Tuesday, May 3, 2011

USA Webisode Guests Alison Flierl and Scott Chernoff May 8, 2011

As screenwriters, it’s important for us to explore every opportunity possible to get our words on screen. Web series have become a growing platform for talent. This week we have two amazing guests to share their secrets!

Scott Chernoff

Scott @ScottChernoff co-wrote/directed the web series "TV Guide Letter Theater" (featured video 3 times on FunnyOrDie.com), "Kitten vs. Newborn" (AdultSwim.com), and "Videogame Theater" (MTV-Italy), as well as several web videos for Channel101.com, JibJab.com, and Comedy Central's Atom.com.  A former magazine writer/editor, Scott currently creates comedy videos for "Conan" on TBS.

As a comic actor, Scott appeared multiple times on "The Sarah Silverman Program," "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien," and "Jimmy Kimmel Live."  He can also be seen in Tim & Eric's "Tom Goes to the Mayor," the cult web hit "Legend of Neil," and the feature film "Fred and Vinnie," which recently played at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, UT.  Watch out, he's also got a website: http://scottchernoff.com

Web Cheer: TV Guide Letter Theater Gets a Standing Ovation

Alison Flierl

Alison @2degreesofalie was born in upstate NY and raised in Greenwich, CT. At age eleven, fortune smiled upon Alison, when her parents bought a video camera that they would never figure out how to use themselves. It basically became Alison’s. Her friends, sometimes unwillingly, became her cast for an assortment of movies, shows and documentaries.

After receiving a B.S. in Cinema Production and an aversion to cold weather from Ithaca College, Alison moved to Los Angeles. Since becoming a west coaster, Alison has: worked on several TV shows (Joey, Glenn Martin DDS, Rita Rocks, CONAN), a feature film, co-created an entertainment blog (twoblondeswalkintoablog.wordpress.com), directed and wrote several short films (which were shown at film festivals such as FilmColumbia and Cannes Film Festival), edited three books and co-created the hit web series "TV Guide Letter Theater" which was featured several times on the comedy site Funny Or Die and received a "Web Cheer" from TV Guide (who did not have any association with the making of the web series though it was based on their letters to the editor).

Link for TV Guide Letter Theater:

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