Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bill Boyle to Guest on USA Scriptchat June 19, 2013

Bill Boyle guests on USA Scriptchat Sunday, June 19th, to talk about writing your scripts in the most visual way possible.

Bill Boyle @VisualMindscape is an award winning screenwriter who has become one of the most popular script consultants in the industry. He has consulted on nearly 1,000 screenplays and Creative Screenwriting Magazine rated him among the top 10% of screenwriting consultants. In addition to teaching at UCLA Extensions and mentoring young screenwriters Mr. Boyle also maintains his own successful screenwriting career. Films based on his screenplays have received multiple awards and recognition. He is the lead proponent of a visual style of screenwriting called “The Visual Mindscape of Screenplay” that focuses on the visual and visceral aspects of screenwriting. His textbook of the same name was released in early 2013.

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