Sunday, April 27, 2014

Family Films Transcript 4-27-14

Tonight's topic: Family Films moderated by Zac Sanford.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Transcript: Literary Manager Tim Lambert - April 13, 2014

Tonight's guest was Literary Manager and co-founder of Spec Scout @specscout Tim Lambert @TimNLambert. Check out his invaluable advice with links to other resources. The Storify site wasn't cooperating, so I'll try to grab Tim's timeline so you can read his advice from beginning of the chat in full. Enjoy! @jeannevb

Be sure to follow Tim on Twitter at @TimNLambert!

Read below or on the Storify site.

Here's Tim's full timeline from the chat to catch his advice absent from the Storify transcript (also embedded below).

Here's Tim's full timeline:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Literary Manager Tim Lambert to Guest on Scriptchat April 13, 2014

Literary manager  and co-founder of Spec Scout, Tim Lambert @TimNLambert, will be 
Scriptchat's guest on 
Sunday, April 13th at 5pm PT (8pm ET) 

The best way to chat is via this link - it autoadds the #scriptchat hashtag.

Come join is and pick Tim's brain on what a literary manager wants to see in a screenwriter... or any other industry questions you may have!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Writing a TV Pilot with Lisa Alden Transcript April 6, 2014

Scriptchat Topic: TV Pilot Writing with Lisa Alden @lisaAlden3 

Great night tonight talking with Lisa Alden about writing TV Pilots. Read the full transcript for all her wisdom and follow Lisa on Twitter @lisaAlden3. Enjoy! @jeannevb

Moderator: Gray Jones @GrayJones

Read the transcript below or on Storify site.

Euro Scriptchat Transcript - Writing 1-2 Character Features, 6th April 2014

Tonight on Euro Scriptchat we talked about writing scripts with minimal characters. How does one character carry the plot? What are the common elements in features with a tiny cast?

Moderated by Teenie Russell and Taro Russell

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TV Writer Lisa Alden to Guest on Scriptchat Sunday, April 6th!

Lisa Alden @lisaAlden3 guest on Scriptchat talking about TV Pilots. Don't miss Lisa's appearance this Sunday, April 6th at 5pm PDT.

After spending more than a decade working as a feature film executive, (Universal, Fox, Lynda Obst), Lisa Alden landed a job as a writer on the second season of “entourage.” After spending four seasons on the hit show, she moved on to work as a writer on the short-lived NBC show “Lipstick Jungle." She is currently pursuing her dream of her own "created by" credit and has sold pilot pitches to Fox21, MTV, HBO and ABC Family. Lisa currently teaches "Writing the Original Pilot" at UCLA. She also works privately with TV and feature writers and teaches a successful workshop "The Power of the Pitch" at various locations around LA. She can be found walking her four dogs, or online at or on Twitter @lisaalden3.

(Site autoadds #scriptchat hashtag too!)