Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Euro Guest: Frank Brinkley discusses 'Running a Writers Workshop' on 8th May 2011

Ever thought about joining or even running a writers group? Looking for a support network for your writing? Or just tired of dishing out endless cash on script readers, only to find yourself going in circles with your script?

On Sunday 8th May 2011, Frank Brinkley be Euro Scriptchat's guest to share his experience with running Fas, a London based writers group that was set up 2 years ago.

Fas was founded in September 2009 through a desire to unite the disparate writing strands in Frank Brinkley's life and encourage greater collaboration between his comedy writing and comedy performing friends. Based in London, Fas moved from strength to strength, quickly blossoming in numbers and now into its fourth season. The group meets fortnightly for drinks and critique sessions, and is open to writers of all sorts of creative forms. Currently poets, playwrights, screenwriters and fiction writers all meet to share material, and material dictates a given session: we give readings of plays and scripts, or listen as a poet performs. While there are no hard and fast rules, at its essence Fas is underpinned by some simple guidelines: submit something someday; protect the copyright of others' material; encourage and enjoy. The group always seeks to provide a friendly, empowering atmosphere to nurture and propel its writers forward (some Fas writers are now published).

Frank Brinkley is a writer living and working in London. He writes short stories and short screenplays, but has most recently been engaged with 100 days (#100days on twitter), his novelling project which seeks to introduce some routine into his frantic lifestyle, as well as produce a fully formed novel by day 100. One of his recent shorts has just been shot in Sheffield, with two more projects in development. He is primarily concerned with human relationships and beauty-in-the-everyday in his writing, while also exploring the potency of place (most notably Pakistan, where he lived for three years) to elevate a story from the local to the universal. When not writing hyperbolically about himself, Frank Brinkley runs Fas, his creative writing group.

Euro Scriptchat runs every Sunday at 8pm British Summer Time (BST). Hopefully see you there!

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