Friday, May 3, 2013

Dara Marks - One Day Seminar in Washington, DC

Dara Marks is one of my favorite screenwriting experts. Her book Inside Story is on my short list of must haves. It's one of the few resources I have found that speaks to more advanced writers as well as beginners. 

On May 11th, Dara is teaching an Inside Story seminar in Washington, DC and is offering Scriptchat a DISCOUNT! 
When you enter code DC2013, you'll get a discount off the regular price of $240 and will only pay $195.

Inside Story is a comprehensive seminar that will take you into the depths of the writing process and teach you how to build a great screenplay from the inside out.

Not only will you acquire a deeper and more thorough understanding of your story's core elements—plot, character, and theme—but you will gain a whole new set of tools to write scripts that will make movie executives stand up and pay attention and theater audiences stand up and cheer.

Inside Story will make you a better writer by helping you get to the heart of what you're really writing, which allows you to focus on expressing your unique creative vision.

Most important, the Inside Story seminar opens up the most powerful means of building a solid and compelling story structure—the transformational arc of character.


9:30am - 5:00pm, Saturday, May 11
Hotel Palomar Washington DC
2121 P Street NW  Washington DC, 20037
Phone: (202) 448-1800

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