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Transcript Euro Scriptchat with Guest Rosie Claverton 30th ofJune 2013

Tonight we were joined by @rosieclaverton as we talked about her fascinating Multi-platform project Underwater Realm, as well as her multiple projects on various formats. Enjoy the read :-)

Moderators: @TaroJ and @teenierussell

  1. It's #scriptchat o'clock and tonight we are joined by@rosieclaverton to talk about multi-platform writing.
  2. It feels kinda strange to be here, because I love asking other folks#scriptchat questions, but thank you for having me!
  3. Hi @rosieclaverton, could you fill everyone in on some of the non screenplay based avenues you have already explored? #scriptchat
  4. .@TaroJ Sure! My first real writing gig was for the app-based drama Persona, where I wrote a season arc in 90-second appisodes#scriptchat
  5. .@TaroJ Current non-screenplay project is graphic novel based on the @UnderWaterRealm series of short films. Also write novels!#scriptchat
  6. Sorry, folks - hashtag fail there! #scriptchat
  7. Hi everyone #scriptchat Thank you for joining us as a guest@rosieclaverton
  8. .@taroj Oh, and I co-wrote a play! I have my fingers in lots of pies (and I'm also quite forgetful!) #scriptchat
  9. @rosieclaverton Could you please explain how the appisodes worked, did you have a set number of them to write? #scriptchat
  10. Hi everyone, I'm a #scriptchat virgin, be gentle with me haha
  11. @rosieclaverton how are you finding writing for Graphic novel, a very visual medium that's usually episodic in comics? #scriptchat
  12. #scriptchat What would you say are the creative advantages to writing for the web?
  13. @lizzzzard950 haha, join right in. We have a guest tonight@rosieclaverton talking about her multiple writing projects#scriptchat
  14. @gordondon There were twenty appisodes per season and four plots per season. Two plots per appisode. So I wrote a 10x90s arc.#scriptchat
  15. @TaroJ @rosieclaverton I'd also like to know more about writing graphic novels. Where do you even start? #scriptchat
  16. @taroj Hard work! Working with panel layout and overdescription that you'd usually avoid in screenplays is exactly what's needed#scriptchat
  17. @teenierussell @rosieclaverton I guess I'm not clear what "multi platform" means? #scriptchat
  18. @taroj You are sort of both the writer and the director in a graphic novel #scriptchat
  19. @debbiebmoon You get the instant feedback that writers love and more fan engagement. Since I was a fangeek first, I love that.#scriptchat
  20. @claireyeowart @TaroJ I have a co-writer in @jondupont and we plot together. Planning to release as issues, so like serial TV.#scriptchat
  21. @rosieclaverton how do you develop a storyline throughout that many episodes? Keeping it interesting&to tie everything up?#scriptchat
  22. @lizzzzard950 Multi-platform is when a story is told over a range of different media #scriptchat
  23. @claireyeowart @TaroJ If you want web release, you need artist for collaboration. But I know some comic publishers accept subs.#scriptchat
  24. @lizzzzard950 so for Underwater Realm for example,@rosieclaverton has created YouTube shorts and is in the process of ... #scriptchat
  25. @lizzzzard950 creating a Graphic Novel as well as writing feature scripts for UR #scriptchat
  26. @alenamolly @rosieclaverton I beat it out a bit like a feature, because it's a serial. The hard part was paring it down to 90s.#scriptchat
  27. @lizzzzard950 A more popular term these days is transmedia#scriptchat
  28. @rosieclaverton @teenierussell cripes you sound busy! Good luck! Where can I find Underwater Realm stuff? #scriptchat
  29. @lizzzzard950 @teenierussell Here are the shorts: - and my blog and the official blog has more info! #scriptchat
  30. @rosieclaverton @TaroJ thanks for this. Really want to give graphic novel writing a go #scriptchat
  31. @rosieclaverton when you say subs referring to comics, is that just story w/ no graphics? #scriptchat
  32. @claireyeowart @TaroJ We were lucky that a really good artist approached us. I have a feature I've been working on for years...#scriptchat
  33. @claireyeowart @TaroJ ...that I've decided to write as a graphic novel now, because it would be a ridiculous budget movie.#scriptchat
  34. @teenierussell Mostly yes. You can form a collaboration, make it together, and then try to get noticed. Or go self-publishing.#scriptchat
  35. @rosieclaverton thank you! @Bang2write says you are from#Devon too? Always gd to see ppl from ye olde country do well#scriptchat
  36. @teenierussell Good example of self-pubbed graphic novel with Kickstarter is @alexwoolfson's Artifice - first released online#scriptchat
  37. @lizzzzard950 @Bang2write I am indeed! Have just got back from w/e there with Realm Pictures to work on Top Secret Project.#scriptchat
  38. @teenierussell aAh OK, yes getting my bearings now,@Bang2write always harping on about that! Haha! #scriptchat
  39. I was going to ask about distribution and how easy it is to get on to comixology? (the iTunes of comics) #scriptchat
  40. @rosieclaverton I'm fascinated by Underwater Realm, was it always going to be big or did it start as a single feature?#scriptchat
  41. @rosieclaverton @Bang2write #scriptchat I have a theory that its so boring in #Devon we have to make our own entertainment LOL
  42. @taroj We're not going that route for now, so difficult to say. The plan is website-led plus likely print run. #scriptchat
  43. @teenierussell I was a big nebulous dream in @DavidMReynolds' head! But I think it started life as a ten-minute short idea.#scriptchat
  44. @teenierussell Then when won Pepsi/Raindance comp, decided for 5 short films. We developed the culture from there. #scriptchat
  45. We're halfway through #scriptchat with guest @rosieclavertontalking about multi-platform writing #transmedia Got any questions for Rosie?
  46. @teenierussell It grew and grew! Feature film, trilogy of films, plus graphic novels - and who knows what else? #scriptchat
  47. @DebbieBMoon #scriptchat CONTROL over your content; the clout of audience approval helps you call the shots if a broadcaster later wants it
  48. @savvyjustine @DebbieBMoon Agree. Working in a small dedicated team really helps with that control. #scriptchat
  49. @rosieclaverton that's right! I remember seeing it now about 2years ago on Chris Jones's Production Live TV #scriptchat
  50. @rosieclaverton @DebbieBMoon #scriptchat & writing your content the way you want to not to a brief. Tho its a financial risk & long tail.
  51. @rosieclaverton How did you and @DavidMReynolds meet? Did you work together prior to UR? #scriptchat
  52. @teenierussell Chris and Raindance really supportive. MAX IT short that won resonates with indie film:
  53. Is there any key differences in writing story for different platforms or is it all about how it's executed? #scriptchat
  54. @teenierussell Ha! We grew up together in Devon - I've known@DavidMReynolds for 15 years! #scriptchat
  55. @taroj Some things work better in one platform or other - talked earlier about now switching feature to graphic novel. #scriptchat
  56. @taroj Time is critical - with TV, you have hours to develop character. On film, 90mins. With app-drama, it was 15mins.#scriptchat
  57. @taroj Plotted Persona like a feature - typical 3-act structure, but condensed. #scriptchat
  58. @taroj Biggest mistake with short-form is thinking you can amputate plot points, but need to have beg, mid, end like always.#scriptchat
  59. @rosieclaverton missed half of the chat. did u write comics?#scriptchat
  60. @rosieclaverton What other avenues have you considered for UR? Ever thought about a game? #scriptchat
  61. @14shari I'm writing a graphic novel at the moment, first issue inked and awaiting final colour prior to release. #scriptchat
  62. @teenierussell Would love a game, but none of us are game designers. I'd happily write it though! #scriptchat
  63. @rosieclaverton how different is the process compared to writing a feature script? #scriptchat
  64. @teenierussell We were toying with Choose-Your-Own-Adventure graphic novel. I would love an RPG too. Also live theatre!#scriptchat
  65. @teenierussell @rosieclaverton have you seen / played defiance? TV series & game that influences what happens in each other#scriptchat
  66. @14shari The biggest difference is description. You describe everything in detail, as you're also director. #scriptchat
  67. @14shari Also, working with panels is odd! I read superhero comics, but working out layout is new to me. #scriptchat
  68. @rosieclaverton is writing a comic book more related to writing a tv script or a feature script when it comes down to story arc#scriptchat
  69. @taroj No, I must! Loved Torchwood and Supernatural immersive website challenges, which felt like natural show continuation.#scriptchat
  70. @rosieclaverton @14Shari do you have any good links for example scripts or formatting? #scriptchat
  71. @rosieclaverton do you work w/ 3 act structure or what different kind of structure? #scriptchat
  72. @14shari If 6-issue comic book, like TV serial. Graphic novel more like novel or full TV series. #scriptchat
  73. @rosieclaverton some are mostly dialogue w/ very limited description and others are heavy with description and the odd dialogue #scriptchat
  74. @taroj @14Shari I don't actually - we were led by our artist in beginning, and his example was from one of his other writers.#scriptchat
  75. @rosieclaverton do u have any advice for newbie comic writers, how to start? #scriptchat
  76. @taroj @14Shari But basically panel layout at top, panel # headings, description, dialogue/captions (VO very acceptable!)#scriptchat
  77. @14shari I am a 3-act addict, so yes. But with 6-issue arc that carries over all 6, not in every issue. #scriptchat
  78. @14Shari @rosieclaverton do you really need to work in a partnership with artist from day 1? #scriptchat
  79. @teenierussell I think it depends on the artist. Steve (our artist) asked to be led by writing. Some writers leave to artist. #scriptchat
  80. @rosieclaverton with UR, the 5 shorts take part at different time periods, how does this compare to comic and feature? #scriptchat
  81. @teenierussell The classic example of this (also holds for screenwriter and director partnerships) is "They fight". #scriptchat
  82. @rosieclaverton do u also produce your own scripts? #scriptchat
  83. @taroj @14Shari No,not at all. We decided to work that way. Can complete scripts, can look for artists on deviantART, etc#scriptchat
  84. @taroj @14Shari Can also pitch script directly to publishers, who will marry you up with an artist. #scriptchat
  85. @rosieclaverton how many characters does a comic book need? maximum? #scriptchat
  86. @teenierussell Features all around 149BC era. Comic takes place between Movie 1 and Movie 2. #scriptchat
  87. @14shari Nooo! I'm useless with the technical aspect of film. I have good collaborators for that! #scriptchat
  88. @14shari Difficult to say. Limited by panel space to certain extent. But, as with film, can be one and can have 100-strong crowd#scriptchat
  89. @14shari Of course, you don't have to pay actors, so that makes crowd sequences a LOT cheaper! #scriptchat
  90. Thank you for joining us tonight @rosieclaverton UR is such a great project, good luck with it! #scriptchat
  91. @rosieclaverton thank you very much and the best with your work#scriptchat
  92. Thanks all! It's been fantastic - and exhausting! #scriptchat
  93. Thank you all for joining us tonight! #scriptchat
  94. Next week we're joined by @YVONNEGRACE1 talking storylining, plotting, structuring so your TV series doesn't run out of steam#scriptchat

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