Thursday, October 13, 2011

FARAH ABUSHWESHA, founder of Rocliffe Forums, guests on EURO Scriptchat on the 16th of October

No matter how in depth those character arcs are, or how clever those subtle plot points in the third act; unless you nail the first 15 pages, chances are no-one is going to get that far.

It's increasingly common for script submissions and competitions to request just the first 15 pages.  This week we talk with Farah Abushwesha, founder of the Rocliffe Forums about why this is the case, what a reader can gain from the script in this short sample, and more importantly how to make them want to read more.

Farah Abushwesha is the founding member of the Rocliffe Forums.  She is a writer and author of the forthcoming book Rocliffe Notes: How to get your Screenplay out there.  Her production works includes Late Bloomers with William Hurt, Isabella Rossellini, Scouting Book for Boys, BBC's one part drama Micro Men with Martin Freeman, and has made three award winning short films. Her blog is called the Accidental Activist and focuses on her human rights work.

Come join us on Sunday, October 16th at 8pm BST.

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