Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Euro Scriptchat will be joined by writer Sandy Nicholson on Sunday 3rd of September

Euro #scriptchat will be joined by writer Sandy Nicholson on Sunday the 2nd of September as we chat about his latest and very exciting project Not Long Now.
Ever wanted to write in collaboration with other writers? Sandy will talk us through his new multi-writer Zombie play. If you want to get involved, Sandy is still looking for submissions from writers, the deadline is September 3rd. 

A little about Sandy Nicholson:
My name is Sandy Nicholson and I'm a scriptwriter for film, television, theatre and radio. I've written for KDC Theatre and the Tin Can Podcast, as well as writing and co-directing my own recipe rom-com web series. Comfort Food, which won the Braine Hownd award for best screenplay in 2011. I was given special mention by the London Comedy Writer's festival in 2011 and have recently signed to work with Starfront Pictures LTD on an upcoming feature length horror film.

My latest project however is an immersive horror theatre experience set during the early hours of the zombie apocalypse. The audience are rushed away from the danger into a large building, where several groups of survivors are waiting on various floors. The audience can explore the building, finding the survivors and choosing who they will accompany. All these plots will then play out simultaneously with the audience in whichever group they chose, but things get more and more chaotic as the groups clash with one another and the zombies start to break into the building. Each group of survivors will have their own writer, and that's why I'm looking for submissions from writers who want to get involved. Deadline is September 3rd.

I also work as a script reader, Chair of a Central London based writer's feedback group and guest lecturer at various universities on the subjects of characterisation in dialogue and philosophy of attraction.

Come join us as we chat to @Sandy_Nicholson on Sunday September 2nd at 8pm BST.

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