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Open Topic Transcript EURO Chat May 5, 2013

Our transcript saga continues, but I managed to grab most of the EURO transcript on Open Topic! We're just missing the first few minutes... I think. @jeannevb

EURO Moderator: Teenie Russell @teenierussell

It's O'Clock! It's an Open Topic tonight, come say hi!

@DebbieBMoon I wrote and produced a web series which is out soon, so they asked me to do an article about that. @ComfortFoodTV #scriptchat

@SiFoulaReel Hi there! #scriptchat

@DebbieBMoon working on a sitcom idea #scriptchat

@SohoGuy how does that work? Do youw rite the music too or just lyrics? #scriptchat

@teenierussell Hello! How's things? #scriptchat

@teenierussell @DebbieBMoon #Scriptchat Finished a sitcom treatment for the agent to send round, and working up a radio idea.

@vickyhinault @Gordondon Hello! #scriptchat

@DebbieBMoon Hello, i've been doing the final 2 chapters of my novel rewrite - back to my script when i've finished! #scriptchat

@Sandy_Nicholson cool, Comfort Food seems to be getting around, good job #scriptchat

#Scriptchat I seem to be in a phase where I'm endlessly finishing up old projects, rather than starting new. Anyone else get that?

@vickyhinault what's next on the novel front? will you be querying agent or publishers? #scriptchat

@ComedyBurble good luck! What does the treatment for the sitcom cover? 1ep, 6eps? #scriptchat

@DebbieBMoon I've got 3 specs that have been through lots of rewrites. Was finally happy with them last year, but now think... #scriptchat

Also been unfortunately failing to start something. First time people have been badgering me about a script and I'm bricking it. #scriptchat

@DebbieBMoon Yes, that's where I'm at now, too many unfinished old projects so time to focus on those rather than anything new. #scriptchat

@DebbieBMoon descriptions have improved & quickened a lot after writing TV pilot, so redoing *just* action lines in all 3. #scriptchat

@Sandy_Nicholson Go for it! #Scriptchat

@teenierussell Ta; Just the idea, characters, and a breakdown of the first episode. #Scriptchat

The sitcom I'm outlining is an idea I had over a year ago, so looking into my older files and working on those #scriptchat

@Sandy_Nicholson Just start writing. It'll be shite to start with, then get better, then you'll be over the fear. #Scriptchat

@DebbieBMoon #scriptchat Yup! A co-written project has gone thru too many incarnations. Decided to lay it to rest and start that solo idea.

GALAXY QUEST is a great little flick. Way more clever than it gets credit for. Solid writing. Plus: Sam Rockwell & Alan Ri\u2026
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@teenierussell the one I am working on is one I have been thinking about for a while. Working on the characters at the moment #scriptchat

@ComedyBurble Is that what's normally asked for? #scriptchat

#Scriptchat That balance between finishing the old ideas and coming up with the new ideas is tricky sometimes, isn't it?

@SohoGuy Yeah I've been trying that, but still seem to 2nd guess myself. Maybe time to move on to scene 2 and come back. #scriptchat

@bopzybee Just constant "is this the best way to open this?" "Is that funny enough?

@Amazon_Studios is guesting on tonight's #scriptchat. This is access people; get those questions ready! #screenwriting

I keep having new ideas but I'm not developing any of them, three now in different stages of development #scriptchat

@teenierussell Can add more ep ideas, but reader should already know if they like the idea, hook 'em but don't overstay welcome! #Scriptchat

@DebbieBMoon #scriptchat That is always my problem. The new idea always seems better than the one I'm working on. This can be distracting.

@SohoGuy ah OK, have you seen Adam Buxton Bug? #scriptchat

@teenierussell Then can fill in more if anyone is interested! #Scriptchat

May is Movies You Made month at GITS. Today: "Marianne" by Swedish filmmaker Filip Tegstedt #scr\u2026
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@Gordondon @DebbieBMoon Always! I can't write a project without thinking of another more appealing one! #scriptchat

@teenierussell Agents! Had some feedback from a publisher with some recommendations. #scriptchat

#Scriptchat @Gordondon Forcing myself to spend next 2 weeks clearing the decks of unfinished projects. Then a week on set, then - new stuff!

@vickyhinault ScaDOOOSH! #scriptchat

#Scriptchat @teenierussell Yes, the new one is always more exciting - because it's unwritten and I haven't stuffed it up yet! :

@ComedyBurble makes sense; I try to have an idea for ep1-6 before writing ep1 for my own benefit, helps me visualise series arc #scriptchat

@DebbieBMoon I have vowed to put all other ideas aside and finish my sitcom pilot, otherwise it'll never get written. #scriptchat

@SohoGuy I just loved the YouTube comments bit and video interpretations, very funny #scriptchat

#scriptchat Has anyone read any good screenplays lately?

Once #writing has become your major vice & greatest pleasure, only death can stop it\u2014Hemingway #writetip

@vickyhinault hoping to get mine finishes one day #scriptchat

We're half-way through Euro #scriptchat and it's an Open Topic, come tell us what you've been up to or just say hi #scriptchat

Once #writing has become your major vice & greatest pleasure, only death can stop it\u2014Hemingway #s\u2026
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#Scriptchat @vickyhinault I've been horribly lax about reading screenplays recently. Must make more effort.

@maxwellhubbard Cool, what kind of thing are you writing? #scriptchat

@vickyhinault sadly not, all my reading time has been focused on novels lately. I've just finished Neverwhere - so good! #scriptchat

@DebbieBMoon I'm trying to alternate with books. Finishing White House Down tonight, definitely worth a read. #scriptchat

@Gordondon I have a few notebook where I write down ideas and notes and then back to current project #scriptchat

@vickyhinault re-read The Social Network script. Love its structure and dialogue. #scriptchat

.@rwwfilm Brad, @Amazon_Studios isn't guest tonight. Guests are @PitchfestBob & @Screenwriter12 of #GAPF

@vickyhinault #scriptchat Little Miss Sunshine. Had me LOL'ing in a coffee shop. Still, my fave is Benjamin Button for its poetic prose.

#Scriptchat @vickyhinault I've been re-reading novels by a fave author, after talking to producer looking for novels to adapt. Fun!

@Gordondon That is one of my favourites. Aaron Sorkin is somewhat a genius. His TV show Studio 60 is also utterly brilliant #scriptchat

How do you all feel about bringing Movie Nights back to scriptchat? We'd find a film with a script that's available online(1of2 #scriptchat

#Scriptchat @Gordondon @vickyhinault Social Network is a wonderful script. Breaks so many "rules

then give enough notice so everyone can get a chance to read the script and/or watch the film. Any thoughts? (2of2 #scriptchat

@NamingJasonC Oh, i've not seen or read Benjamin Button so i'll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation! #scriptchat

@teenierussell Excellent idea. I need somewhere to park the new ones and to forget about them so I can focus on the current one #scriptchat

@NamingJasonC Love LMS script, so many little details that I hadn't noticed in film. #scriptchat

@vickyhinault one of my favourite shows, really disappointed when it was cancelled. #scriptchat

@vickyhinault @Gordondon loved Studio 60, such a shame it got cancelled #scriptchat

@vickyhinault Also the pilot script for Breaking Bad is a good read #scriptchat

@teenierussell @gordondon Yes, i was very late to the party on it but would have loved more than one season. #scriptchat

@Gordondon That one's a very strange read. "NEOOWW there's cow poo, what the?" #scriptchat

@shaniamanya It used to be popular for a while, then people stopped joining in, might give it another go. It got me reading #scriptchat

@teenierussell I really like that idea #scriptchat

#Scriptchat @teenierussell Certainly worth a try now and then..?

@Sandy_Nicholson I really liked Gilligan's descriptions in it, made it a fun read. #scriptchat

#Scriptchat @teenierussell Certainly worth a try now and then..?
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Thank you for the feedback, we'll get one in the schedule and see how it goes. Pst @TaroJ #scriptchat

#scriptchat made my first post on @TheBlackBoard feels like im new in high school... will people like me? but they're so cool!!! #nervous

Does anyone else here us Tweetchat? If so, can you see the red bar saying we'll no longer be able to use it? ^^ #scriptchat

.@rwwfilm Brad, @Amazon_Studios isn't guest tonight. Guests are @PitchfestBob & @Screenwriter12 of #GAPF\u2026
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@teenierussell I see it... ugh #scriptchat

@jeannevb It's so handy, shame. #scriptchat

RT: @DebbieBMoon Social Network is a wonderful script. Breaks so many "rules

@vickyhinault have you seen either Newsroom or The West Wing? #scriptchat

@teenierussell Started The Newsroom but was very underwhelmed. The west wing is next up after I finish The Sopranos #scriptchat

@vickyhinault @teenierussell Thought it had lots of potential. The West Wing scripts are also a great read. #scriptchat

@vickyhinault My problem with Newsroom was that I liked the B characters so much more than the main ones. #scriptchat

@vickyhinault The neeeewsroooom was super aaawfuull is a song I wrote while telling the truth about how bad the newsroom was #scriptchat

#scriptchat Watched 1st season of Newsroom. Excellent. Is the script available?

@vickyhinault @Gordondon I like Sorkin but sometimes his speeches are a bit too worthy #scriptchat

@vickyhinault @teenierussell The West Wing is a wonderful show. It shows that great characters really are key to a TV show. #scriptchat

@NamingJasonC not sure, I haven't searched for them myself #scriptchat

Next week we have a fantastic guest joining us, it's the one and only @DebbieBMoon #scriptchat

#scriptchat speaking of gr8 scripts. It's almost #TheVillage o'clock. (But of course a script only really sparkles with superb acting.

Later tonight the US will be joined by @Screenwriter12 and @PitchfestBob from GAPF - 8pmEDT #scriptchat

#Scriptchat @teenierussell Looking forward to it!!

The West Wing, seven seasons of guilt sitting on my shelf screaming "Why haven't you watched me yet?" #Scriptchat

Thank you all for the chat tonight! #scriptchat

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