Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jason Scoggins to Guest on USA Scriptchat June 2, 2013

Jason Scoggins @jscoggins is a serial entrepreneur and senior executive who has founded and led companies in the entertainment industry as well as the technology space.  A Hollywood veteran whose career includes stints as a TV literary agent and feature literary manager, Jason is probably best known for The Scoggins Report, the weekly film development newsletter he started in 2009 that currently has a weekly circulation of nearly 5,000 entertainment industry executives and creatives.  The Report covers Hollywood's spec screenplay and pitch sales markets and is available for free here.

Over the past five years Jason has founded several web-based entertainment industry start-ups, including the film development database company, which launched in 2009 and was sold to The Wrap News, Inc. in 2011.  His current endeavor is @specscout, the site that combines a screenplay coverage library with a scoring system in order to highlight the best scripts circulating Hollywood.  He continues to provide consulting services through Eureka Canyon, the management and consulting company he established in 2010.

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