Sunday, November 15, 2009

Scriptchat 11.15.09 - Genre Choice

#scriptchat TOPIC: Genre. Do u pick 4 market, 4 story or 4 comfort zone? Can u avoid being pigeonholed? Sld u cross genres?

EURO moderator: @DreamsGrafter and @johnrackman start off chat during our London time slot, followed by AMERICAN team: @jeannevb, @yeah_write, @zacsanford and @KageyNYC

8:01 am DreamsGrafter: #scriptchat TOPIC: Genre. Do u pick 4 market, 4 story or 4 comfort zone? Can u avoid being pigeonholed? Sld u cross genres? - has started!
8:01 am momentsoffilm: Hello all at #scriptchat
8:02 am DreamsGrafter: @momentsoffilm You know you said you start w/ logline? Plot ... Do you include genre w/ that? #scriptchat
8:03 am lisabarrass: #scriptchat Hello scriptchat
8:03 am DreamsGrafter: Writing for a market is crucial it's going to have a chance to be made ... #scriptchat
8:04 am johnrackham: #scriptchat I'm here. @filmutopia asked me to give his apologies in case he has to miss this.
8:05 am DreamsGrafter: @lisabarrass hi lisa, when you're writing a story, do you choose your genre carefully? - do you think of the market? #scriptchat
8:05 am johnrackham: #scriptchat I picked the genre of my first film Bloodmyth to be marketable with a very low budget.
8:05 am DreamsGrafter: @johnrackham hi john, what genre is Blood Myth? Why did you chose that genre? #scriptchat
8:06 am momentsoffilm: @DreamsGrafter Yes, genre, is a given really once I know the premise. #scriptchat
8:06 am johnrackham: #scriptchat However, it did deal with ideas that I was interested in too. All my other ideas also happen to be for very marketable genres.
8:06 am lisabarrass: @DreamsGrafter I write what inspires me but I find that I gravitate towards drama rather than horror or shot 'em up style action #scriptchat
8:07 am DreamsGrafter: What genres are people choosing? #scriptchat - for me I'm writing a thriller - and also a comedy drama (for tv.) ...
8:07 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat Hi Mina. I intended it to be horror. Reviews have described it as more of a thriller or more action.
8:08 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat It's been taken up by a horror distributor though.
8:08 am jeannevb: @DreamsGrafter @johnrackham @dougkissock morning EURO #scriptchat !!
8:09 am DreamsGrafter: @johnrackham Interesting ... nowadays there's such a blurring of boundaries re genres. why did it become a thriller fr. a horror #scriptchat
8:09 am MariaBarrett: Interested in #scriptchat? RT @DreamsGrafter @lisabarrass here's what went on last week ... ( #scriptchat transcript)
8:09 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat I'm working on an action horror, a supernatural western, a thriller/horror & a sci fi.
8:10 am blogbrevity: Just discovered #scriptchat, going to lurk & learn :)
8:10 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat I also have an almost completed martial arts thriller.
8:10 am DreamsGrafter: @johnrackham really! ... well done! ... why did they take it up if ppl are seeing it as a thriller? ... #scriptchat
8:11 am DreamsGrafter: @lisabarrass what kind or drama do you write? ... i've recently discovered that even drama has its sub-genres ... #scriptchat
8:11 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat And in the very early stages I have a mediaeval sword film and a romatic comedy set on the coast of Africa
8:13 am DreamsGrafter: @MariaBarrett hi maria, welcome to #scriptchat! ... what's your take on the genre issue? ... :)
8:13 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat I guess there are horror elements for them but I always intended it to be scary rather than gory.
8:13 am DreamsGrafter: @jeannevb hello! ... #scriptchat ... :)
8:13 am lisabarrass: @DreamsGrafter I guess it has a hint of romance in it but not always the happy ever after kind. #scriptchat
8:14 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat I meant to say that there are enough horror elements for them.
8:14 am DreamsGrafter: @johnrackham oh wow, they sound interesting #scriptchat ... different, which i like! :)
8:14 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat It probably just creeps into the edge of the slasher movie subgenre.
8:15 am johnrackham: @jeannevb Morning! #scriptchat
8:15 am DreamsGrafter: @johnrackham right - that makes sense. i had an issue my recent script - was it a drama or thriller. i chose thriller in the end #scriptchat
8:15 am jeannevb: @DreamsGrafter @johnrackham can't stay bc need to get a run in before church :( How's it going? Wasn't sure how "genre" wld fly #scriptchat
8:16 am DreamsGrafter: @johnrackham now story seems to be flowing much better #scriptchat - the right genre for the story is important/ what do u guys think?
8:16 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat I'm writing them to different budget ranges and resources too.
8:17 am jeannevb: if any AMerican SCREENWRITERS are UP, #scriptchat has started in EURO time.... join in if u can't make it tonight... or even if u can
8:17 am filmutopia: #scriptchat - Sorry guys, I can't be around for this week's... I've sort of had my fill of the industry for one week
8:18 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat I think a thriller is probably easier to sell than a drama, but that could just be my personal bias.
8:18 am jeannevb: off for a run.... i'll try to #scriptchat tweet without getting hit by cars ha xo
8:18 am DreamsGrafter: @lisabarrass romance drama - that's cool. for tv or film? who's your audience? ... #scriptchat
8:18 am jeannevb: @filmutopia thanks for poppin in. We're having a casual "genre" discussion. Have a great day! Hope novel is coming along well #scriptchat
8:19 am DreamsGrafter: @MariaBarrett Not at all ... thanks for pimping #scriptchat out ... :)
8:19 am momentsoffilm: @DreamsGrafter Am considering starting an adaptation which would be drama. Not sure yet though #scriptchat
8:20 am DreamsGrafter: @jeannevb cool! genre's very important esp. in today's climate. no-one seems to want 2 take risks so they need 2 identify market #scriptchat
8:20 am DreamsGrafter: @momentsoffilm have you thought who your audience would be? - and will it be for tv or film? #scriptchat
8:21 am DreamsGrafter: @johnrackham totally! esp. for television one-offs. tv producers confirmed that last week when they came into uni. for pitching #scriptchat
8:22 am lisabarrass: @DreamsGrafter I think the one I've got is very MOW. I think I'm sliding towards rom-coms now which I think can be a misnomer >> #scriptchat
8:22 am lisabarrass: @DreamsGrafter >>as sometimes their is no comedy or very little...#scriptchat
8:24 am DreamsGrafter: @Timsn - hello! ... what are you writing? - have you got your market in mind? ... :) #scriptchat
8:24 am momentsoffilm: @DreamsGrafter Would be film. I don't write TV. I don't actively think about audience until 2nd draft. #scriptchat
8:25 am johnrackham: @jeannevb #scriptchat Enjoy your run!
8:25 am DreamsGrafter: @lisabarrass rom-coms have got strict genre rules (which can be subverted but must be aware of ... ) ... do u write films? #scriptchat
8:26 am momentsoffilm: Every screenplay has two stories. The story you tell and the story that wants to be told. I try to find the latter. #scriptchat
8:27 am DreamsGrafter: RT @momentsoffilm Every screenplay has two stories. The story u tell and the story tht wants to be told.I try 2 find the latter. #scriptchat
8:28 am lisabarrass: @DreamsGrafter I've written a few spec ones but more for my own education, I suppose. I'm concentrating on tv more now #scriptchat
8:29 am momentsoffilm: The story that wants to be told finds it's own audience through resonance. Will fit the rules of it's genre naturally. #scriptchat
8:30 am DreamsGrafter: @lisabarrass if you can write comedy/light drama for television - you'll be sorted! #scriptchat
8:30 am lisabarrass: @DreamsGrafter Rom-coms aren't easy to write. Not being too formulaic though it has to follow a formula is tough to do. #scriptchat
8:32 am lisabarrass: @DreamsGrafter Straight comedy is out of my class. Tried and failed there! Comedy/drama is better for me #scriptchat
8:32 am DreamsGrafter: @momentsoffilm some genres have tight rules, such as thriller & rom-coms. do u restructure yr story to accomodate/subvert rules? #scriptchat
8:32 am jeannevb: @DreamsGrafter good. So many topics to pick fr & many writers to plz...just like audience haha #scriptchat #irony
8:32 am blogbrevity: RT @momentsoffilm Every screenplay has 2 stories. The story u tell & the story that wants to be told. I try to find the latter. #scriptchat
8:32 am jeannevb: @johnrackham thanks. Short one...just 3 miles. Xo #scriptchat
8:32 am DreamsGrafter: @lisabarrass comedy drama is very marketable on television! tv execs wld jump on you if you can come up w/ another 'cold feet' #scriptchat
8:34 am lisabarrass: RT @momentsoffilm Every screenplay has 2 stories. The story u tell & the story that wants to be told. I try to find the latter. #scriptchat
8:34 am DreamsGrafter: @filmutopia hopefully catch you next week! last week was great. gd luck w/ your writing. :) #scriptchat
8:34 am momentsoffilm: @DreamsGrafter Yes I believe in good structure and knowing how to structure. I learned that the hard way! #scriptchat
8:35 am momentsoffilm: @DreamsGrafter That said if you're writing a thriller then it should automatically conform to those rules in some ways. #scriptchat
8:36 am momentsoffilm: @DreamsGrafter The reasons genre works is because plot structures are universally recognised by audiences. #scriptchat
8:37 am DreamsGrafter: @momentsoffilm yeah, me too & each genre has its strict structure rules. dilemma: change the story structure for genre ... #scriptchat .. or
8:37 am DreamsGrafter: @momentsoffilm just write the story and see how it goes? .. #scriptchat
8:37 am DreamsGrafter: RT @momentsoffilm @DreamsGrafter The reasons genre works is because plot structures are universally recognised by audiences. #scriptchat
8:38 am DreamsGrafter: RT @shadymint Finished a comedy drama pilot, a short film ( thriller) and a stand alone comic strip. Plotting horror TV series.. #scriptchat
8:39 am DreamsGrafter: @shadymint Just RT your reply in2 our #scriptchat discussion re genre - i.e. do you write your story for the market or yourself? #scriptchat
8:39 am jeannevb: Hey #scriptchat feel free to open up topic for free-for-all...that's always fun too :)
8:40 am DreamsGrafter: @shadymint looks like you're market savvy! ;) #scriptchat
8:42 am momentsoffilm: @DreamsGrafter No. I'd say structure the story intuitively. Build on the points that feel most 'right' #scriptchat
8:43 am DreamsGrafter: Discussing GENRE on #scriptchat ... Do u pick 4 market, 4 story or 4 comfort zone?
8:44 am jeannevb: @DreamsGrafter fyi, I try to keep them on track for 30-45 min, then let em fly. Some leave after 60. I close it out at 90 #scriptchat
8:44 am momentsoffilm: The genre's I don't write tend to be the ones I don't watch either. Horror for instance. #scriptchat
8:45 am DreamsGrafter: @johnrackham re budgets and resources - cld you give us an idea? and why these genres? ... #scriptchat
8:46 am shadymint: Tend to write for Market and myself. Try to avoid too many conventions. Comedy drama is only half an hour long. #scriptchat
8:47 am DreamsGrafter: @jeannevb cool! ... i'm going to have to fly at 60 (got more deadlines ... ) #scriptchat
8:49 am DreamsGrafter: @momentsoffilm yeah, me too. i tend to gravitate towards genres i enjoy watching too. thrillers and comedy dramas. #scriptchat
8:49 am momentsoffilm: Guys do you tend to pay more attention to market if you're intending to produce the script yourselves? #scriptchat
8:50 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter Theone I'm working on at the moment, Blood for the Hunter started as one that I could shoot locally and cheaply. #scriptchat
8:50 am DreamsGrafter: @shadymint if you're writing a genre, don't you have to recognise conventions? or do you try to subvert them? #scriptchat
8:51 am DreamsGrafter: RT @momentsoffilm Guys do you tend to pay more attention to market if you're intending to produce the script yourselves? #scriptchat
8:51 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat Then a US co. that I talked to at Cannes asked about it. Liked the idea but wanted a $1m plus budget.
8:52 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat A British company I know are looking for £200,000 genre scripts. So I've started developing one to that range.
8:53 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat I also write for particular locations and actors that I know I can access.
8:54 am DreamsGrafter: @johnrackham Wow, John that's wicked! Congrats! W/ a strong genre concept - the budget does go up because the market is clearer. #scriptchat
8:55 am DreamsGrafter: @johnrackham is the £200k script a horror. the conventions of a horror are budget friendly ... #scriptchat
8:55 am johnrackham: @momentsoffilm #scriptchat I think you may be more free to experiment on your own film, as long as you don't mind giving up the money.
8:56 am DreamsGrafter: @momentsoffilm do you focus on market when making your own films? ... #scriptchat
8:58 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter The $1m and the £200k scripts are both horror. The $1m + needs excellent effects work including some cgi. #scriptchat
8:59 am momentsoffilm: @DreamsGrafter I don't. But I only make shorts at the moment. #scriptchat
8:59 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat To be honest, I could make the £200k one for much less but it would be nice to pay everyone.
9:00 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter Working on indie & student films as an actor has given me lots of contacts. #scriptchat
9:00 am momentsoffilm: @johnrackham Ha ha.. if my own film it means it's unlikely to have much money to experiment with. So I guess I write low budget! #scriptchat
9:01 am DreamsGrafter: @momentsoffilm Me too. W/ short films, it's important to tell a solid story. But when branching to feature, market's important. #scriptchat
9:02 am DreamsGrafter: @johnrackham both sound like exciting projects. look forward to hearing how they develop! :) #scriptchat
9:03 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat A deal with either company is uncertain ( & maybe not something I'd go for) but it's good to have a range.
9:03 am DreamsGrafter: guys, i have to leave #scriptchat now. sorry (have deadlines i must adhere to) hopefully we can #scriptchat more next week! hav a gd one!
9:05 am lisabarrass: @DreamsGrafter Wow, that hour went quickly. Enjoyed listening in on the conversations #scriptchat
9:05 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat Good luck with the deadlines! :-)
9:06 am DreamsGrafter: @lisabarrass cool! hope you're around again next week! @johnrackham @momentsoffilm - great to #scriptchat w/ you guys!
9:06 am johnrackham: @DreamsGrafter #scriptchat Yes, that's the idea. I just need to get them written!
9:07 am lisabarrass: @DreamsGrafter Thanks for the invite - be two weeks time for me #scriptchat
9:08 am johnrackham: #scriptchat I guess I'll get some work done too.
9:08 am making_theatre: #scriptchat anyone making shorts? Speechmotion call for films 20min' or less for Shoreditch Screening. any film-makers following me?
9:09 am DreamsGrafter: Thanks again to @jeannevb for arranging today's #scriptchat subject: Genre! - Check in w/ @jeannevb for today's USA #scriptchat time.
9:36 am MariaBarrett: RT @making_theatre #scriptchat anyone making shorts? Speechmotion call for films 20min' or less for Shoreditch Screening.
9:42 am SteveHills: RT @making_theatre: #scriptchat anyone making shorts? Speechmotion call for films 20min' or less for Shoreditch Screening. any film-makers?
9:52 am MariaBarrett: @DreamsGrafter @johnrackham @lisabarrass @momentsoffilm Thanks to all of you - v interesting again! #scriptchat
10:09 am Writer_Kate: Nope - just the budget! @momentsoffilm Guys do you pay more attention to market if you're producing the script yourselves? #scriptchat
10:11 am momentsoffilm: @Writer_Kate Ahh.. good point! Well said! #scriptchat
11:23 am michellelipton: @DreamsGrafter Curses! Apologies Mina, only just seen your #scriptchat invite. Is this a regular thing? Hopefully make it next time.
12:31 pm UncompletedWork: Not sure I'm going to make #scriptchat tonight. Busy day!
12:41 pm PennyAsh: @karenquah Going good. Will miss #writechat to write today but I'll be there for #scriptchat :) Need 4k #NaNo
12:41 pm yeah_write: @michellelipton If you missed the morning #scriptchat We have one on Sunday night at GMT-4, or 8pm EST. I think that's midnight for you.
12:42 pm yeah_write: @PennyAsh Tweet for both of us tonight at #scriptchat, I have a previous chat I have to attend.
12:45 pm PennyAsh: @yeah_write Do my best #scriptchat
12:55 pm jeannevb: @russellnichols 1 of ur topics is on tonight at #scriptchat : )
1:09 pm DreamsGrafter: RT @julianfriedmann Copying genres bc they appear successful seldom works bc good enough is not good enough: #scriptchat
1:10 pm DreamsGrafter: @michellelipton hi michelle, i'll RT the transcript when @jeannevb posts it. #scriptchat is every sunday. last couple have been 2pm ...
1:18 pm DreamsGrafter: @jeannevb @KageyNYC @yeah_write Check out Agent Provocateur blog post: Agent, @julianfriedmann picked up on #scriptchat
1:22 pm DreamsGrafter: @johnrackham @momentsoffilm @lisabarrass @michellelipton @shadymint: @julianfriedmann's response to today's #scriptchat
1:29 pm jeannevb: @julianfriedmann thank u for finding us on #scriptchat . Our goal is to learn in a supportive environment. We also meet 8pm EST SUndays
1:36 pm jeannevb: @zacsanford Check out Agent Provocateur blog post: Agent, @julianfriedmann picked up on #scriptchat (via @DreamsGrafter
2:43 pm jeannevb: ATTN SCREENWRITERS: #scriptchat talking GENRE 8pm EST (5pm PST) TONIGHT.... bring it
2:46 pm davidspies: RT @jeannevb: ATTN SCREENWRITERS: #scriptchat talking GENRE 8pm EST (5pm PST) TONIGHT.... bring it #screenwriter
2:47 pm jeannevb: @julianfriedmann I will tweet ur latest article at tonight's con't #scriptchat discussion. Stop by if u can 8pm EST, 5pm PST New topic ea wk
3:08 pm SissiePoohSOD: @jeannevb: hope 2 b there 4 #scriptchat.
3:14 pm blackrugger: writing until #scriptchat at 8pm EST.
3:15 pm DJordanKnight: @Buzztrack @dianewms @princess_scribe @edcol @danl99 @mrwritemike @wcmartell Hi guys! Note: #scriptchat 5pst. Hope to see u! Bring friends!
3:25 pm jeannevb: @CheekyWench what a great #scriptchat pimp :) Plz join us @HoodedMan
3:33 pm mariblaser: @CafeNirvana Indeed! lol Will you be on #scriptchat too? The best part is having the ideas and putting them down, the hard work is to develp
3:43 pm PennyAsh: @karenquah Thanks :) it's getting there #NaNo #scriptchat
3:47 pm booksbelow: RT @jeannevb: ATTN SCREENWRITERS: #scriptchat talking GENRE 8pm EST (5pm PST) TONIGHT.... bring it
3:58 pm James_Dean86: @jeannevb when does #scriptchat begin again? in in england so i hope im still awake for it :)
4:09 pm jeannevb: @James_Dean86 #scriptchat 8pm EST. We also have euro 1 that was at 2pm London time today tho we might change that time in future
5:14 pm jeannevb: @ninehourfilms don't forget #scriptchat tonight :) 8pm EST (5pm PST)
5:50 pm jeannevb: @ambigfoot limit thing happened last Sunday. I SWEAR I didn't even tweet as much as usual on #writechat & #scriptchat. Blocked til midnight!
5:52 pm CTK1: TONIGHT @jeannevb's very cool #ScriptChat discusses genre. Calling all writers, join in 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific) TONIGHT
6:25 pm booksbelow: RT @CTK1: TONIGHT @jeannevb's very cool #ScriptChat discusses genre. Calling all writers, join in 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific) TONIGHT
6:38 pm PennyAsh: Made 22500 and there's still time for 2500 more before midnight #nano Now it's time for #scriptchat in about 20 minutes
6:45 pm jeannevb: 15 min to #scriptchat (hint, hint @diablocody @JasonReitman )
6:46 pm russellnichols: #scriptchat starts in 15 minutes.
6:46 pm jeannevb: it's almost #scriptchat time.... woohoo! Bring ur screenwriting brain but lve ur ego behind #scriptchat
6:47 pm brianspaeth: RT @jeannevb: it's almost #scriptchat time.... woohoo! Bring ur screenwriting brain but lve ur ego behind
6:48 pm jeannevb: @CalebHolyfield I dont do subtle, but I WILL give them tequila, ROLOs & Smarties @diablocody @JasonReitman #scriptchat
6:48 pm SissiePoohSOD: @jeannevb will b @ #scriptchat in a bit. just have 2 finish chapt. 4 of #nano novel.
6:49 pm jeannevb: @SissiePoohSOD #scriptchat #nano *smooches* Have u tried WRite or Die? I'm not threatening ur life, its a program #mafiamotivation
6:51 pm rachlanger: Ok folks, will be in #scriptchat at 5PM PST, join in & follow the thread at will be tweeting as @rachlanger2 tonight.
6:51 pm SissiePoohSOD: hi, y'all! gr8 2 b here 2night... #scriptchat
6:52 pm brozogirl: @jeannevb Lady pimp @ #scriptchat What is the subject matter? If I send volatile DM's. Not intended. Drink:coffee with extra cream. "~~"
6:53 pm Timsn: Hi everyone. Looking forward to #scriptchat
6:53 pm jeannevb: @diablocody @JasonReitman #scriptchat is SO much more fun than whatever it is ur doin 5pm EST, SUNDAYS #bringit
6:54 pm PennyAsh: Ready for #scriptchat got diet coke with lots of ice and crackers and cream cheese
6:55 pm jeannevb: just ate cannoli & sipping espresso. I will be a FIRESTORM anticipating getting blocked & placed in #twitterhell #scriptchat
6:55 pm talented_boy: #scriptchat trying to decide whether to observe or participate this week
6:55 pm DJordanKnight: #scriptchat now playing at a tweetdeck near you. hope to see you all there!
6:55 pm jeannevb: tequila anyone? I certainly hope u r all stocked up on Smarties & chocolaty goodness #scriptchat
6:56 pm jeannevb: @talented_boy participate! participate! #scriptchat
6:57 pm jeannevb: For our loyal chatters, sadly @zacsanford & @yeah_write r in a diff't chat & missing ALL the fun... but they WILL be back nxt wk #scriptchat
6:57 pm PennyAsh: @jeannevb No chocolate here but I have donut holes woot #scriptchat
6:57 pm dawnbierschwal: Warning to my non-screenwriting followers: #scriptchat goes from 8-9 EST. Feel free to be voyeurs at
6:58 pm jeannevb: so tonight, @kageynyc & I bring you this wks topic. Chose 1 u wldnt miss having @zacsanford's pro advice... #scriptchat
6:58 pm rachlanger2: Hi friends! #scriptchat
6:59 pm jeannevb: let me say, there r a LOT of upcoming topics we will bleed @zacsanford's brain on #scriptchat
6:59 pm jeannevb: @rachlanger2 yeah! xoxo #scriptchat
6:59 pm jmiewald: And now... #scriptchat
6:59 pm jeannevb: so here we go... #scriptchat
6:59 pm jeannevb: #scriptchat TOPIC: Genre. Do u pick 4 market, 4 story or 4 comfort zone? Can u avoid being pigeonholed? Sld u cross genres? #scriptchat
7:00 pm jmiewald: Do you practice pitching? How? #scriptchat
7:00 pm LifesizeLD: Hey - what's the URL for #scriptchat again??
7:00 pm jeannevb: for me chasing the HOT genre of the moment, is sure fire death... can I say "vampire" overload #scriptchat
7:00 pm brozogirl: @crazinessinc Are you going to do #scriptchat @jeannevb? Great fun ... I think it's about genre.
7:01 pm HoodedMan: I'm basically ignoring genres while I'm writing, also when writing scripts #scriptchat
7:01 pm CTK1: Hey hey writers, #ScriptChat hosted by the honorable, talented (and cool) @jeannevb begins LIKE um NOW... #scriptchat
7:01 pm talented_boy: #scriptchat topic?
7:01 pm DJordanKnight: Good question @jeannevb #scriptchat
7:01 pm rachlanger2: @LifesizeLD #scriptchat
7:01 pm PennyAsh: @jeannevb I go for story and mix genres #scriptchat #scriptchat
7:01 pm talented_boy: #scriptchat nevamind, just saw it
7:01 pm DJordanKnight: @LifesizeLD #scriptchat
7:01 pm iscamedia: RT @jeannevb: for me chasing the HOT genre of the moment, is sure fire death... can I say "vampire" overload #scriptchat > yes you can!
7:02 pm crazinessinc: @brozogirl not sure kids are going bonkers #scriptchat
7:02 pm jeannevb: sorry, tweetchat is SLOW.... #scriptchat
7:02 pm PennyAsh: @jeannevb I agree in the vampire thing, it's done to death right now #scriptchat
7:02 pm jeannevb: *curtsy* RT @DJordanKnight: @LifesizeLD #scriptchat
7:02 pm russellnichols: I think a produced writer who does not direct his or her own projects can be pigeonholed with assignments. #scriptchat
7:02 pm DJordanKnight: RT @jeannevb TOPIC: Genre. Do u pick 4 market, 4 story or 4 comfort zone? Can u avoid being pigeonholed? Sld u cross genres? #scriptchat
7:02 pm dawnbierschwal: I say write what you are passionate about, while not completely ignoring market... or if you do ignore, understand risks. #scriptchat
7:02 pm jeannevb: has any1 tried to write OUTSIDE their comfort zone & in a genre they dont usually watch? #scriptchat
7:03 pm talented_boy: #scriptchat do what's comfortable and find someone who likes it
7:03 pm PennyAsh: @russellnichols I agree, and especially if they have a hit of any kind #scriptchat
7:03 pm jmiewald: Test #scriptchat
7:03 pm HoodedMan: @PennyAsh @jeannev diluted vampire, yes. "Real" vampire, no #scriptchat
7:03 pm jeannevb: by the way, this topic is brought to u by @russellnichols... if any1 has topic of interest, @ me in future : ) We'll accommodate #scriptchat
7:04 pm russellnichols: Because movies take so long to get made, it's never a good idea to develop ideas based on current trends. #scriptchat
7:04 pm CTK1: RT @jeannevb TOPIC: Genre. Do u pick 4 market, 4 story or 4 comfort zone? Can u avoid being pigeon holed?Sld u cross genres? #scriptchat
7:04 pm dawnbierschwal: I tend to think one writes best when they are inspired. #scriptchat
7:04 pm jeannevb: what is MORE impt than genre choice, is how well u write #scriptchat
7:04 pm craigary: #scriptchat been trying to expand to different genres (writing sci-fi and horror now, wrote one action) but also try to watch films in each.
7:04 pm brozogirl: @jeannevb LOL RT for me chasing the HOT genre of the moment, is sure fire death ... can I say "vampire" overload #scriptchat > yes you can!
7:04 pm rachlanger2: @jeannevb writing outside your comfort zone is valuable, but its good to know what you're best at also, and roll with that. #scriptchat
7:05 pm PennyAsh: @HoodedMan True. There needs to be some good real vampire stories out there #scriptchat
7:05 pm jeannevb: i'm not a big horror fan, but I'd love to write one & step out of my comfort zone #scriptchat
7:05 pm dawnbierschwal: At the same time, if someone gives me a writing assignment, I'm open to it! long as it's not slasher or zombie film : ) #scriptchat
7:05 pm James_Dean86: i always thought writing a comedy would be the hardest to write? anyone else think so? #scriptchat
7:06 pm talented_boy: #scriptchat if i'm out of my comfort zone, i'm most likely writing about something i'm not passionate about...dont think it's worth it
7:06 pm HoodedMan: I always set out to direct my own scripts, to work with the film or stage performance from start to finish. #scriptchat
7:06 pm DJordanKnight: really @jeannevb? we should talk :) #scriptchat
7:06 pm Timsn: I usually write comedy but am looking at a scifi idea #scriptchat
7:06 pm jeannevb: @craigary yes, I think watching films in the genre ur writing at the moment is critical #scriptchat
7:06 pm PennyAsh: @KageyNYC Interesting point there #scriptchat
7:06 pm russellnichols: @dawnbierschwal But wouldn't you be curious to know if you could put your own spin on a slasher or zombie film? #scriptchat
7:07 pm dawnbierschwal: @russellnichols Nope. : ) #scriptchat
7:07 pm PennyAsh: @jeannevb Good psychological horror is rare :) #scriptchat
7:07 pm jmiewald: Is "vampire" a genre? Vampire films used to be horror and now range from teen romance to action adventure. #scriptchat
7:07 pm HoodedMan: My credits usually read like this: writer/director, composer, role, photo and more #scriptchat
7:07 pm jeannevb: @DJordanKnight yes, really! I'm sick of Saw flicks... there has to be a better way to build that mousetrap (tho it's successful) #scriptchat
7:07 pm brianspaeth: @jeannevb I write what I'm good at, which is fortunately also what I enjoy. Think it results in the strongest work. #scriptchat
7:07 pm rachlanger2: My first script was a thriller, a genre I am not comfortable with, because I wanted to practice. It was a blast to write! #scriptchat
7:08 pm PennyAsh: @Timsn Why not both? #scriptchat
7:08 pm dawnbierschwal: Excellent point! RT @KageyNYC: And "pigeon-holed," isn't that just another name for "employable?" ;) #scriptchat
7:08 pm jeannevb: @kageynyc... i'm not seeing u in the tweetchat stream :( #scriptchat
7:08 pm russellnichols: @craigary I agree with you and @jeannevb. I always study movies in the genre I'm writing. Especially the bad ones. #scriptchat
7:08 pm DJordanKnight: According to what I've been told, there really isn't any getting around being pigeon=holed. #scriptchat
7:08 pm CTK1: @jeannevb I'm stepping out of my Fiction comfort zone right now by writing in 3rd person instead of 1st. Challenge is gut! (?) #scriptchat
7:08 pm SissiePoohSOD: ok.. bak. had 2 let the dogs out 4 a bit. #scriptchat
7:08 pm jeannevb: @kageynyc, but someone @'d u, so u must be there #scriptchat
7:08 pm jeannevb: @rachlanger2 i think it wld be too! #scriptchat
7:08 pm DJordanKnight: @jeannevb re: moustraps -- seriously, DM me later :o) #scriptchat
7:09 pm jeannevb: @russellnichols @craigary and read the scripts of them too #scriptchat
7:09 pm PennyAsh: @jeannevb I see @kageynyc in the All Friends column #scriptchat
7:09 pm jeannevb: @CTK1 how r u liking it? #scriptchat
7:09 pm brianspaeth: @talented_boy Agree with that totally - have tried writing outside my zone and it's never good. #scriptchat
7:09 pm brozogirl: @craigary #scriptchat Very true. I find myself trying to watch things related and get a feel for the genre.
7:09 pm SissiePoohSOD: I can't stand the Saw movies. the first two were interesting, but they ran out of steam after the 4th one. #scriptchat
7:09 pm jeannevb: @DJordanKnight will do! As long as I dont have to wear a patch haha #scriptchat
7:09 pm russellnichols: @DJordanKnight I think there is a way around it if you direct your own projects. The Tarantino's of the world answer to no one. #scriptchat
7:10 pm jeannevb: @brianspaeth but u DID try... that's cool... even if u didnt like it @talented_boy #scriptchat
7:10 pm DJordanKnight: I think that it's prudent to stay abreast of trends in terms of genre. #scriptchat
7:10 pm PennyAsh: @DJordanKnight @jeannevb Mouse problem? I got a cure :) #scriptchat
7:10 pm brianspaeth: @DJordanKnight This is true, but remember Paul Haggis worked on Walker Texas Ranger for years. #scriptchat
7:10 pm jmiewald: The Saw series is a great example of plot over character dev of any kind. Now the victims cut their arms off w/o thought. #scriptchat
7:10 pm craigary: @russellnichols @jeannevb and read model scripts in each genre too (I just read Rosemary's Baby while wrtg creepy horror script) #scriptchat
7:10 pm James_Dean86: @SissiePoohSOD i agree, i enjoyed the 1st one but after that it was.... well boring #scriptchat
7:10 pm SissiePoohSOD: @russellnichols: that's true. guys like Tarantino put me in awe. #scriptchat
7:10 pm russellnichols: @brozogirl And like @jeannevb mentioned, reading the scripts help a lot too. #scriptchat
7:10 pm PennyAsh: @russellnichols This is true, but not everyone can direct #scriptchat
7:10 pm jeannevb: Britt the bot seems to like to @ me during #scriptchat... maybe she's trying to break in to screenwriting #scriptchat
7:11 pm iscamedia: A good story's a good story The industry's too fickle 2 worry 'bout genre too much. Always write out of comfort zone. New slants #scriptchat
7:11 pm dawnbierschwal: If someone is looking for writer for particular project, I assume they will look 4 writer w/depth in that genre... v. breadth? #scriptchat
7:11 pm HoodedMan: One important thing is avoid predictability. A lot is practicality the same today, no matter the genre #scriptchat
7:11 pm brianspaeth: Remember to like use periods at the end of sentences #scriptchat
7:11 pm CTK1: @jmiewald hahaha... that's true #scriptchat
7:11 pm SissiePoohSOD: @James_Dean86: after a while, how many ways can u kill a person. they should have ended @ Saw 2. #scriptchat
7:12 pm James_Dean86: @russellnichols i got the entire Juno Script and Tropic Thunder, they are a great read #scriptchat
7:12 pm jeannevb: oh, oh, I need to find a post to show you all.... #scriptchat has been discovered today! .... give me sec... #scriptchat
7:12 pm SissiePoohSOD: @HoodedMan: I hear u on that, and I agree. you have 2 keep the story new and fresh if u want an audience. #scriptchat
7:12 pm jmiewald: Genre is how writers get "type cast" #scriptchat
7:12 pm talented_boy: @brianspaeth i c nothin wrong w/ workin diligently at 1 or 2 genres & perfecting it...get n the game b4 trying 2 spread wings #scriptchat
7:12 pm russellnichols: @PennyAsh true. but even some writers seem to have more control over their projects than others. #scriptchat
7:13 pm SissiePoohSOD: Tropic Thunder... I LOVE that movie. :) #scriptchat
7:13 pm CTK1: @PennyAsh Good everyone 'doesn't' try to direct. Writers often get too close to their own material and stick to it like glue.(?) #scriptchat
7:13 pm DJordanKnight: @russellnichols if you're going the indie route, but if you're hoping to find someone to rep your work, its the pigeon hole. #scriptchat
7:13 pm jeannevb: we're famous everyone... about today's topic too... ready? #scriptchat
7:13 pm craigary: #scriptchat Speaking of reading scripts, does anyone else remember and miss Scenario magazine? That was so great. 4 scripts per issue!
7:13 pm russellnichols: @James_Dean86 I just read the script for the upcoming sci-fi flick Source Code yesterday. Duncan Jones will direct. #scriptchat
7:13 pm CTK1: @jmiewald One of the easiest ways... #scriptchat But it can't be helped, can it?
7:13 pm jeannevb: @julianfriedmann Copying genres bc they appear successful seldom works bc good enough is not good enough: #scriptchat
7:13 pm PennyAsh: @russellnichols I think it's probably due to better contract negotiations #scriptchat
7:14 pm SissiePoohSOD: I seem 2 bounce between vampires and romance stories. very odd, I admit. #scriptchat
7:14 pm jmiewald: Everyone thinks they can direct. Just like everyone thinks they can write. #scriptchat
7:14 pm HoodedMan: It si NOT fun when you know the story from starr to finish before you've watched the film, like you do with most films today #scriptchat
7:14 pm jeannevb: @craigary wow... that sounds fabulous! #scriptchat
7:15 pm James_Dean86: @russellnichols oh man! if i gave you my email may i ask you to mail it me? id love to read it! :) #scriptchat
7:15 pm PennyAsh: @CTK1 True, I want to write, not necessarily direct #scriptchat
7:15 pm russellnichols: @PennyAsh Yeah, that's a good place to be. I would want to be one of those writers who gets to be on set. But I know it's rare. #scriptchat
7:15 pm brozogirl: @russellnichols #scriptchat OH YES. Reading the scripts helps me more than watching. Just tryin' to find a groove of sorts. Not pigeonholed
7:15 pm jeannevb: when this is over, u all need to read @julianfriedman's post re: this topic #scriptchat
7:15 pm jeannevb: @craigary LOVE Rosemary's Baby btw #scriptchat
7:15 pm jmiewald: I think genre is the same as marketing for the writer. It's your "brand" #scriptchat
7:15 pm PennyAsh: @HoodedMan Boy that's right. I hate a predictable film #scriptchat
7:15 pm SissiePoohSOD: @HoodedMan: what bugs me is that I know how the movie ends 15 mins. after the opening credits #scriptchat
7:16 pm LifesizeLD: Howdy! #scriptchat
7:16 pm jmiewald: Expanding - you are "the thriller guy" or "the horror guy" or the romcom guy" #scriptchat
7:16 pm russellnichols: @James_Dean86 definitely. #scriptchat
7:16 pm jeannevb: @jmiewald yes, but can't u step out of it. I'd HATE to think I'd be stuck in one genre #deathtome #scriptchat
7:16 pm PennyAsh: @russellnichols Me too, the whole process fascinates me :) #scriptchat
7:16 pm SissiePoohSOD: I prefer writing. I'll let someone who knows what he or she is doing direct. #scriptchat
7:16 pm jeannevb: AMEN! RT @PennyAsh: @HoodedMan Boy thats right. I hate a predictable film #scriptchat
7:16 pm CTK1: @jeannevb Writing a Novel 3rd person is how screenplays r written so I 1st worked up a script then dug into the book. Worked! #scriptchat
7:16 pm HoodedMan: @jmiewald but many can both direct and write and do a lot of other tasks, too. It isn't really hard at all #scriptchat
7:16 pm craigary: @jmiewald Very true, though have also heard some agents/prods like writers who are aces in a genre. I'd rather be diverse tho. #scriptchat
7:17 pm SissiePoohSOD: @jmiewald: I want to b the "everything gal"... #scriptchat
7:17 pm jeannevb: @James_Dean86 glad u made it :) #scriptchat
7:17 pm DJordanKnight: Nicely put! RT@jmiewald I think genre is the same as marketing for the writer. It's your "brand" #scriptchat
7:17 pm jeannevb: I agree RT @SissiePoohSOD: I prefer writing. Ill let someone who knows what he or she is doing direct. #scriptchat
7:17 pm LifesizeLD: RT @jeannevb: *curtsy* RT @DJordanKnight: @LifesizeLD #scriptchat THanks!
7:17 pm jmiewald: @jeannevb Why? You have a burning need to write a slasher film? #scriptchat
7:17 pm dawnbierschwal: Good point! RT @jmiewald: I think genre is the same as marketing for the writer. Its your "brand" #scriptchat
7:17 pm PennyAsh: @jeannevb Which is why I'm rethinking my script :) #scriptchat
7:17 pm talented_boy: #scriptchat when do you reach that moment where 'this script is finished'?
7:17 pm CTK1: Takes two different heads, or so I feel. I'm too spazzy 2do it. RT @PennyAsh: @CTK1 True, I want 2write, not necessarily direct #scriptchat
7:17 pm jeannevb: @CTK1 great idea! chicken or the egg... Most do it other way around, but I can see how ur way rocks #scriptchat
7:18 pm russellnichols: @jmiewald I guess the key is to try and get pigeonholed where you want to be. I wouldn't mind being the 'sci-fi guy.' #scriptchat
7:18 pm James_Dean86: @jeannevb hi! lol its late here but i couldn't miss this, i love movies #scriptchat
7:18 pm jmiewald: @SissiePoohSOD If you want to be the "everything gal" then you are equivalent to the "everything store" right? You're WalMart #scriptchat
7:18 pm jeannevb: @jmiewald i always like to challenge myself & step outside my comfort zone. It's how I got my gig to do the PUlitzer adaptation #scriptchat
7:19 pm HoodedMan: An auteur, following the story from start to finish can best keep the original vision #scriptchat
7:19 pm craigary: @talented_boy Script is finished when it's made into a film ;-) Or you can't fathom working on it anymore. (For now.) #scriptchat
7:19 pm PennyAsh: @talented_boy Not always easy to tell, there's a danger of overworking a script (book) you have to be objective with it #scriptchat
7:19 pm LifesizeLD: Wow! This is like being at a cocktail party filled with screenwriters, without benefit of a drink! ;-) #scriptchat
7:19 pm SissiePoohSOD: if your "brand" is consistently good, u don't have 2 worry about "typecasting". #scriptchat
7:19 pm DJordanKnight: @russellnichols do you write sci fi? #scriptchat
7:19 pm russellnichols: @jmiewald haha. good point. #scriptchat
7:19 pm jmiewald: How much better is it to be someone like Hitchcock (the thriller guy) than WalMart #scriptchat
7:19 pm PennyAsh: @CTK1 Two different talents :) #scriptchat
7:19 pm SissiePoohSOD: @jmiewald: LOL! I'd like to b able to write in different genres, so I can write a bit of everything. #scriptchat
7:19 pm James_Dean86: @talented_boy id say its when you have redrafted it so much that its as perfect as you can get it #scriptchat
7:19 pm russellnichols: @DJordanKnight yup. #scriptchat
7:19 pm CTK1: @brianspaeth Well do you feel it's worth going out of comfort zone or stick to what one does best until one has scored 1st? #scriptchat
7:20 pm jeannevb: @LifesizeLD BYOB, baby... it's our only rule... well, that and not bringing ego to the chat : ) #scriptchat
7:20 pm Ludovicaa: @LifesizeLD Absolutely nobody is stopping you getting yourself a drink! #scriptchat
7:20 pm brianspaeth: Depending how long you've been at it, you'll be happy to be pigeonholed if it means you're working. lol #scriptchat
7:20 pm CheekyWench: ::LurkyMcLurkerson:: #scriptchat
7:20 pm talented_boy: @PennyAsh how can i be objective with my child? they are all so beautiful lol #scriptchat
7:20 pm DJordanKnight: @talented_boy It has been said that scripts are never finished, they're surrendered :o) #scriptchat
7:20 pm russellnichols: @SissiePoohSOD right. and also if you like your 'brand.' like, i have no interest in writing a slasher movie just to say i did. #scriptchat
7:21 pm wcdixon: Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. #scriptchat #lifelessons
7:21 pm jeannevb: are we off GENRE already... do u'll want 2 just have a free 4 all or wld u like me to whip & beat u to stay on topic for 1st 30? #scriptchat
7:21 pm craigary: #scriptchat We may overthink things tho; write great stories/scripts, whatever the genre. If you have a specialty great; if not branch out.
7:21 pm SissiePoohSOD: I'd like 2 b able 2 go from writing a spine-tingling thriller 2 a supernatural tale, the try a rom-com. #scriptchat
7:21 pm brianspaeth: @CTK1 If it's something that will move you forward and you can pull it off, I'd say go for it. What do you think? #scriptchat
7:21 pm PennyAsh: @jeannevb @jmiewald #deathtome I think you can step out of genre, even mix them I do all the time #scriptchat
7:21 pm talented_boy: @craigary that's my kind of completion lol #scriptchat
7:21 pm jeannevb: @brianspaeth so true....$$$$$ #scriptchat
7:21 pm russellnichols: @CTK1 i think it's just a matter of doing what you feel. not necessarily going out of your comfort zone for the hell of it. #scriptchat
7:21 pm mckormickastley: @jeannevb I always bring my ego, just so happens it's been crushed #scriptchat
7:21 pm jolenejahnke: First script was a RomCom. Then some1 told me 'you look like u write romcoms' WHAT? Determined to write anything but ever since. #scriptchat
7:21 pm HoodedMan: @SissiePoohSOD me, too. I can almost do scene by scene, and especially the ending is set #scriptchat
7:21 pm rachlanger2: @wcdixon Evening Mr. Dixon! #scriptchat
7:21 pm CTK1: @PennyAsh Some can both write & direct, they can be flexible & easily adapt to change when needed. Few tho(?) #scriptchat
7:21 pm jeannevb: yep, 4 sure RT @DJordanKnight: @talented_boy It has been said that scripts are never finished, theyre surrendered :o) #scriptchat
7:21 pm James_Dean86: @DJordanKnight i like that saying lol #scriptchat
7:21 pm PennyAsh: @jeannevb Whip me beat me call me Edna? #scriptchat
7:21 pm Timsn: Billy Wilder wrote Some LIke It Hot and Double Indemnity. 2 genre classics in 2 different genres. #scriptchat
7:21 pm SissiePoohSOD: @brianspaeth: if the pigeonhole has a few $, I'll write whatever seems 2 work best 4 me. #scriptchat
7:21 pm dawnbierschwal: At early stages seems smart to try diff't genres. Find 1 that suits u. Dev'p reputation there. Reputation buys freedom later. #scriptchat
7:21 pm brianspaeth: @CheekyWench Outing you. :) #scriptchat
7:22 pm DJordanKnight: @PennyAsh Mixed genres - now that's fun! #scriptchat
7:22 pm talented_boy: @James_Dean86 but it's really not my own's gotta be someone else's view of perfection...that's the part that sux #scriptchat
7:22 pm PennyAsh: @talented_boy LOL it's a learned thing, takes practice #scriptchat
7:22 pm craigary: #scriptchat I think the best genre to write in is the "Oscar-winning screenplay" Genre. I would love to dabble in that more. ;)
7:22 pm JordanDrew: :hi-five: :giggle: RT @CheekyWench: ::LurkyMcLurkerson:: #scriptchat
7:22 pm russellnichols: @jolenejahnke but what's wrong with writing romcoms if that's what you do? #scriptchat
7:22 pm iscamedia: It strikes one as odd that a writer would want to be IN a comfort zone. To suggest not writing across genres seems a misnomer #scriptchat
7:22 pm jeannevb: @russellnichols @ctk1 I have to challenge myself in life, esp in my writing. I cant let fear of failure hold me back fr trying #scriptchat
7:22 pm jmiewald: A writer that specializes in a genre means $$ to the studio also. If they can put "Tarantino" on the poster it means box office #scriptchat
7:23 pm PennyAsh: @CTK1 I'd say very few, talent like that is rare #scriptchat
7:23 pm russellnichols: RT @craigary I think the best genre to write in is the "Oscar-winning screenplay" Genre. I would love to dabble in that more. ;) #scriptchat
7:23 pm jeannevb: @JordanDrew @cheekywench... I SEE yoooooou xo #scriptchat
7:23 pm CTK1: @russellnichols But if u DO what you FEEL then you're simply just doing what you'd do anyway, so yeah, comfort zone irrelevant! #scriptchat
7:40 pm HoodedMan: @SissiePoohSOD yeah, the filmmakers don't have to think or create or imagine #scriptchat
7:40 pm russellnichols: @DJordanKnight good point. but to clarify, i don't think writers should write in another genre just because it's different... #scriptchat
7:46 pm DJordanKnight: @PennyAsh, the script I am writing w/ @zacsanford has been labeled romcom, family, and action adventure. by the same person :D #scriptchat
7:59 pm PennyAsh: @jeannevb @DJordanKnight #scriptchat Psych thrillers rock :D
8:00 pm jeannevb: @ninehourfilms i have some stories too.... death, suicide, sex... and that's just the staff HAHA Queechy Lake Motel #scriptchat
8:00 pm dawnbierschwal: Genre in adjoining room is some kind of action adventure/kung fu/slasher thing (in other words kids fighting). Until next wk... #scriptchat
8:14 pm jeannevb: NEW SCRIPTCHAT IDEA: if any1 wants to @ me name of their fave script, I will post list on scriptchat blog #scriptchat
8:14 pm talented_boy: @zacsanford clearly you would win most popular if we had chat standouts #scriptchat
8:14 pm PennyAsh: @jeannevb Think I just changed my script project totally LOL #scriptchat
8:14 pm mckormickastley: @zacsanford always and forever #scriptchat
8:14 pm russellnichols: RT @jeannevb: NEW SCRIPTCHAT IDEA: if any1 wants to @ me name of their fave script, I will post list on scriptchat blog #scriptchat
8:14 pm jeannevb: @PennyAsh HAHA... really? #scriptchat
8:15 pm LesannSartor: Fantastic. See you there. Thanks. RT @zacsanford: @LesannSartor #scriptchat is a weekly gathering of screenwriters #scriptscenechat
8:15 pm jeannevb: @Ludovicaa ur so welcome! Glad u came :) #scriptchat
8:15 pm cmhoughton: For me, can't worry about what people want now, once the script's done, they'll want something different. I follow my muse. #scriptchat
8:15 pm zacsanford: Have a good night all. I'm heading over to the #scriptchat to make sure @jeannevb kept everyone under control. #scriptscenechat
8:15 pm yeah_write: He'll definitely need a drink now. RT @DJordanKnight: @zacsanford Bub! You missed all the fun! And tequila! #scriptchat
8:16 pm craigary: #scriptchat some fave scripts to read repeatedly 4inspiration: Chinatown, Breaking Away, Being John Malkovich, WItness, Lone Star, manymore.
8:16 pm PennyAsh: @jeannevb LOL yep, still going to do the book but going to do the #nano project first #scriptchat
8:16 pm mckormickastley: @jeannevb I don't think anyone answered you. Yes, you can say Vampire overload. #scriptchat
8:16 pm DJordanKnight: @yeah_write Yeah, I was following y'all -- or your answers, anyway. Some tough questions tonight! #scriptchat
8:17 pm cmhoughton: @jeannevb I haven't been paid for it yet, so what else would I call it? It's more than a hobby, but I'm not a pro yet either. #scriptchat
8:17 pm PennyAsh: @russellnichols currently Zombieland great script #scriptchat
8:17 pm DJordanKnight: *pours @zacsanford a drink* Here you go, Bub ... #scriptchat
8:17 pm mckormickastley: @cmhoughton who is your muse? #scriptchat
8:18 pm yeah_write2: @DJordanKnight Zac was nice enough to talk to my screenwriting chapter of RWA. No way to make it private on Twitter. #scriptchat
8:18 pm yeah_write2: @zacsanford You are the man! #scriptchat
8:18 pm James_Dean86: @jeannevb i read 'Interview With The Vampire' script, its probably my fav? for now? :) #scriptchat
8:18 pm russellnichols: On his blog, screenwriter Scott Myers is analyzing one script a day for 14 days: #scriptchat
8:18 pm yeah_write2: @DJordanKnight I was so nervous about the chat. But I think it went well. #scriptchat
8:18 pm zacsanford: @CalebHolyfield If the prodco/reps like your writing but are passing on this script, they might find something more suitable. #scriptchat
8:19 pm CTK1: Hey Writer Folk @jeannevb's ultra-groovy #ScriptChat is a massive success! Just an FYI. I love 'success' in my friends. Maybe it'll rub off!
8:19 pm Timsn: Drag Me To Hell was another great script. Loved it! #scriptchat
8:19 pm ninehourfilms: Okay, time to concentrate on homework, back to "Man With a Movie Camera!" #scriptchat
8:19 pm DJordanKnight: @cmhoughton Do you know who wrote To Kill A Mockingbird? #scriptchat
8:19 pm lyneka: RT @russellnichols: On his blog, screenwriter Scott Myers is analyzing one script a day for 14 days: #scriptchat
8:20 pm DJordanKnight: @yeah_write2 No need to be nervous with Super Zac by your side, LOL! #scriptchat
8:20 pm scripts2: @yeah_write2 it went great. #scriptchat
8:20 pm jeanneveillette: damn twitter locked me out AGAIN this week! #scriptchat
8:21 pm jeanneveillette: @zacsanford2 @yeah_write2 glad ur back #scriptchat
8:21 pm zacsanford: @russellnichols I was with @yeah_write in another chat that was scheduled before the invention of #scriptchat. Great time over there tnght.
8:21 pm davidspies: #scripttrain from Seattle to Leavenworth, WA. Group of screenwriters knock out 15 pages mystery or drama & read at destination #scriptchat
8:21 pm yeah_write2: @scripts2 thanks. #scriptchat
8:21 pm brianspaeth: This is another great site for script analysis from exec perspective from @johngary #scriptchat #scriptchat
8:22 pm zacsanford: Naw, @jeannevb hands down. RT @talented_boy: @zacsanford clearly you would win most popular if we had chat standouts #scriptchat
8:22 pm Timsn: Harper Lee and Horton Foote wrote To Kill A Mockingbird #scriptchat
8:22 pm jeanneveillette: @zacsanford couldnt possibly been as fun as chatting w us .... before u answer, remember I'm Sicilian #scriptchat
8:22 pm zacsanford: @jeanneveillette I got the same "too many updates. Please wait a few hours and try again." #scriptchat
8:22 pm yeah_write2: @jeanneveillette We will be having new tweeters from our RWA screenwriting group joining up here. #scriptchat
8:22 pm talented_boy: should you have more than one script in your pocket before shopping the first one? meaning, more than one ready to go #scriptchat
8:22 pm James_Dean86: ok guys 220am here, was awsome tweeting you all :) #scriptchat
8:22 pm mckormickastley: Also check out ( great interviews with writers, etc #scriptchat
8:23 pm yeah_write: Drop over to #scriptchat if you have time. We will chat for another hour prob #scriptscenechat
8:23 pm zacsanford: Yes, at least three. RT @talented_boy: should you have more than one script in your pocket before shopping the first one? #scriptchat
8:23 pm jeanneveillette: @James_Dean86 u are SUCH a trooper for staying up for this! #scriptchat
8:24 pm jeanneveillette: @talented_boy often they will ask "what else do you have?"... so good to be prepared #scriptchat
8:24 pm yeah_write2: @zacsanford I can't thank you enough Zac. #scriptchat
8:24 pm CTK1: @brianspaeth would love 2 see the Chick Flick. As far as spec, bastardize it & re-use, as Gary Marshall says.Right @jeannevb ;-) #scriptchat
8:24 pm mckormickastley: @zacsanford are you expected to show up wearing cargo pants then? geez! #scriptchat
8:24 pm yeah_write2: @jeanneveillette Zac said some of my questions were tough. Wonder why? #scriptchat
8:24 pm talented_boy: @zacsanford there is always a guy and a girl...she's the girl #scriptchat
8:25 pm DJordanKnight: @Timsn I'm talking about the novel. Harper Lee wrote it, so then she MUST be a writer, yes? #scriptchat
8:25 pm jeanneveillette: @zacsanford and I purposely didnt do #writechat to save up! Twitter is ridiculous. What does "network" mean!!??? #scriptchat
8:25 pm talented_boy: @jeanneveillette (new name?) yea, figured that...i dunno if that's a good or bad thing lol #scriptchat
8:25 pm CTK1: WTF? I'm tweeting about #scriptchat and @ShellyKramer's meal yet I get THIS: in my feed? Damn u Britney!
8:26 pm brianspaeth: @CTK1 I really have this drama about an ex-college QB I want to write - tried once but it just didn't read genuine. #scriptchat
8:26 pm Timsn: Thanks for letting me drop by. It was great (mostly) listening in #scriptchat
8:26 pm mckormickastley: What is #scriptscenechat and why do I feel fight coming on... where is my trident? #scriptchat
8:26 pm HoodedMan: @ninehourfilms @ElvenElysium @talented_boy @russellnichols @brianspaeth @mckormickastley @SissiePoohSOD @Ludovicaa tnx for #scriptchat
8:26 pm DJordanKnight: @Timsn @cmhoughten But she never followed up. Does that make her less a writer, because she wrote only one book? #scriptchat
8:26 pm davidspies: #scripttrain example of theme before genre. Something I'm looking at putting together. #scriptchat
8:26 pm jeanneveillette: @talented_boy i'm Sybil... ha. I have this acct bc during these chats, Twitter limits API & tweets. Locks me out often. #scriptchat
8:26 pm yeah_write2: @CTK1 That Brit is a nosey, push one. #scriptchat
8:26 pm zacsanford: @DeafMuslim I wrote four scripts that will never see the light of day. But some get lucky on their first try #scriptchat
8:26 pm mckormickastley: @CTK1 whoa. #scriptchat
8:26 pm jeanneveillette: @CTK1 i got Britney @'ing me SIX times during #scriptchat
8:27 pm zacsanford: @CTK1 Ha ha... I got the same thing from Ms Britney. #scriptchat
8:27 pm talented_boy: @zacsanford thanks...i will keep that in mind #scriptchat
8:27 pm Timsn: Yes she is most definitely a writer #scriptchat And Horton Foote was the screenwriter
8:27 pm DJordanKnight: @cmhoughton and would she have been any less a writer, had TKAMB not been published? #scriptchat
8:27 pm jeanneveillette: @DJordanKnight the author who wrote Gone w the Wind only wrote that one book.... still a genius novel @Timsn @cmhoughten #scriptchat
8:28 pm PennyAsh: @CTK1 They found you too huh? Been blocking these all day #scriptchat
8:28 pm zacsanford: @jeanneveillette: @CTK1 I guess Britney needs a new writer for her twitter account?!?! #scriptchat
8:28 pm mckormickastley: RT @DJordanKnight: @cmhoughton and would she have been any less a writer, had TKAMB not been published? - Great point. #scriptchat
8:29 pm DJordanKnight: @cmhoughton @Timsn The point is, at what point do you "become a writer" #scriptchat
8:29 pm mindofbryan: Hi. Hanging in for my first time at this chat. #scriptchat
8:29 pm mckormickastley: @DJordanKnight writers write, but writers are also self obsessed freaks in need of external validation -Just speaking personally #scriptchat
8:30 pm Timsn: Many authors only write one or two books. Salinger, McCullers #scriptchat
8:30 pm jeanneveillette: @mindofbryan hey, WELCOME! It's just about done though... we usually wrap around now. We talked genre, then went free-for-all #scriptchat
8:30 pm DJordanKnight: @cmhoughton @Timsn @jeanneveillette Because the buzz around here, is that Ms. Harper may not have written TKAMB at all, lol #scriptchat
8:30 pm jeanneveillette: @mckormickastley @DjordanKnight I also think we write to escape our lives #scriptchat
8:31 pm mckormickastley: @HoodedMan again next week? #scriptchat
8:31 pm yeah_write2: this chat starts at 8pm EST for those coming in late, every Sunday #scriptchat
8:31 pm DJordanKnight: @cmhoughton @Timsn @jeanneveillette And Ms. Harper lives right down the road a piece, btw, LOL. #scriptchat
8:31 pm HoodedMan: @mckormickastley probably, yes #scriptchat
8:32 pm yeah_write2: I know I do RT @jeanneveillette: @mckormickastley @DjordanKnight I also think we write to escape our lives #scriptchat
8:32 pm PennyAsh: @jeanneveillette @mckormickastley @DjordanKnight #scriptchat And to shut up the voices
8:32 pm mindofbryan: @jeanneveillette Yeah, we just finished a log day of visitors, so thought I'd check in. #scriptchat
8:32 pm CTK1: HEY EVERYONE #ScriptChat --- @jeannevb has been LOCKED OUT OF TWITTER ...
8:32 pm DJordanKnight: @cmhoughton @Timsn @jeanneveillette It's rumored it was written by her childhood friend, Mr Truman Capote #scriptchat
8:32 pm jeanneveillette: I'm going 2 officially end tonight's #scriptchat & thank u ALL 4 participating or just being voyeurs. Same time nxt wk *curtsy* #scriptchat
8:33 pm zacsanford: Since my co-writer is wandering around in this chat... I might as well head out and get some writing done. :) #scriptchat
8:33 pm talented_boy: alright good people...i'm 'unofficially' leaving the chat...good speaking w/ u as usual, learned something as usual #scriptchat
8:33 pm jeanneveillette: @DJordanKnight interesting... #scriptchat
8:33 pm CTK1: Apparently @jeannevb Has been hit with the Twitter Jail Thingy? JUST AN FYI to all #ScriptChat folk.
8:33 pm DJordanKnight: PennyAsh @jeanneveillette @mckormickastley Of course, that's just rumor, but bears scrutiny, considering the style of writing. #scriptchat
8:34 pm brianspaeth: @jeanneveillette Thanks!!! :) #scriptchat
8:34 pm DJordanKnight: @jeanneveillette Thanks again, for another great week! #scriptchat
8:34 pm mckormickastley: @jeanneveillette or just hide from the kids... #scriptchat
8:34 pm jeanneveillette: @iscamedia cool... wld love to see the list #scriptchat
8:34 pm mckormickastley: @jeanneveillette I love indulging my ideas, even if it doesn't always work on the page right away, if it works as escape #scriptchat
8:35 pm jeanneveillette: @zacsanford @yeah_write did u see I asked ppl to @ me names of favorite scripts so we can post list on scriptchat site #scriptchat
8:35 pm mckormickastley: @jeanneveillette thanks again for hosting! #scriptchat
8:35 pm smashadv: @yeah_write2 @jeanneveillette: @mckormickastley @DjordanKnight I write to explore my life. Tried escaping it once. Didn't work. #scriptchat
8:35 pm jeanneveillette: @DJordanKnight SO glad u were here. U added a lot to the discussion.... being ur @zacsanford's brain cells & all ha #scriptchat
8:35 pm DJordanKnight: @jeanneveillette It IS interesting, and so, what is a writer? Someone famous? Rich? Or someone who writes? #scriptchat
8:36 pm yeah_write2: @jeanneveillette Fav Scripts is a great idea. #scriptchat
8:36 pm jeanneveillette: @mckormickastley it is truly my pleasure. Its' either hang w u'all or pack backpacks haha #scriptchat
8:37 pm jeanneveillette: @brianspaeth u are so welcome. I'll try to look at ur link tomorrow! #scriptchat
8:37 pm yeah_write2: @jeanneveillette Thanks for hosting solo tonight. Was @kageynyc able to attend? #scriptchat
8:37 pm jeanneveillette: @DJordanKnight maybe just someone who is happy living in the fantasy world they created :) #scriptchat
8:37 pm mckormickastley: @DJordanKnight When people ask you what you do, what do you tell them? #scriptchat
8:37 pm zacsanford: And remember, in less than a month, the 2009 @blcklst will come out with the best unproduced scripts of 2009. #scriptchat
8:38 pm jeanneveillette: @yeah_write2 her tweets r protected so cant be seen in the stream. She's going to work on that 4 nxt week #scriptchat
8:38 pm DJordanKnight: @zacsanford Good idea! We've got deadlines *ker-schnap!* back to work! And back to work for me, too, I suppose. #scriptchat
8:38 pm DJordanKnight: @mckormickastley That I am a writer. #scriptchat
8:39 pm jeanneveillette: @DJordanKnight whip that boy @zacsanford ! haha #scriptchat
8:39 pm zacsanford: @jeannevb... @djordanknight just whipped me. Did you let the whips out without me around tonight? #scriptchat
8:39 pm yeah_write2: @jeanneveillette She can do like @zacsanford and I do and make one just for chats. #scriptchat
8:40 pm zacsanford: @jeanneveillette Well if your tweets are protected but you follow the person... wouldn't the tweets show up in your own stream? #scriptchat
8:40 pm mckormickastley: @DJordanKnight then it is true. I look forward to that day. #scriptchat
8:40 pm jeanneveillette: @DJordanKnight @mckormickastley... my biz card says "writer of things" : ) Tho somedays it shld say "writer of shit" haha #scriptchat
8:40 pm yeah_write2: @DJordanKnight Thanks for letting me have him for an hour or so tonight. :) #scriptchat
8:40 pm jeanneveillette: @zacsanford yes, but not in the tweetchat hashtag stream #scriptchat
8:42 pm DJordanKnight: @mckormickastley Be not what you think you are, be what you wish you were. Then you won't have to look any further than now. #scriptchat
8:42 pm yeah_write2: @jeanneveillette I can't get my other chat to come up on the transcript site. Argh! #scriptchat
8:43 pm DJordanKnight: @yeah_write2 No problem! Thanks for letting him talk about romancey things -- he's got romcom scenes to write! #scriptchat
8:44 pm jeanneveillette: @yeah_write2 oh crap... well, sometimes it takes some time. I'm PRAYING i can get this chat up bc rachel left. No backup tonight #scriptchat
8:44 pm zacsanford: @DJordanKnight @yeah_write2... and we didn't even really talk romance at all. :) #scriptchat
8:45 pm DJordanKnight: @zacsanford Really? Well dang! #scriptchat
8:45 pm zacsanford: @CalebHolyfield Well you can't submit to the @blcklst. It is just the scripts floating hollywood that people liked #scriptchat
8:45 pm iscamedia: @jeanneveillette Thanks for the #scriptchat - we're off to bed. Night! :)
8:46 pm blackrugger: Sadden I missed #scriptchat tonight :( lost track of time while writing.
8:46 pm yeah_write2: @zacsanford @DJordanKnight Nope, no romance, just screenplays and the business of writing. #scriptchat
8:46 pm jeanneveillette: @yeah_write2 phew... got scriptchat's transcript. Let me copy & paste & i'll see if i can get urs #scriptchat
8:46 pm mckormickastley: A Sherpa named Sherpa, nice touch @brianspaeth, nice touch. #scriptchat
8:46 pm hashtager: # @zacsanford yes, but not in the tweetchat hashtag stream #scriptchat
8:47 pm LesannSartor: Didn't even think about it. Funny. RT @zacsanford: @yeah_write2... and we didnt even really talk romance at all. :) #scriptchat
8:47 pm zacsanford: Whoops... the proper twitter account is @theblcklst. Make sure the is in there otherwise it is someone else. #scriptchat
8:47 pm yeah_write2: @jeanneveillette I got this one too. But it doesn't even see my other chat. :( #scriptchat
8:47 pm DJordanKnight: @blackrugger but that's a great reason to have missed it! #scriptchat
8:47 pm yeah_write2: Huh? RT @hashtager: # @zacsanford yes, but not in the tweetchat hashtag stream #scriptchat
8:48 pm DJordanKnight: @mckormickastley "The Orange Tent of Death where people die..." Ha! Still cracks me up :D #scriptchat
8:48 pm zacsanford: @yeah_write2 I was wondering the same thing. Have no idea as twitter doesn't give the "in reply to". #scriptchat
8:49 pm DJordanKnight: @yeah_write2 @zacsanford Well if anyone knows the business of writing, it's Zac :o) #scriptchat
8:49 pm yeah_write2: @blackrugger Get the transcript from the blog. #scriptchat
8:52 pm zacsanford: Okay, seriously I'm off to have another salad and write for a couple hours. See y'all next Sunday. #scriptchat
8:52 pm DJordanKnight: Okay, folks, this has been fun, but it's back to work for me... #scriptchat
8:53 pm DJordanKnight: @zacsanford remember I'm out of town tomorrow but you can call/text if you need me. have a super night! #scriptchat
8:53 pm yeah_write2: Good night all! #scriptchat
8:53 pm PennGates: I'm so sad I missed #scriptchat. I was writing & totally immersed, forgot the world! Want to read the transcript when it's up.
8:54 pm jeanneveillette: good night! #scriptchat
8:54 pm jeanneveillette: @PennGates trying to grab transcript now.... we missed u! #scriptchat
8:56 pm PennGates: @jeanneveillette Now that I'm back in the world, believe me, I missed all of you. I'll set an alarm next time. #scriptchat
8:56 pm jeannevb: @smashadv just saw ur tweet. SO hard to keep up during the chat. Exploring IS much better than escaping :) #scriptchat
8:58 pm jeanneveillette: @yeah_write2 u cldnt get the transcript bc u hadnt created the page on wthashtag yet. I just created it for u : ) #scriptchat
8:58 pm jeanneveillette: @yeah_write2 ur transcript shld come up now. It shows 4 me. If u need me to copy it for u, give a holler via @jeannevb or email #scriptchat
8:59 pm smashadv: @jeannevb I can't escape it. I'm pushed to the limits of my own experiences just to write anything tangible. #scriptchat (sorry, was late)
8:59 pm mckormickastley: goodnight moon. #scriptchat
8:59 pm jeanneveillette: saying good night as @jeanneveillette bc I believe @jeannevb is out of #twitterjail... night all! xo #scriptchat
9:03 pm jeannevb: @zacsanford @djordanknight maybe we should pass out Twizzler whips ha #scriptchat
9:03 pm beingbrad: goodnight all, it's been fun lurking tonight #scriptchat

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