Thursday, October 20, 2011

Second Anniversary of USA #Scriptchat October 23rd... with PRIZES!

What’s a party without some party favors?

This year, our anniversary chat has some special giveaways:

·     Zac Sanford gives development notes on one completed feature script, including a 30-minute Skype or phone session after they receive his notes.  There will also be the possibility for an additional follow-up read and notes once they’ve rewritten the script. The follow-up offer is at Zac’s discretion.

·     Zac Sanford as your mentor – Six-month writing career mentorship/management*.  Zac will personally read and offer notes/feedback on multiple projects and help the writer come up with the best plan to break-in and start their career trajectory.  During the six-month period Zac will also help the writer develop at least one feature script from concept to a polished final draft. 
·      (*This will require signing a six-month management contract with Full Sun Entertainment. Option to extend management contract if both parties agree to do so.)

·      Autographed Scripts:
o   Killers signed by Bob DeRosa
o   Hot Tub Time Machine signed by Josh Heald

·      WGA Bound Scripts:
o   Notes on a Scandal
o   Julie & Julia
o   Dreamgirls
o   The Secret Life of Bees
o   127 Hours
o   Black Swan

Both USA and EURO chats are eligible. All it takes to enter:

An on-topic tweet during our schedule chats that weekend (USA and EURO)
Can’t make the chat?  Suggest a future topic we haven’t covered yet in the comments below.

So get to the party and join the fun. Oh yeah, we’ll also be talking about our year’s goals and how to assure we reach them next year.

Let’s get the party going like only screenwriters can!

Happy Anniversary to all our writers. We are honored to be your supportive Treefort.


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  2. How about discussing the rewrite process? Not sure if y'all have done that yet. I'm new to ScriptChat :)


  3. Unless it somehow slipped by me, there hasn't been a #scriptchat focused on generating ideas/brainstorming/developing concepts has there?

    That's a great one. And intensely relevant to spec writers in particular. Probably a category that most aspiring writers ignore, too.

    @GoIntoTheStory, if I don't say so myself, would make a killer host for that one. He's an authority on that.

  4. Already in the chat, but I have an idea, don't know if it's been done:
    -Using your skills as a Screenwriter to become a consultant.


    -Using your skills as a Screenwriter in other fields of work.

  5. I'm new around here too, but here are a few things that I'd love to see us discuss:

    1) Romcoms - Pitfalls to avoid in writing them. We all know the formula. But how do we break free from it and yet write a marketable movie?
    2) Adaptations/Source material - How and when to use it. Where to find it. The legality issues. (This one is especially important to me for a specific project I'm working on - adapting operas for the screen.)
    3) Writing for teens/children

  6. Two topics

    1) Revisitng Crowdfungding: Where we've come, what are our options, and how to do it without alienating your followers.

    2) Writing Relationships: Writer-Producer, Writing Partner, Friends and Family. How do we set boundaries and what are the nature of these relationships.

  7. Potentially also proofreading, so you don't say "fungding" when you mean "funding"

  8. i have a few suggestions:

    -dissecting a screenplay (perhaps one that is voted upon a week or two earlier by chat participants?)

    -there's the monthly movie night chat how about a monthly t.v show chat, or a monthly internet show chat?

    -thinking outside of the box: strange/unique scripts/genres to write in

    -perhaps have a chat where all the founders of treefort and those who have accomplished selling their scripts talk about why they write scripts

    -I thought of an exercise we could all do. You partner up with someone and come up with a 140 character one wins a scriptchat award lol (aka a pat on the back)

  9. Also, for the newbies, finding your voice

  10. I'll repost one I tossed out on Scriptchat tonight:


    More to come...
    The Write Script

  11. And...

    Common script mistakes...what are they and how can we all make sure we do not make them.

    The Write Script

  12. And...

    Outlining. What software can you use to help the process. Do you use Word, or Scrivener 2.0, or Final Draft can technology help the outlining process.

    The Write Script

  13. And...

    Ideas. How to come up with them, how to keep track of them, what to do with them, how to evaluate them.

    The Write Script

  14. And...

    Self promotion. What do others do during the writing process to "brand" or market themselves online via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    The Write Script

  15. And...

    Writing the "Movie of the Week" or MOW. What are the differences in style, market and how to sell them.

    The Write Script

  16. And...

    Sharing with co-workers, family and friends about your screenwriting ambitions: Is this a good idea? Do you share or keep it to yourself? What are the reasons for each? If you do share, what kind of support do you get?

    The Write Script

  17. And...

    My favorite advice on screenwriting: What was the best thing someone told you or that you read about screenwriting that made all the difference for you? Post your favorite quote or share pieces of advice you've been given along the way.

    The Write Script

  18. And...

    Finding time to write: what are your strategies for carving out time to write? Turning off the Internet? Scheduling an hour or two? Getting up early to write before work? Forego video games? What are typical excuses? How do you discipline yourself?

    The Write Script

  19. And...

    Script research: How much research do you typically do before writing a script? Do you mostly research on the Internet or do you travel to look for information? How concerned are you with being historically accurate or describing a medical condition perfectly? How does research help your writing or do you get bogged down?

    The Write Script

  20. I had a long post previously (on 10/26) but I must've missed a step. That's what I get for doing on a smartphone. Meh --

    Anyhoo, still wanted to still post some topics that I could remember - maybe one will be picked.

    -Preparing for a First General Meeting.
    -You're repped, You've made your first sale -- then what? What to expect/do when newly repped/sold.
    -Learning the lingo of the industry
    -Newbie Navigation: Do's and Don'ts
    -Tools of the Trade: Helpful references for writing software, script analysis, copier services, cafe recommends.

    That's all I could remember. *Fingers crossed for 2012! Woot!*