Monday, October 10, 2011

Carter Swan, VP of Trigger Street, Talks First 15 Pages October 16, 2011

The first few pages of your script are essential to grab the reader. This Sunday, October 16th, we’re fortunate to have Carter Swan, VP of Trigger Street and host of The First 15,” as our guest for the USA chat at 5pm PDT.

“The First 15” is a web show on Triggla TV, where Carter Swan @CarterSwan and Philip Eisner @phubar dissect the first fifteen pages of a Trigger Street Labs screenplay, along with the brave screenwriter of said script. That takes a writer with balls of steel, just sayin’. But what’s most important is Carter and Phil provide thoughtful advice on how to move the writer’s script forward. The critique isn’t to hurt or insult, it’s simply to learn. By watching the show, your scripts will improve too. So give it a view Thursdays at 5pm PDT on Triggla TV.

Now let’s meet Carter Swan:

After getting my start in Production I quickly became Paul Walker's Producing partner at the age of 23. Since that time I have worked in all phases of the film making business; Good, Bad and otherwise. After being a writer myself for a few years I have since come back to Production where I was the Co-Head of Definace Entertainment before settling in as the Vice President of Trigger Street.

I am a fiend for John Carpenter, Michael Mann, Stanley Kubrick, Shane Black, Sergio Leone, Scott Rosenberg, Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Walter Hill, Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher among many many others.

I also love Seattle Sports, my brothers band Fleet Foxes, my dog Kenny and most importantly, a GOOD Margarita.

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