Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Euro #Scriptchat Christmas Drinks

Ok, so who's been to a writers Christmas party, ever? Perhaps your literary agency might have held one or maybe you've been invited to a broadcaster's or production company's Christmas party?

But what about a Christmas party for writers arranged by writers? ... *drum roll* Well it's happening on Friday 3rd December from 7pm 'til late at The Phoenix Artist Club in central London. Click here for venue details.

#Scriptchat is a free community for writers and every Sunday evening wherever you are in the world, there's a chance for the screenwriter to learn, unload and share with other screenwriters. So now is our chance to do something else: partaay and celebrate another significant writing year!

So don't spend another December night in feeling lonely and isolated whilst the rest of the world gets drunk and shameless. Come join the party!!

Please RSVP to @DreamsGrafter via DM to make sure your name gets on the guestlist. 

And keep an eye out for details of monthly #scriptchat drinks in 2011!

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