How to Chat

Are there rules?

There's one basic rule: Don't be a jerk. We're all here to learn and connect, so be kind and courteous. It goes a long way. 

#Scriptchat brings the guests to the party so you can learn in a free, unbiased and respectful platform. Our #1 goal is to thoroughly enjoy spending an hour together every Sunday with writers working hard to improve and succeed, and we are proud to have accomplished that time and time again, since 2009!

(When we have a guest on, it does not mean we endorse them or their products. Do your research.) 

#ScriptChat SUNDAYS 5pm PT (8pm ET)



1. Search the hashtag #scriptchat, then 
2. Click on "Latest" to see the most recent tweets in your feed. 
3. You have to keep hitting refresh to see the new tweets. 
4. You must add the #scriptchat hashtag to every tweet or other followers won't see your comments. 

TwChat AUTO ADDS the hashtag, making it the easiest way to participate in our chats.

We kick the chat off with the topic. Jump in, share and/or ask questions. Watch for your @ name so you can answer questions directed at you. But, most will post general questions or comments, so feel free to answer anything that pops up.

TIP: I typically have my TweetDeck open so I can see mentions as well as do the chat on TwChat. It's not complicated... just sounds it.


If you don't feel like typing the #scriptchat hashtag every tweet, the easiest way to chat is via the Scriptchat Chat Room, because it auto-adds the hashtag. If the hashtag is not in your tweets, no one in the discussion will see you.

At the designated time, go to one of the following sites: 


1. Got to the site HERE, and click "Sign In" in the upper right.

2. Authorize Twitter to tweet from the tchat site.

3. Start chatting! The site auto-adds #scriptchat, but remember you can only use 140 characters.


1. Go to the TwChat site HERE, and click "Sign In" in the upper right.

2. Fill out the info (you only have to do this the first time you use the chat room, after that, it'll recognize you when you Sign In with Twitter). 

3. Start chatting! The site auto-adds the hashtag: