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ScriptChat was created in 2009 for the purpose of bringing new and seasoned screenwriters together to network, improve their writing, learn about the industry, and support one another both during and after our one-hour Twitter chat. Every week, we have a new topic, oftentimes with an honored guest from the screenwriting/filmmaking world.

We're a community, not competitors. 
Everyone has something to learn, so leave your ego behind... and bring your tequila.

Our mission is to provide a platform for our screenwriting community to engage in discussions in a positive environment, whether it be by asking questions of our guests or exchanging ideas on a given topic. What we are not is a straight-up interview site. Our moderators purposely sit back to let the community ask questions, giving them full access to experts, professional writers, executives, etc. Why? Because this is a community not a dictatorship. All we ask (and demand) is to respect our community spirit and each other.

By no means do we endorse any products, merchandise or service a ScriptChat guest may provide nor do we guarantee every question will get answered. Our guests do their very best, but the chat moves quickly, which is why we post a transcript after the chat, available on this site.

It is always up to the individual screenwriter to do their own due diligence, in part, by asking questions of our guests themselves, using Google, asking for references, or seeking recommendations from people who have used any product or service mentioned during the chat. Our co-founders are volunteers, honored to serve our community and do not in any way profit from any guest or product discussed.

ScriptChat brings the guests to the party so you can learn in a free, unbiased and respectful platform. Our #1 goal is to thoroughly enjoy spending an hour together every Sunday with writers working hard to improve and succeed, and we are proud to have accomplished that time and time again!

Here's a full list of our generous guests who have brought learning to our party!

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To find the transcript for a past guest's appearance, simply type their name into the search box in the right sidebar. 

*If you'd like to be a guest or have recommendations for guests, please email us at 

Screenwriters/TV writers:
Bob DeRosa @thembob (KILLERS)
David B. Hayter @DavidBHayter (X-MEN, WATCHMEN)
Geoff LaTulippe @DrGMLaTulippe (GOING THE DISTANCE)
Jane Espenson @JaneEspenson ( BUFFY, CAPRICA, and more)
Brad Bell @gocheeksgo (Husbands web series)
Bob Goodman @b0bgoodman (WAREHOUSE 13, THE BATMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE)
Josh Heald @healdrules (HOT TUB TIME MACHINE)
Peter Hanson @GrandRiverFilms (writer/director TALES FROM THE SCRIPT)
Alvaro Rodriguez @alrodz (MACHETE, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN)
Doug Richardson @byDougRich (DIE HARD 2, BAD BOYS, HOSTAGE)
Hue Rhodes @huerhodes (screenwriter/director ST JOHN OF LAS VEGAS)
James Moran @jamesmoran (SEVERANCE, DOCTOR WHO, TORCHWOOD)
John Vorhaus @TrueFactBarFact (MARRIED WITH CHILDREN)
Diane Drake @dianedrake (ONLY YOU and WHAT WOMEN WANT) 
Guinevere Turner @turnerguinevere (AMERICAN PSYCHO, THE L WORD)
Unknown Screenwriter @UnkScreenwriter (ghost writer)  
Stephany Folsom @StephanyFolsom (THOR: RAGNAROK)
Karen Walton @inkcanada
Chris Sparling @chrissparling (BURIED, ATM)
Paul Bassett Davies @thewritertype
Erik Bork @flyingwrestler (HBO's BAND OF BROTHERS)
Lisa Alden @lisaAlden3 (ENTOURAGE)
Brothers McLeod @brothersmcleod
Nevada Grey @NevadaGrey
Alexis Nikki @BWtheFilm
Alie Flierl @2degreesofalie (SCHOOL OF ROCK)
Scott Chernoff @ScottChernoff (SCHOOL OF ROCK)
Phillip Barron @phillbarron
Frank Brinkley @eph_bee
Katie Lovejoy @katielovejoy (MIRANDA'S RIGHTS, DRACULA)
Kiyong Kim @mr_kiyongkim 
Zack Gutin @zackgutin
Max Adams @CelluloidBlonde
Ryan Douglas Pearson @rynedp (KNOWING)
Bitch Pack @BiatchPack 
Robert Pratten @robpratten
Kristi Barnett @pale_jewel
Simon Bates @reebotfilms
William C. Martell @wcmartell (wrote 20+ action films)
Roland Moore @rolandmooretv (LAND GIRLS)
Kevin Cecil @kevcecil (comedy writing)
Anne Marie Draycott & Charity Trimm @DraycottTrimm
Kevin DiNovis @Floating Asylum     
Luke Ryan @lukeryansays
Michael Connors @AllegianceNews
Chris Hill @chillfilms 
Sarah Pinborough @SarahPinborough    
Tim Bain @timmybain     Mark Pallis  @markpallis
Debbie Moon @DebbieBMoon 
Sandy Nicholson @Sandy_Nicholson 
Bill Boyle @VisualMindscape 
Rosie Claverton @rosieclaverton
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb
Yvonne Grace @yvonnegrace1
Jeff Richards @jeffrichards
Judy Blume and Lawrence Blume @judyblume
Stuart Acher @stuartacher 
Loyd Auerback @profparanormal
Arnold Rudnich @arnoldrudnick
David Jung @davidfujung (POSSESSION OF MICHAEL KING)
Jaime Primak Sullivan @JaimePrimak (JERSEY BELLE) 
Marcus Williams @apoeticanomaly 
Joshua Caldwell @Joshua_Caldwell (LAYOVER)  
Jeffrey Lieber @JeffLieber (NCIS: New Orleans, NECESSARY ROUGHNESS, LOST)
Jeff Willis @jwillis81 
Terrance Mulloy @TerranceMulloy (BURST 3D)
Mickey Fisher @mickeyfisher73 (Creator of Extant/CBS and Reverie/NBC, Writer for The Strain/FX and Mars/NatGeo ) 
Julie Bush @julie_bush (THE DISH, SONS OF ANARCHY)
Scott Myers @GoIntoTheStory 
Gary Graham @thegarygraham (untitled I AM LEGEND reboot)
Eric Koenig @EricKoenig123 (MATRIARCH) 
Amy Suto @AmySuto - writer/producer miniseries CON 
Bob Saenz @BobSnz (HELP FOR THE HOLIDAYS, ON PAPER, STREETS OF LA) "That's Not the Way It Works"
Doug Richardson @byDougRich (DIE HARD 2, BAD BOYS, HOSTAGE)
John Jarrell @TLScreenwriting (ROMEO MUST DIE, HARD-BOILED II, OUTLAWS) 
Sandra Leviton @Lil_SJL (writer/producer Under the Stars Entertainment)  
Rebecca Norris @beckaroohoo Web Series
Kirk Moore  @KirkWrites79 (AMERICAN CRIME)
Kelly May  @kellyelisemay (Disney Channel Series THE COPPERTOP FLOP SHOW)
Mylo Carbio @MyloCarbia (horror ghost writer and author)
Paul Peditto @ScriptGods  (JANE DOE)
Tom Nunan @TomNunan (CRASH) 
Mike Alber @malber2000 (KIRBY BUCKETS)
Kam Miller @kammotion  (LAW AND ORDER SVU)
Aaron Mendelsohn @amendelsohn  (AIR BUD)
Tawny Stokes @Vivi_Tawny
Melissa Hilfers @melissahilfers (UNDONE, UNFIT, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS)
Anthony Grieco @swimcharlieswim (2015 Academy Nicholl Fellow)
Tim Schildberger @timschildberger of @LiveReadLA 
Deanna Shumaker @deannashumaker (BLINDSPOT)
Scotty Mullen @scottymullen (SHARKNADO 5)
The Wibberleys @dottiehudson (NATIONAL TREASURE 1 and 2, BAD BOYS 2)
Bo Yeon Kim @extspace (STAR TREK: DISCOVERY)
Marc Haimes @Marc_Haimes  (Screenwriter of Kubo And The Two Strings, and upcoming Waco, Nimona, and The Girl Who Drank The Moon.) 
Dwain A Worrell @DwainAWorrell - THE WALL
Kim Garland @kim_garland (Body Image, The End Of Mara, Deal Travis In, Vivienne Again)
Greta Heinemann  @GretaHeinemann (NCIS: New Orleans)
Tawnya Bhattacharya @ScriptAnatomy
Michael Tabb @michaeltabb
Jack Marchetti @JackMarchetti
Anna Klassen @AnnaJKlassen - 2017 Black List 
Liz Hannah @itslizhannah (THE POST)
Lisa Takeuchi Cullen @LisaCullen
David Rabinowitz @d_rabinowitz - Oscar-winning screenwriter BlacKkKlansman‏
Jeff Lowell @JeffLowell Screenwriter/Producer (John Tucker Must Die, Hotel For Dogs, Sports Night, Spin City, Two & A Half Men, The Ranch, George Carlin Show, Cybill, Just Shoot Me, Drew Carey Show, etc.)
Cindy Goldberg @CindyGDrums documentary Beat Keepers: Women with Rhythm
Anna & Mark Casadei @annaliterally @markliterally (LEGACY, MURDER HILL) 
Nicole Jones-Dion @novaris writer/director (STASIS, DEVIL'S DEAL, DEBRIS, DEATHDATE, IN THE DEATHROOM, SCARS)
Arash Amel @arashamel A PRIVATE WAR
Kraig Wenman @KraigWenman
David Diamond @TheDavidDiamond and David Weissman @Weissy77 (THE FAMILY MAN, OLD DOGS), screenwriters and authors of @bulletproofscr - Bulletproof: Writing Scripts That Don't Get Shot Down

Dot Com Kevin Brown @dotcom30rock (30 ROCK) 

Casting Director:
Marci Liroff @marciliroff

Dana Brunetti of Triggerstreet @DanaBrunetti (SOCIAL NETWORK)
Gary W. Goldstein @GaryWGoldstein (PRETTY WOMAN)
No Mystery CE @NoMystery_CE (development exec at top studio) 
Jeff Gomen @Jeff_Gomez (transmedia, video games)
Dave Trottier @DRTrottier (Screenwriters Bible, Dr. Format Tells All)
Steve Kaplan @SKCOMEDY 
Pilar Alessandra @onthepage (On the Page)
Jen Grisanti @jengrisanti
Stephanie Palmer @goodinaroom 
Anne Lower @princess_scribe (Save the Cat)
Scott Myers @gointothestory (Go Into the Story)
Nate Winslow @nate_winslow (Go Into the Story)
Karl Iglesias @karliglesias
Adam Levenberg @StarterScript
Julie Gray @Julie_Gray
Danny Manus @DannyManus
Max Adams @CelluloidBlonde
Drew Yanno @drewyanno 
Tom Green from Writers Guild of Great Britain @TheWritersGuild
Neal Romanek @rabbitandcrow
Corey Mandell @coreymandell 
Zoey Sanford @mszoeyrose
Hal Croasmun @ScreenwritingU
Richard Walter @RichardWalterUC
Jacob Krueger @theJKstudio 
Peter Desberg & Jeffrey Davis @showmefun2
Jeff Lyons @StoryGeeks
Jenna Avery @jennaavery
Joshua Caldwell @Joshua_Caldwell
Andrew Ellard @ellardent    
Susan Kouguell @SKouguell 
Lee Jessup @LeeZJessup
Lane Shefter-Bishop @LaneShefterBish aka "The Book Whisperer"
Julie Keck and Jessica King of King is a Fink @kingisafink - Social Media Charm School: A Guide for Filmmakers and Screenwriters
Derek Purvis - Producer of 'The Kids Will Be All Right' and also Creator of Movie Pitch Pro @MoviePitchPro
Kathryn Lyn @KathrynLyn Director of Development at Amasia Entertainment @AmasiaEnt
Shawn Tolleson @shawntolleson - Career Coach  
Barri Evins @BigBigIdeas 
Jen Grisanti @jengrisanti  
Lane Shefter Bishop @LaneShefterBish (director/producer)
John Trigonis @Trigonis (crowdfunding) 
The Bechdel Group @TheBechdelGroup 
Carole Kirschner @CaroleKirsch - Director of WGA Showrunner Training Program and CBS Writers Program 
Dan Calvisi @storymapsdan
Elliot Grove @raindance  
Jennifer Dornbush @JGDornbush 
Allison Vanore @alliecine - Emmy-nominated producer

Professional Readers:
The Bitter Script Reader @BittrScrptReadr
Bill Pace @scripteach
Lucy V Hay @Bang2write 
Nevada Grey @NevadaGrey
Xandy Sussan @covermyscript
Merrel Davis @UnCompletedWork
Hayley McKenzie @hayley1mckenzie
Lucy V Hay @Bang2Write
Michael Lee @Goldenageofgeek
Snark the Reader @snarkthereader
Pilar Alessandra @onthepage
Script Doctor Eric @scriptdreric
Ray Morton @RayMorton1
Miranda Sajdak @MirandaSajdak  
Steve Brumwell - UK script consultant and reader for Shore

Julian Friedmann @julianfriedmann
Babz Bitella @BABZBUZZ
Marc Manus @managermarc
Tim Lambert @TimNLambert
Lee Stobby @LeeStobby
Kailey Marsh @KaileyMarsh - Manager, Producer & Creator of The Blood List
Marcus Casadei @markliterally 
Scott Stoops @hellastoopss - Manager at Good Fear 

Indie Filmmakers:
Gary King @grking
Clive Davies-Frayne @clivefrayne
Jessica King and Julie Keck @kingisafink
Phil Holbrook @philontilt
Samuel Dore @bursteardrum
Chip Street @chipstreet
David Baker @davidpbaker
J.A. Steel @JASteel
Wolfgang Junghans @eumagine
Hue Rhodes @huerhodes
Stuart Acher @stuartacher
Vincent Vittorio @2v of Life Is My Movie Entertainment 
Shoshana Rosenbaum @ShoshanaRosenba 
Kim Bergie @kimbergie 
Morgan Dameron @MorganDameron 

Writer’s Avenue @WritersAvenue

Eric Brodeur @ebrodeur
Jesse Averna @Dr0id
Jamie Hooper @FingercuffJAMIE

Music Composer:
Rob Gokee @robgokee 

Contests/Festivals/Pitchfests/Exposure for Writers:
Great American Pitchfest @PitchfestBob @Screenwriter12
Matt Misetich @SPMJM of Script Pipeline @ScriptPipeline
RB Botto @RBwalksintoabar of Stage 32 @Stage32online
Leonard Franklin @franklinleonard
The Black List @theblcklst
Tracking Board @MyTrackingBoard
Jason Scoggins @jscoggins
Spec Scout @SpecScout
Amazon Studios @Amazon_Studios
Scripped @scripped ( Contests)
Chris Jones @livingspiritpix (festival)
Blue Cat Pictures @BlueCatPictures
Gordy Hoffman @vigiledelfuoco of BlueCat Pictures
Scriptd @scriptdinc  
Stage 32's @TheHappyWriters
Finish Line Script Competition @FinishLineScrip   
Tim Schildberger @timschildberger (LIVE LA READ)
RoadMap Writers @roadmapwriters 
Jenny Frankfurt @FinishLineScrip
Angela Bourassa @angelabourassa1 ‏Founder of @LA_Screenwriter and co-founder of @Write_LA
Steven DeBose @Steven_DeBose, Director of Script Competitions at Austin Film Festival @austinfilmfest

Final Draft @finaldraftinc
Jungle Software @junglesoftware
Writer Duet @WriterDuet
TV Calling Podcast - Nick Watson @_njwatson & Alex Freedman @TVCalling 
Rebecca Pickens @RebeccaLPickens Editor of @journaling_com