Sunday, April 22, 2018

#Scriptchat Transcript Tawnya Bhattacharya @tbhattacharya Writer/Supervising Producer, Famous in Love; Founder of Script Anatomy. TOPIC: Fellowships & Getting Representation!

Tonight's chat, we had the fabulous Tawnya Bhattacharya giving advice on fellowships and getting representation. Read the transcript here or below (hover over the tweets and scroll down to make the embedded tweets visible).

Sunday, April 15, 2018

#Scriptchat Transcript: Mickey Fisher @MickeyFisher73 talks writing the sci-fi TV series. April 15, 2018

A super fun and informative chat with guest Mickey Fisher @MickeyFisher73 (Extant, Reverie, The Strain, Mars) answering our questions about writing for TV/writing the sci-fi TV series.

Moderated by @SarahAlexis4

Read the transcript below or here

Sunday, April 8, 2018

#Scritpchat Transcript: Greta Heinemann @GretaHeinemann (NCIS: New Orleans and @finaldraftinc Big Break Features winner)

Awesome night with Greta Heinemann @GretaHeinemann (NCIS: New Orleans and @finaldraftinc Big Break Features winner)! Topic: Tackling fellowships & (hopefully) surviving your 1st year on the job.

Read the transcript here.

Greta Heinemann @GretaHeinemann (NCIS: New Orleans and @finaldraftinc Big Break Features winner)

Greta Heinemann @GretaHeinemann (NCIS: New Orleans and @finaldraftinc Big Break Features winner)

Topic: Tackling fellowships & (hopefully) surviving your 1st year on the job.
  1. TONIGHT 5pm PT #scriptchat hangs with @GretaHeinemann (NCIS: New Orleans and @finaldraftinc Big Break Features winner) - Topic: Tackling fellowships & (hopefully) surviving your 1st year on the job. Chat details here: #screenwriting #tvwriting
    TONIGHT 5pm PT #scriptchat hangs with @GretaHeinemann (NCIS: New Orleans and @finaldraftinc Big Break Features winner) - Topic: Tackling fellowships & (hopefully) surviving your 1st year on the job. Chat details here:  #screenwriting #tvwriting
  2. One hour til #scriptchat and I slice my typing fingers... gonna be a slow speed chase.
    One hour til #scriptchat and I slice my typing fingers... gonna be a slow speed chase.
  3. This is gonna be my first venture into actual twitter convos. Bgentle... @jeannevb 5pm PT #scriptchat hangs with @GretaHeinemann
  4. #scriptchat looking forward to this. First time caller/viewer/rubbernecker!
  5. It’s #SCRIPTCHAT O’CLOCK with @GretaHeinemann (NCIS: New Orleans and @finaldraftinc Big Break Features winner) - Topic: Tackling fellowships & (hopefully) surviving your 1st year on the job. Chat happens here:  #screenwriting #tvwriting
  6. @GretaHeinemann We'll all ask questions and you answer. :) @jeannevb will usually pour you a virtual drink. And moderate. #scriptchat
  7. Shall we start with TV fellowships? Which ones, etc? #scriptchat
  8. @jeannevb @GretaHeinemann thanks! On it. Yes, what are we talking about... it's the fellowship season... #scriptchat
  9. @GretaHeinemann being a features girl, I know nothing of fellowships. Tips on standing out? #scriptchat
  10. @jeannevb @GretaHeinemann -- I'd say that the personal essay is equally as important as the quality of the script. #scriptchat
  11. @GretaHeinemann What is it like working in TV, and on a show like NCIS New Orleans? #scriptchat
  12. @GretaHeinemann @jeannevb The fellowships gravitate towards interesting people since usually they have interesting things2say. #scriptchat
  13. @filmwritr4 @GretaHeinemann wild... I work pretty much all year round. Write and produce around 3 episodes a year. #scriptchat
  14. @GretaHeinemann Do the fellowships deal with different genres, or one in particular? #scriptchat
  15. #scriptchat @GretaHeinemann Is it tough to get into a fellowship if you're not a 20-something?
  16. @GretaHeinemann Hi! Q: Any advice on choosing a show to spec? What to consider? Procedural v serialized? Season the show is in? #scriptchat
  17. @BakerJohnjoyce define genre. They do comedy & drama, but generally drama is pretty wide open. from family to crime and back :) #scriptchat
  18. @SeasideScribe @GretaHeinemann I'd say if you're NOT a 20 something fellowships are a great way to try and break in. #scriptchat
  19. @GretaHeinemann for instance, science fiction (Altered Carbon) or fantasy (Once Upon a Time)? #scriptchat
  20. @filmwritr4 @GretaHeinemann that's my goal. The more important question is: Do others see me becoming that :) #scriptchat
  21. @BakerJohnjoyce I see -- in the CBS fellowship we were SCI-FI girls, family drama writers, quirky voices&myself (the grit-chick) #scriptchat
  22. @GretaHeinemann I think you'd make a great showrunner. Hopefully others will see you become one... #scriptchat
  23. @GretaHeinemann when we get past the fellowship questions, let's chat about the good, bad & surprises working in writers' room #scriptchat
  24. @GretaHeinemann @BakerJohnjoyce from what I know everything goes. Write what ur best at. Your passion&craft will stand out #scriptchat
  25. @GretaHeinemann What's the difference between the various fellowship programs? #scriptchat
  26. @jeannevb @GretaHeinemann I got plenty of those. HA. What never stops to surprise me is how important the make-up of the room is #scriptchat
  27. @Webb_W_W don't forget to use the #scriptchat hashtag on your tweets so we can see you
  28. @GretaHeinemann Q What are some things you think the fellowships look for in a promising writer's spec script & original pilot? #scriptchat
  29. @GretaHeinemann If the show is a serial rather than stand alone episodes, how do you fit your script into the continuity? #scriptchat
  30. @GretaHeinemann @jeannevb Have you read @NellSco book, "Just the Funny Parts" where she talks about being a woman in writer room #scriptchat
  31. @collinlieberg loaded Q -- Generally I'd group NBC/CBS/WB as one. Class set up. ABC pays. FOX is for advanced writers. #scriptchat
  32. @GretaHeinemann @collinlieberg Nickelodeon is for comedy & Humanitas New Voices pays and has you develop (I did that & CBS) #scriptchat
  33. @GretaHeinemann @collinlieberg Also there's a bunch of new ones like Sundance & HBO, but they're even more competitive I think. #scriptchat
  34. @jeannevb @GretaHeinemann Does a head writer/showrunner come up with the main storyline for each season, and does he/she assign episodes based on those elements? I ask because I wonder how it's done for a sitcom. #scriptchat
  35. @GretaHeinemann @SarahAlexis4 also 4shy writers: It's super important you learn how to get out of your shell. SUPER IMPORTANT #scriptchat
  36. @GretaHeinemann @SarahAlexis4 1 thing I learned is that screenwriting is to equal parts talent, work-ethic&personal presentation #scriptchat
  37. @GretaHeinemann @SarahAlexis4 if ur locked in a writers room you want to hang with cool, easy going, fun people. #scriptchat
  38. Hey, TV writers, current or soon-to-be, check out the #scriptchat hashtag RIGHT NOW where @GretaHeinemann is answering Qs, dispensing wisdom, and suchlike. RIGHT NOW, I say.
  39. @GretaHeinemann Q: What was the most important craft and/or industry lesson you learned during your fellowship experience? #scriptchat
  40. @GretaHeinemann @collinlieberg @jeannevb @NellSco What advice do you have for those who seek to establish diverse, equal writers' rooms? I've been wanting to start one and get it to 50% female-50% male for my web series. #scriptchat
  41. Oh hi @froonium! what you guys don't know is that Ricky taught me how to murder my script and make it better at @uclaextension #scriptchat
  42. @SarahAlexis4 @GretaHeinemann definitely how to give a good interview (I hope) and explain to others who I am as a writer #scriptchat
  43. @SeasideScribe @GretaHeinemann Pitching is hard. I've seen passion and confidence work. I often stand up so I have more energy #scriptchat
  44. @GretaHeinemann @SeasideScribe energy reads as passion which might make a mediocre idea more palpable ;) #scriptchat
  45. #scriptchat How do you turn minor league writing heat into a chance at the majors? Have a writing client who has won a Fellowship, a few contests, had a feature produced, and is a NYC playwright. Can't seem to get manager and staffing meetings
  46. @GretaHeinemann How instrumental was the fellowship to landing your writing gig? Did they help set up meetings? #scriptchat
  47. @FadeOutTo hm. That's tough. Is your client writing plays only or screenplays? Also TV or feature? #scriptchat
  48. @GretaHeinemann @collinlieberg manager got me in front of showrunner @JeffLieber and thanks to him and CBS support I got the job #scriptchat
  49. By the way, if you're into #screenwriting #TVwriting you should read STEALING THE SHOW from @Joypress. My current read. #scriptchat
  50. @GretaHeinemann Did you have a manager before the fellowship? Won competitions or anything before getting in? #scriptchat
  51. @GretaHeinemann - produced NYC playwright, feature distributed starring michael madsen,awards/contests were TV pilots/specs. #scriptchat
  52. @collinlieberg @GretaHeinemann I was on manager 3 when fellowships hit. 1st mngr. was personal relations. #scriptchat
  53. @FadeOutTo @GretaHeinemann honestly a bit out of my waters, but I'd recco to apply to fellowships, maybe approach junior agents? #scriptchat
  54. @GretaHeinemann @collinlieberg @JeffLieber Any TV scripts/series you suggest aspiring/current writers to view to improve their skills? #scriptchat
  55. Any writing room advice? Or contest advice, in general, seeing as you nailed @finaldraftinc Big Break! #scriptchat
  56. @GretaHeinemann @SarahAlexis4 I was ridiculously nervous. Generally I'd say: Listen for a while, try to learn before you speak! #scriptchat
  57. @filmwritr4 @jeannevb @GretaHeinemann @JeffLieber I've missed being here! Sunday has become a work day for me. Glad I could make this one. #scriptchat
  58. @jeannevb @finaldraftinc room: Listen & learn, watch what pitches land, try to pitch that way when you do. Don't be a nay sayer #scriptchat
  59. @froonium @jeannevb @GretaHeinemann You and @JeffLieber would be awesome guests. @GoIntoTheStory reposted Jeff's showrunner rules and I'll definitely check that out. Hopefully it applies to web series, too... #scriptchat
  60. @GretaHeinemann @jeannevb competitions: Make sure your script is air tight. Apply. apply. Apply. #scriptchat
  61. @GretaHeinemann @jeannevb also - focus on the big competitions. @finaldraftinc gets winners major exposure. you want that! #scriptchat
  62. @GretaHeinemann @jeannevb Any tips on handling feedback/notes from fellow writers inside the room? #scriptchat
  63. @filmwritr4 @GretaHeinemann @jeannevb TAKE THEM WITH GRACE. You learn even from bad notes. collaborate & don't be difficult #scriptchat
  64. @GretaHeinemann @uclaextension (What you guys may also not know is that Greta had TWO winning scripts in the UCLA Extension TV Competition, one spec episodic & one pilot, & neither needed anything close to 'murdering.' Just a bit o'polish!) #scriptchat
  65. @GretaHeinemann @jeannevb @finaldraftinc Do you recommend paying for consultations before you apply to competitions? If so, who do you recommend? #scriptchat
  66. @GretaHeinemann @filmwritr4 @jeannevb also. unless it's ur show, u serve ur showrunner. Might disagree, but he's still the boss #scriptchat
  67. @chandra7thomas @VernellAllen Hey Chandra and Vernell! *waves* Welcome! It's great to see you here on #scriptchat
  68. @filmwritr4 @GretaHeinemann @jeannevb & if you find yourself having2explain/justify sth. STOP. It's not on the page. fix that. #scriptchat
  69. @GretaHeinemann Loved your interview in @LeeZJessup 's latest book! I'd advise all emerging screenwriters to pick it up! #scriptchat
  70. @GretaHeinemann @collinlieberg @JeffLieber But it serves me well when writing dark thrillers. . .#scriptchat. And you gotta admit, it was quite a twitter moment :)
  71. @FinalFenwayFict You're right. Definitely pick up GETTING IT WRITE and BREAKING IN from @LeeZJessup -- HUGE HELP! #scriptchat
  72. @filmwritr4 @GretaHeinemann @jeannevb it'll be hard, but focus on the work not the pressure. don't waste time freaking out! #scriptchat
  73. @jeannevb Hey, I've been lurking. . .and writing! #scriptchat And I chimed in when my buddy @DwainAWorrell was on!
  74. @GretaHeinemann @jeannevb Will definitely keep that in mind! Thanks so much for taking the time to share all this great writing advice with us! Definitely learning a lot here! #scriptchat
  75. And thanks especially to @jeannevb for making tonight's #scriptchat possible!
  76. @collinlieberg @GretaHeinemann I came to LA in 2008 got into the fellowships in 2014/2015. I think I was lucky speed wise #scriptchat
  77. @GretaHeinemann if your feature hits, do you plan on juggling both TV & feature writing? #scriptchat
  78. F5: OUTLINES & THE THEMATIC! Writing is a roadtrip, how can you be sure you'll get to your destination? Various ways to outline, throughlines, motifs, Thematic Method for generating scenes & characters! $4.99  #amwriting #film #screenwriting #scriptchat
  79. @GretaHeinemann @collinlieberg Were you working in the industry in the meantime (other than writing)? #scriptchat
  80. @jeannevb @GretaHeinemann I'll worry about it when I have to. JK, eventually I'd love to work both. Cuz I don't have enough 2do #scriptchat
  81. @GretaHeinemann haha I think you should toss a novel or two in the mix. Just for fun. ;) #scriptchat
  82. @GretaHeinemann Thank you so much for joining us! Even w/the injured fingers! All the best on NCIS:NO & w/ your other projects! #scriptchat
  83. @GretaHeinemann thanks SO much for joining us tonight. The hour flew by! I didn't have time to refill your tequila! #scriptchat
  84. Next week we have @MickeyFisher73 (Extant/CBS, Reverie/NBC, Writer for The Strain/FX & Mars/NatGeo ) - Writing sci-fi TV series #scriptchat
  85. @jeannevb @GretaHeinemann good, cuz I don't know how well that tequila goes with my whiskey-sour. #scriptchat
  86. Thanks, all! Let's hope Storify is still working. We still need to find a back-up transcript site, so if you know of 1, ping me! #scriptchat
  87. Gonna refill my drink & leave the machine on while I get ready 2see @YouWereNeverMov -- Feel free2ask more Qs if you have them #scriptchat