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Hal Croasmun, President of ScreenwritingU to Guest on January 2, 2011

TOPIC:  Make Yourself More Marketable As a Screenwriter

I'm honored to be invited as a guest to ScriptChat.  You have an amazing community and the best thing happening on Twitter for screenwriters.  When I was asked to "speak," I thought to myself "What could I bring in that would help this group achieve your goals?"  

The question I'd like to address during Sunday's ScriptChat is this:

        "What will make you more attractive to agents, managers, and producers?"

If you look at our ScreenwritingU Buzz page ( ), you'll see that we have writers making deals from all over the World.  In the last four months, we've had writers from Canada, U.K. and Australia who have secured representation with some top management firms in Los Angeles.  

In each case, the writer saw screenwriting as their career.  They treated it like a business.  And they presented themselves as both a collaborator and a marketable opportunity to the manager.  As in, the manager quickly knew that this is a writer who is going to be successful in this industry and signed them.  

I've often coached writers through these kinds of deals.  I've also interviewed the producers, agents, and managers on the other end.  So I have an understanding of what happened in successful deals and what went wrong in unsuccessful deals.   

Most writers want an agent or manager, but haven't really thought about what would cause an agent to want them.  Agents, managers, and producers are constantly pursuing their own business goals.  Part of the writer/manager collaboration happens when the writer's goals and the manager's goals coincide.  

The more you understand this and are prepared for it, the more likely you'll be successful.  And the beautiful thing is that you can do this preparation in your home -- before you ever pitch an agent or manager -- and you've got a great community (ScriptChat) to help you through it. 

Again, the question is:

        "What will make you more attractive to agents, managers, and producers?"

I'm looking forward to chatting with all of you.  

Hal Croasmun  

Scriptchat is thrilled to have Hal CroasmunPresident of ScreenwritingU, guest on our first chat of the new year to discuss How to Take Control of Your Career by Making Yourself More Marketable. 
From 1989 - 2000, Hal owned and operated Beyond Learning Training Technologies where he designed training programs for over 125 major corporations including Boeing, NASA, National Car Rental, RTM (Arbys), Iomega, CompUSA, Glaxo Smith Klein, and many others.
His speciality is "Expert Models" that are derived from observing and interviewing the top performers in a market, then teaching the rest of the organization to perform at that level.
In 2000, Hal began the process of interviewing over 450 Hollywood producers to design screenwriting programs that make it easy for writers to create amazing screenplays.  His speciality is taking complex subjects like subtext, high concept, and creating characters for movie stars, and breaking them down into simple steps and processes.
In the last eight years, he has:
                Designed 17 screenwriting classes including the famous ProSeries class.
                Interviewed over 450 Hollywood producers, agents, and A-list screenwriters.
                Helped over 70 writers break in the last two years (see proof at Buzz page).
                Assisted more than 50 screenwriters through the deal making process with producers.

Don't miss our first chat of the 2011 and get your career on the right path!

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