Sunday, May 23, 2021

#Scriptchat Transcript: Gary W. Goldstein Producer of "Pretty Woman"

Amazing night tonight with Gary W. Goldstein @garywgoldstein, producer of PRETTY WOMAN, talking about networking and screenwriting advice. 

And ... he's giving away his book, Conquering Hollywood ... for free (download link here)! 

If you missed tonight's chat (or even if you didn't), you can catch Gary on a free Zoom call on Wednesday, May 26th 3pm PT (register here). 

Read the transcript below or on the Wakelet site here

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Gary Goldstein, Producer of "Pretty Woman," on #Scriptchat Sunday May 22nd!

Gary W. Goldstein @garywgoldstein has navigated Hollywood for decades. Learn from the Oscar-nominated producer of movies like Pretty Woman and The Mothman Prophecies, about how to get ahead in the film industry. 

Sunday, May 16, 2021

#Scriptchat Transcript: Failure vs. Success with Sadie Dean of Scriptmag

As writers, we often beat ourselves up over anything we perceive as "failure." Sadie Dean @SadieKDean, Editor of Script magazine, joined the #scriptchat gang and everyone shared insights into what success and failure means to them. Enjoy! @jeannevb

Sadie and Jeanne co-host a Pipeline Artists original podcast, Reckless Creatives. The premiere episode discussed all aspects of failure and how to navigate the negative feelings and turn them into a positive course of action. Follow @recklesscr8tive on Twitter.

Read the #scriptchat transcript below or on the Wakelet site here