Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scriptchat Monthly Meet Ups

After a successful Scriptchat Christmas drinks in London, we’ve decided to turn this screenwriters meet up into a monthly event, starting in January.
Whilst the weekly Sunday online chats are an invaluable resource for screenwriters, there is also a great value in stepping beyond 140 characters and meeting other writers in person.

The opportunity to network, gain support and exchange ideas are just some of the reasons these meet ups are a great idea. Another reason is that it’s so much fun!

So here are the details for the London tweet ups:

When? Here are the dates for the rest of 2011:

31st March,
26th May,
30th June,
28th July,
25th August,
29th September,
27th October,
24th November.

Time? From 7pm onwards.

Where? National Film Theatre, The Riverfront Bar, South Bank.

Scriptchat is a global community and so we want to encourage screenwriter meet ups wherever you are. If you have details: regular time and place, please let us know and we will add it to our site so other writers can find the closest meet up to them.

There is no need to wait for that annual conference or festival event to network and meet other writers; you can keep in touch on a personal level every month! And the best thing about this monthly event; it's completely free (except for the drinks of course).

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