Sunday, October 20, 2019

#Scriptchat Transcript: #Screenwriting Survival 101 - Tips for Juggling Day Job and Writing!

On tonight's #scriptchat, we share tips on "Screenwriting Survival."

Pursuing a writing career is tough, especially when you also have to pay the bills. We got together tonight to discuss tips on surviving being a writer, both mentally and financially. One thing is certain, supporting each other is key!

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

#Scriptchat Transcript: Steven DeBose @Steven_DeBose discusses all things @austinfilmfest - October 13th, 2019

Steven DeBose @Steven_DeBose, Director of Script Competitions at Austin Film Festival @austinfilmfest, shared tips about all things Austin Film Festival from how to connect with fellow writers, to the best spots to eat, to how to make the most of your festival experience. Some chatters who have previously attended AFF also chimed in with tips and are continuing to tweet some more so you may want to check out the hashtag after the chat ended as well. 

Moderated by @SarahAlexis4.

Read the transcript below or on the Wakelet site. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

#Scriptchat Transcript: Screenwriter Tom Vaughan @tomvaughan discusses action lines and how to make the script a better reading experience - October 6th, 2019

We had such an awesome chat with screenwriter Tom Vaughan @tomvaughan sharing a ton of helpful answers, insights, tips and exercises for writing effective action lines and making the script a better reading experience.

Moderated by @SarahAlexis4.

Read the transcript below or on the Wakelet Site. Enjoy!