendary pitchfest with over 100 production companies, agents, managers, and studio execs hearing pitches. Most writers meet with an average of 20 companies.  CLICK HERE for a list participating companies.  Don’t miss the cocktail party immediately following (included in your ticket). Some of the best relationships are formed over a glass of tequila. Go figure.

If you have any questions, please either email info@pitchfest.com

The tickets always sell out, so I urge you to buy yours before they’re gone.  Tickets are available for $250 on the website.... BUT... for Scriptchat screenwriters, there's a $50 DISCOUNT!!!!! GET YOUR TICKET HERE TO GET THE DISCOUNT

But no matter what, make sure you mark it in your calendars to come on out for the free classes – they’re all excellent.   Come see me on Saturday afternoon for my class or stop by the pitching tables and say hi to Zac Sanford who will be hearing pitches with Jamie Livingston at his side.  We hope to see you there!

Jeanne @jeannevb

P.S. Great TIPS for GAPF by @zacsanford: A MUST READ ... CLICK HERE

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