Monday, October 17, 2011

Save The Date: Euro #Scriptchat Christmas Party

Ok, so we're getting close to the Euro #Scriptchat Christmas party!

The date is Friday 9th December and the venue is the BFI Riverfront Bar.

As most screenwriters or even writers on Twitter know, #scriptchat is a global community for screenwriters. It is wonderful for exchanging ideas, supporting each other and learning from each other. Everyone is welcome!

In London, there have been monthly tweet ups, which started at the beginning of this year. And if you haven't been to any of these fab catch ups but have felt even the slightest pang to, then put the 9th December into your diary and come along to our party!

This is your chance to get real, drink booze and share (preferably embarrassing) stories with the #scriptchat community.

So, hopefully see you there!

ps. And please don't forget, if you want there to be a #scriptchat drinks closer to you, just let us know when and where it's happening. We can put your details on our blog and help spread the word.

pps. As a result, there will be NO Scriptchat drinks in November.

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