How to Chat

Are there rules?

ScriptChat was created in 2009 for the purpose of bringing new and seasoned screenwriters together to network, improve their writing, learn about the industry, and support one another both during and after our one-hour Twitter chat. Every week, we have a new topic, oftentimes with an honored guest from the screenwriting/filmmaking world.

We're a community, not competitors. 
Everyone has something to learn, so leave your ego behind... and bring your tequila.

Our mission is to provide a platform for our screenwriting community to engage in discussions in a positive environment, whether it be by asking questions of our guests or exchanging ideas on a given topic. What we are not is a straight-up interview site. Our moderators purposely sit back to let the community ask questions, giving them full access to experts, professional writers, executives, etc. Why? Because this is a community not a dictatorship. All we ask is to respect our community spirit and each other.

By no means do we endorse any products, merchandise or service a ScriptChat guest may provide nor do we guarantee every question will get answered. Our guests do their very best, but the chat moves quickly, which is why we post a transcript after the chat, available on this site and Storify.

It is always up to the individual screenwriter to do their own due diligence, in part, by asking questions of our guests themselves, using Google, asking for references, or seeking recommendations from people who have used any product or service mentioned during the chat. Our co-founders are volunteers, honored to serve our community and do not in any way profit from any guest or product discussed.

ScriptChat brings the guests to the party so you can learn in a free, unbiased and respectful platform. Our #1 goal is to thoroughly enjoy spending an hour together every Sunday with writers working hard to improve and succeed, and we are proud to have accomplished that time and time again!

ScriptChat SUNDAYS 5pm PT (8pm ET)

How to Chat: 

The easiest way to chat is via the Scriptchat Chat Room, but there are alternate ways as well.

At the designated time, go to one of the following sites: 

TCHAT INSTRUCTIONS (easiest platform to use)
1. Go to at the time of the chat.
2. In the upper right hand corner, click on "Sign In"

3. The site will then ask you to Authorize your Twitter account (you'll need to login to your Twitter account on the same browser). 
Click on "Authorize App"

4. You'll then be redirected to the TCHAT Scriptchat Chatroom, and you're good to go! The chatroom will automatically add the #scriptchat hashtag, so you don't have to worry about remembering to input it. 

1. After going to the TWUB site, scroll down the right sidebar to "MEMBERS" and click "JOIN THIS TWUB". 

2. LOG IN: If it tells you to LOG IN to join the TWUB, choose "Log in with Twitter," that way your tweets will also show up in your Twitter feed and be visibile for those NOT using TWUBS. 

If you log in via TWUBS and not via Twitter, you need to click the button below the large blue "SEND" button to tweet via your Twitter username. (note: It is critical to check this box, especially if you are the featured guest.)

NOTE: Make sure you add the #scriptchat hashtag to your tweet or other followers won't see your comments. But both the and TWUBS sites above AUTO ADDS the hashtag, making it the easiest way to participate in our chats.
We kick the chat off with the topic. Jump in, share and/or ask questions. Watch for your @ name so you can answer questions directed at you. But, most will post general questions or comments, so feel free to answer anything that pops up.
TIP: I typically have my TweetDeck open so I can see mentions as well as do the chat on It's not complicated... just sounds it.

Complete list of ways to participate in Scriptchat: