Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Script Pipeline Discount for Scriptchatters!

Script Pipeline develops writers for film and television, connecting them with top producers, agents, and managers. This process has thus far resulted in over $5 million in writer spec sales and several produced films.

For over 14 years, the company has bridged the gap between up-and-coming writers and influential executives. Through services, research tools, the exclusive Secret Door Pitchfest, and annual writing and idea contests, Script Pipeline continues to offer writers worldwide unprecedented access to the industry.

All Scriptchat members receive 20% off the following:

* Script notes and consultations, including grading and potential industry circulation

* A 1-year membership to the Writer’s Database, where members can search company listings and receive personal assistance from development professionals

* Entry to the Secret Door Pitchfest in Los Angeles, which gathers over 20 high-level development directors, agents, managers, and producers for exclusive, 1-on-1 meetings

Use promo code “ScriptChat” during registration.

For more information on how Script Pipeline helps launch screenwriting careers, and to view recent success stories, visit: www.scriptpipeline.com

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