Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scriptchat Movie Night Debuts on June 5th!

We all got into screenwriting because we looooove movies, and what better way to spend a Sunday night with your Scriptchat pals than talking film! But it’s still Scriptchat, so when we talk about a movie, we’ll focus on story, character, structure and any elements of the film we can learn from to improve our own work. And if there’s a steamy sex scene in the movie, uh, yeah, maybe we’ll talk about that, too.

For our first Movie Night, at both the EURO and USA chats, we’ll be discussing Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. For the USA chat, we’ll have a guest moderator lead our discussion – Nic Baisley, film critic and host of Film Snobbery. Nic selected our film for this Movie Night as a great example of a screenplay with a nonlinear narrative. 

Before chat night, please watch the movie, and if you have a copy of the script, read it, too, so we can have a rich discussion of this modern classic.  And if you have Netflix Instant, Pulp Fiction will be available for streaming starting June 1st, so the money you save on a rental fee can be used for a good old $5 milkshake. 

More about Nic Baisley:

Nic Baisley is the founder of FilmSnobbery and the host of the live web show FilmSnobbery Live! (every Thursday at 10PM EST at  He is a passionate speaker and advocate for indie film who strives to give filmmakers a voice and help them find their audience.  Nic is currently focusing on consulting filmmakers and curating movies with FilmSnobbery's new monthly indie film screening series.

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