Monday, June 5, 2023

Twitter's API Issue Brings the Death of Our Transcripts

NOTE: While we can no longer create transcripts, we have a backlog of transcripts going back to 2009, so just use the SEARCH feature to find a topic! A lot of the writing advice still applies today.

It is a sad day in #Scriptchat land. We first started our weekly screenwriting chats in October of 2009. Right out of the gate, we created chat transcripts not only for those who missed the live events, but also as a much-needed resource for screenwriters in those early days of Twitter and beyond.

Who doesn't love free resources!?

Well, Twitter killed our ability to create transcripts when they changed the rules for third parties accessing their API. You can read it here: "Twitter Officially Bans Third-Party Clients After Cutting Off Prominent Devs" ... le sigh.

You can still find a lot of our transcripts right here on this site (use the search bar for topics) as well as on Wakelet site.

Have no fear ...

We aren't giving up though. But my only option right now is to click on Every. Single. Tweet. in order to create a transcript. 🤦

Oh, I did it, and it took me two hours!

I love y'all, but I don't love anyone that much to do it every week.

But if any of you find a solution, PLEASE let me know. Just ping me on Twitter @jeannevb, and I'll jump all over it! 

In the meantime, we're still here, and still working hard to keep this community alive. If you have ideas for future topics or guests, just let me know! 

See you on Sunday!

P.S. You can find our chat-topic calendar here.

CORRECTION ... maybe Twitter means well.

And ... bc I can admit when I might be wrong, I will. See the tweets below. But that won't change my conviction that there has to be a workaround for innocent communities like ours who are just trying to use our transcripts for educational purposes.