Sunday, November 7, 2010

Script Magazine Scriptchat NYC Meetup

The Script Magazine and Scriptchat meetup this week in NYC was amazing.  Tons of our chatters and Script Mag readers showed up to share and connect.  The  joy we felt watching our peeps connect and exchange cards was indescribable.  Our chat leaped off the virtual screen and into a bar.

Miles Maker was on hand with his Flip and created a wonderful vlog to share with all of you.  Watch it and see what we all look like... at midnight!

Thanks again to Joshua Stecker of Script Mag for making this happen!

More pictures are on our Facebook page so check out the album as well as Joshua's write up on the Script Magazine website, detailing how to get a Script Mag Meetup in your city!  World domination, we're on our way! 

Joshua Stecker of Script Mag, Peter Riegert (actor, writer, director), Jeanne Veillette Bowerman and Kim Garland

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