Sunday, October 16, 2016

#Scriptchat Transcript Open Topic with Zac Sanford @zacsanford

Zac Sanford @zacsanford moderated an open topic chat tonight. Enjoy!

Read the transcript below or on the Storify site.

Open Topic with @zacsanford #Scriptchat Transcript

Open Topic with @zacsanford #Scriptchat Transcript

Zac Sanford moderated a great open topic tonight. Dive in to see what you missed!

  1. @matthewjanacone Not sure we'd need a whole hour on that, but I'll make something similar for my next moderating duties. #scriptchat
  2. As always, if you have topic ideas you'd like to see on the chat, message one of the mods and we'll add it to the calendar. #scriptchat
  3. @matthewjanacone I would expand it to How to go from a Pass (75-90% of scripts), to a Consider (9 - 24%) to a Recommend (1%). #scriptchat
  4. @zacsanford2 How about blogging - whether or not a screenwriter should have one. #scriptchat
  5. I realized we didn't have a topic listed on the page, so we can either go with what I had planned, or leave it open discussion? #scriptchat
  6. @matthewjanacone I think every screenwriter and writer should have a blog. Show that voice. Show your POV into the world. #scriptchat
  7. I haven't had a blog in forever... been thinking about starting a new one. #scriptchat
  8. I rarely update my blog. I think 2 posts in the last 3 years. Whoops. #scriptchat
  9. So planned topic of Going DIY vs Going to Hollywood, or should we just have a fun and open chat? #scriptchat
  10. @matthewjanacone If you have a blog, you have a website. And if you have a website, as a writer it should also have a blog. #scriptchat
  11. I think I want to do an open chat. Let's see what shakes out. #scriptchat
  12. @blueneumann If only someone would unearth my LJ account, I would die of embarrassment. #scriptchat
  13. Okay, so far I think everyone is thinking an open chat, which I'm all for. #scriptchat
  14. Man, how'd everyone do writing this week? I had a GREAT day yesterday, writing on the patio with the breeze and great music #scriptchat
  15. so we're talking about blogs/websites for writers. Both are great things and tools to utilize. #scriptchat
  16. Hey #scriptchat friends! Been a long time since I could join. Have missed you all!
  17. @zacsanford2 I know this may be a dumb question, but what do you mean by 'Show that voice?' #scriptchat
  18. My writing for the past three weeks has been non-existent. Ended up bed ridden with walking pneumonia and then in the ER. #scriptchat
  19. I have no opinion on this subject... other than mine are the best. #scriptchat
  20. I think @wcmartell does a great job of blogging. Covering screenwriting from all sides and angles. #scriptchat
  21. @megankbickel Meh, the ER told me I have diverticulitis. Got it under control, but having a major flair up today. :- #scriptchat
  22. I don't know how you keep it all under control. RT @authorJamie: @zacsanford2 I have too many blogs. LOL #scriptchat
  23. Been doing a lot of writing in my head, but having a lot of trouble putting any of it to words. #scriptchat
  24. @zacsanford2 Take it easy and get better! When I had it I tried to work - mistake. #scriptchat
  25. While script theft is very rare, I would recommend that you DON'T post your full scripts for all on your site. That's my opinion #scriptchat
  26. Do you think Podcasts and Youtube videos have taken a big chunk out of blogging? #scriptchat
  27. @emissary666 That's my problem everyday of the week (and twice on Tuesdays). #scriptchat
  28. @zacsanford2 I sometimes wonder too. But something always gets pushed. Always. #scriptchat
  29. @zacsanford2 Ugh! That's terrible. I've family members with that. Always a struggle to gain/keep control. #scriptchat
  30. @blueneumann Entertainment and information will always evolve. Some learn more from listening, while others from reading. #scriptchat
  31. Do you think blogging can be counterproductive for a screenwriter? #scriptchat
  32. I barely have time to let my own mind wander lately to get into the writing mode. Though hopefully I'll be back at it soon. #scriptchat
  33. @matthewjanacone I don't think it's counterproductive to screenwriting. It's a different style of writing. #scriptchat
  34. I'm super-duper bad at blogs. Know full scripts are bad idea to post. How does everyone feel about snippets? #scriptchat
  35. @matthewjanacone But like anything else, it could be easy to get distracted by blogging when you should be writing pages. #scriptchat
  36. @blueneumann I hope I can get some writing in this week. Been very busy with articles. #scriptchat
  37. @AndreaLMcNeill With so much in my plate, I have to prioritize, and something has to be last. #scriptchat
  38. @matthewjanacone I think all our concentration should be on honing our craft. Blogging is a distraction but if it help you do it #scriptchat
  39. @megankbickel I would say you're best just putting title/loglines/genre on your page. #scriptchat
  40. Biggest problem with blogging is coming up with something interesting that hasn't been covered already... #scriptchat
  41. @byChrisPhillips True, true. I don't want to just tack on to something someone else has said. #scriptchat
  42. The most writing I have done in the past 3 weeks was just free writing for an hour on Monday, since I didn't have therapy. #scriptchat
  43. I also never wanted to do a react video or anything, because who gives a shit? #scriptchat
  44. @blueneumann Either I'm struggling to find a good idea, or I just get distracted. It's all a matter of trying to make time. #scriptchat
  45. So individualize what someone else has covered with a new example or a personal example. #scriptchat
  46. @AndreaLMcNeill Even after all these years, I still hate writing loglines. They're tough. It's why you see "logline under wraps" #scriptchat
  47. My writing has been more.. bookkeeping than creative, but still... a LOT of bookkeeping #scriptchat
  48. Since 2008, I've been averaging 3-4 feature scripts/year with 2 Considers but find blogging distracting. #scriptchat
  49. @zacsanford2 @AndreaLMcNeill I know. Me too. It's the thing I hate to do most but YOU HAVE TO WRITE YOUR LOGLINE #scriptchat
  50. @matthewjanacone If blogging distracts you, I'd try to minimize it or cut it out completely. Use that time for your stories. #scriptchat
  51. By bookkeeping, I mean that I did the creative work earlier, I was just making it all work together #scriptchat
  52. Saying you don't have time means you don't want it bad enough. For years I worked 60+ hours a week at my job...1/2 #scriptchat
  53. But I also understand that a screenwriter should have a blog/website to get his name/work out there. #scriptchat
  54. Totally detest loglines, but I know I MUST prevail over them. 😘 #scriptchat
  55. @AndreaLMcNeill Find the true crux of your story. Start there. Maybe write a paragraph. Then whittle, whittle, whittle. #scriptchat
  56. @zacsanford2 @blueneumann It is part of an expanding culture of appropriating creative content for self-aggrandizement #scriptchat
  57. 2/2 but I still wrote a dozen scripts and a dozen novels. Had 2 screenplays producer. In 7 years along w/training my horses. #scriptchat
  58. @zacsanford2 Yeah I know how to do it. It's important to have a logline so you know what you're writing #scriptchat
  59. Loglines are a necessary evil. @onthepage's podcast has a great yearly contest. Listen, dissect, learn. #scriptchat
  60. I enjoy @BobSnz blog: Bob's Take  He's a working, produced San Fran screenwriter & shares his experiences #scriptchat
  61. If we don't blog, is it worth the website? I mean, what do you put out there other than genres/loglines? #scriptchat
  62. @megankbickel A wesbite can be anything. My site is mainly a blog, but more importantly a domain for my email. :) #scriptchat
  63. @blueneumann I also get so hung up on trying to get it all in one take. I #scriptchat
  64. I know a blog or website may help you get noticed but so can contests and Recommends. #scriptchat
  65. @AndreaLMcNeill I'm just meaning to listen to the podcast where they read the loglines & discuss why they work/don't work. #scriptchat
  66. I'm VERY new to screenwriting, so it may be a learned hatred, but I really enjoy writing loglines; I just know I can't deliver #scriptchat
  67. I tried to do a review blog, but a) who needs another one of those? and b) my reviews tend to be for me only #scriptchat
  68. @filmwritr4 If you want it bad enough, you find the time. 15 minutes a day is better than nothing. I prioritize. #scriptchat
  69. @emissary666 Like with any art form, you'll improve with every draft, every rewrite, every polish and every new script. #scriptchat
  70. @zacsanford2 @megankbickel thanks for that validation. Just put up my site. Got a system for loglines that makes the a breeze. #scriptchat
  71. @blueneumann I was a film reviewer for a moment in time. It was great to analyze, but took away from my true writing. #scriptchat
  72. @AndreaLMcNeill I feel I improve every year that they do the logline podcast. It's a very subjective and hard process. #scriptchat
  73. Do it yourself or go through HW-- is that the topic? What does that mean? #scriptchat
  74. The Save the Cat book also has a simple format to put your logline in. But once you lay it out, rewrite to make less formulaic. #scriptchat
  75. No longer working at the restaurant, I've filled that time building new businesses, but I write every day. #scriptchat
  76. @zacsanford2 agreed--but it's a very subjective business...timing is everything #scriptchat
  77. @AndreaLMcNeill The topic was going to be about making your own films vs. trying to sell them to the Hollywood system. #scriptchat
  78. I can see novelists having websites/blogs but not screenwriters. #scriptchat
  79. @authorJamie How many new businesses are you going to launch before end of the year? You're on a roll. #scriptchat
  80. @filmwritr4 Blocking time is one of the best things I learned. I block my time in advance and don't get distracted. #scriptchat
  81. I'm going to post a bunch of reaction videos where I don't change expression at all. #scriptchat
  82. @zacsanford2 @AndreaLMcNeill I no longer consider trying to sell something to a studio/prod co. I seek to produce my own stuff #scriptchat
  83. If you have a unique voice and interesting stories you can use a blog to get attention... and screenwriters need to have those. #scriptchat
  84. @filmwritr4 We'll cover the DIY vs Hollywood topic in the future, that way people can prep for it, as it isn't for everyone. #scriptchat
  85. I loved doing the #zd30script challenge in September to get into the habit of writing everyday. They do a formal one 2x a year #scriptchat
  86. @megankbickel That was so stressful for me... I did decent but I didn't finish #scriptchat
  87. I just think that the amount of concentration and focus it takes to be a screenwriter leaves no time and energy for blogging. #scriptchat
  88. @AndreaLMcNeill We decided in the beginning to just have an informal chat with no set topic. #scriptchat
  89. We have moved farther in producing our own then writing against the system! #scriptchat
  90. @wcmartell I planned on doing a scare-cam Let's Play featuring my dog, but I couldn't record her and the game at the same time #scriptchat
  91. So, any of your screenwriters going to dabble in #NaNoWriMo? I'll be trying to write my YA novel that was previously a script #scriptchat
  92. Especially when I'm writing a first draft of a script - it's an intense 2 1/2 weeks of getting down on paper and typed up. #scriptchat
  93. @blueneumann That's okay! I liked having a goal and motivation from others. I finished - terrible vomit draft, but still. #scriptchat
  94. @zacsanford2 Every time I try Nano, I make it maybe a week. I can't sustain that, I dunno why. #scriptchat
  95. @zacsanford2 I'm going to do it, I want to write a period piece, so a novel is a better format than a script. #scriptchat
  96. @clpike_horror @megankbickel Would have been nice to do ZD30 but I had a lot of articles to complete. Hope to do it next time #scriptchat
  97. I assume b/c I can't write/create linearly, that's what's giving me trouble with those time-constraint challenges #scriptchat
  98. @clpike_horror @megankbickel That being said, once I was able to write the first draft of a sitcom script in 4 days, 1 hr a day #scriptchat
  99. @blueneumann I've burned out in my previous three attempts. But this time I have a completed script as an outline. #scriptchat
  100. @zacsanford2 gonna dive in with my sisters - we are attempting a novel together - should be fun! #NaNoWriMo #scriptchat
  101. @blueneumann Though I'm flipping the gender, so it is basically a page one rewrite. #scriptchat
  102. To anyone doing #NaNoWriMo, my name is zacsanford over there. Let's be buddies and push one another. #scriptchat
  103. Have you all tried shooting a 10min short of your script? Break into the producing side of the house! #scriptchat
  104. So we've talked loglines and novels... what else are we going to chat about tonight? #scriptchat
  105. @blueneumann Are you referring to an non-linear narrative or a non-linear creative process #scriptchat
  106. Speaking of @onthepage, I hope to do my next sitcom script by working with The Coffee Break Screenwriter (lots of exercises) #scriptchat
  107. @authorJamie I've bookmarked the book to check out later. Sounds like the swift kick in teh ass that I need. #scriptchat
  108. A lot of procrastination comes from trying to be "perfect." Assume you'll write junk... It's freeing... #scriptchat
  109. @AndreaLMcNeill Still working. Most the focus has been on our other business, but still developing. #scriptchat
  110. @emissary666 Non-linear creative process. It's part of the reason I could never do comics, as I had previously intended #scriptchat
  111. @blueneumann I wonder if it would be more useful to you as a rewrite/edit time then? #scriptchat
  112. @byChrisPhillips yes, the crummy first draft is how I get to ... the first draft #scriptchat
  113. @AndreaLMcNeill Wrapped a Bollywood film that was just released there adn very limited in the states. Was an "experience". #scriptchat
  114. @markliterally Not of my own script, it was produced by someone else, but I did produce a short for @KimBergie #scriptchat
  115. When I blogged, I though it was a good thing to do between scripts to stay sharp. Now I think it's better to start next script. #scriptchat
  116. @zacsanford2 I bet. WIth everyone writing scripts and trying to get in it's a miracle if anyone makes it. huh? #scriptchat
  117. @matthewjanacone yeah I try to keep writing scripts and rotating them to revise each draft #scriptchat
  118. @AndreaLMcNeill The amount of specs being taken out and actually selling is at critical levels. But it's an IP world right now. #scriptchat
  119. @authorJamie @markliterally @KimBergie How did you find your actors? Local or casting agent? We did ours through networking! #scriptchat
  120. @zacsanford2 I know. I see it. Too many writers with credits. Newbies without credits have no chance #scriptchat
  121. Blog or short stories or screenplays or whatever - the most important thing is to always be generating new material. #scriptchat
  122. @AndreaLMcNeill Studios are making less and less, especially original stories. Indie levels there's less and less $$$$ in it. #scriptchat
  123. Running into some internet connection issues, which probably marks my goodbye. Good[insert-time-here] #scriptchat
  124. @AndreaLMcNeill That's why I wanted to do Going DIY (Do It Yourself) vs. Going to Hollywood. But we didn't post it in time. #scriptchat
  125. Scoggins is script sales - not assignments. Assignments are still jobs for screenwriters. #scriptchat
  126. @zacsanford2 It's all about remakes, previously published material/games, or name writers getting work #scriptchat
  127. @AndreaLMcNeill @zacsanford2 Do you think that's sustainable, though? Will it have to change eventually? #scriptchat
  128. @authorJamie @AndreaLMcNeill And so many writers are going to TV, as that is where writers truly have more power. #scriptchat
  129. @AndreaLMcNeill @zacsanford2 which is very depressing. does anyone not know what fri the 13th is about #scriptchat
  130. @zacsanford2 @authorJamie One other thing I need to do is read more scripts. Was reading the Friends pilot today. #scriptchat
  131. @clpike_horror Trying to polish one before I start another. I have 2nd & 3rd drafts of scripts that I like to officially finish. #scriptchat
  132. @megankbickel The market will always change, and it's all based on what the consumer actually spends their money on worldwide. #scriptchat
  133. @zacsanford2 @authorJamie @AndreaLMcNeill I'd personally write a TV series than a movie, precisely because writer has control #scriptchat
  134. So how many writing projects does everyone juggle at once? Me? Three. One outlining, One First Draft, One Rewrite. #scriptchat
  135. I got two pilots I'm tooling on and this feature rewrite... and a big pile of concepts to follow #scriptchat
  136. The thing is, with TV, you definitely need to be in LA. Film can be sold from everywhere. TV happens here (or NYC/Vancouver). #scriptchat
  137. @zacsanford2 True. Wish a genie would come tell me what that will be next. 😉 #scriptchat
  138. @zacsanford2 We currently have one in preproduction, one finishing first draft and the third, outlining. #scriptchat
  139. @filmwritr4 @zacsanford2 @authorJamie No. Not really. They will find a show runner who does that for a living. #scriptchat
  140. I'm a non-linear thinker but I keep my stray thoughts REALLY organized. #scriptchat
  141. Do you guys just keep rewriting until you feel you can't make it any better, or do you put a limit on the amount of rewrites? #scriptchat
  142. @megankbickel Never try to write for "what's next". Chasing trends is tough. And all trends will eventually circle back around. #scriptchat
  143. I just have so many scripts I want to write, so decisions have to be made. #scriptchat
  144. I get really frustrated, I'm ahead of the curve enough to see what's coming next, but not fast enough to pounce on it #scriptchat
  145. @zacsanford2 and it's just as competitive or more so than film. TV is hot. There are so many qualified creatives #scriptchat
  146. @filmwritr4 I rewrite until I feel it is ready for the world. Polished enough for no holes, but possible room for improvement. #scriptchat
  147. @filmwritr4 There is a point where you have to stop and start pushing. Get the feedback you need that truly adds to the story! #scriptchat
  148. I'm currently trying to get my web series produced, but there have been a lot of difficulties (studio availability, time) #scriptchat
  149. I wrote a script in 2007. "Men's rights activists? That'll never happen." Sent it to someone in 2014 "You missed the boat." #scriptchat
  150. @blueneumann @filmwritr4 Write what you know. Write about your passion. Write original material #scriptchat
  151. @wcmartell Very true. That's why my motto is always "Don't write what will sell. Write what will get you NOTICED." #scriptchat
  152. Also the fact that since it's a current events/cable news parody, timeliness of stories is always an issue. #scriptchat
  153. @blueneumann Yes, Married with Children did, but as a joke. This took them as a serious movement. #scriptchat
  154. @matthewjanacone I started auditing my ideas every year, see how they stand, if I've made improvements, etc #scriptchat
  155. The thing I've been struggling with lately is whether or not it is the right time to produce/direct one of my scripts. #scriptchat
  156. @zacsanford2 I write for me right now. I'm learning and developing. Have to write what I'm gonna love to rewrite ad nauseam #scriptchat
  157. @matthewjanacone just do it. If you have the money, the know-how and the desire. DO IT. it's the best way to get noticed #scriptchat
  158. @megankbickel That's a great way to do it. Too many people write what they're not passionate about, and it shows through. #scriptchat
  159. @megankbickel I just had a great talk with a friend. He said "I can tell you're writing for others, and not for yourself lately" #scriptchat
  160. Is it bad that I don't care about control. Just buy the damn script. I don't even care if it gets made. Well I do care a little. #scriptchat
  161. @megankbickel @zacsanford2 same here - I just started 2 years ago. I love horror movies so I decided to do that. #scriptchat
  162. @AndreaLMcNeill @wcmartell THEY HIRE YOU. That's 95% of a screenwriter's work. Being hired by a producer to write. #scriptchat
  163. @AndreaLMcNeill I know, but money is always the issue and why I bail on the project. #scriptchat
  164. @zacsanford2 @megankbickel I enjoy comedy, and even if it means writing jokes or sketches, short form, etc. that's fine with me #scriptchat
  165. I don't want to produce my own scripts. And I NEVER want to direct. Take my baby and make it yours. I'm an architect. #scriptchat
  166. @matthewjanacone I understand. It used to be that you could make a feature for 100k, not anymore #scriptchat
  167. @blueneumann I think it comes after so many "babies" in the public. I just love seeing the words come to life. #scriptchat
  168. But story is the number one thing. A funny movie without a solid core will not last. The story is the foundation. #scriptchat
  169. I thought I'd take the Ed Burns approach - making an indie film for $9,000. #scriptchat
  170. @matthewjanacone story is king! Conflict drives the story. Character is conflict. #scriptchat
  171. @authorJamie Seeing the good and bad of @wavegoodbyeseries was eye opening. I learned so much from the process. #scriptchat
  172. I got hired to adapt a book. It's been interesting. #scriptchat
  173. @matthewjanacone Just make sure you get quality actors. I've seen so many micro budget films that could have been great. #scriptchat
  174. @AndreaLMcNeill Want to tell all of us some of the pros and cons of adapting someone else's story #scriptchat
  175. gotta go--dinner. Hugs to you all. Thanks for the chat. xoxo Keep writing everyone. Feel better Zac #scriptchat
  176. It was a success in teh past, but would people like me to revive the #scriptchat writing groups?
  177. You have to love the project. After writing and rewriting, selling is the beginning. Then it's about notes... #scriptchat
  178. Since I've been screenwriting, I've also wanted to direct, believing screenwriters should direct their own scripts. Not so easy #scriptchat
  179. @AndreaLMcNeill ((((((((hugs)))))))) See you soon Andrea! Will definitely keep writing #scriptchat
  180. @zacsanford2 @matthewjanacone It also helps if you write "actor proof dialogue" - which doesn't depend on great performance. #scriptchat
  181. Anyone else argue with autocorrect all night during this? What's a script hat? And why do you want me to hashtag it, Apple? #scriptchat
  182. @zacsanford2 Oh, for sure! It's a learning process. Control can be overrated. Too much without fresh eyes ruins what was good. #scriptchat
  183. I wonder if I could live with being a screenwriter. I could. #scriptchat
  184. @wcmartell The problem. Most micro budget screenwriters haven't grown enough to write "actor proof dialogue". #scriptchat
  185. @matthewjanacone I'd personally just be fine as a writer. Never really aspired to direct my own material. #scriptchat
  186. @matthewjanacone Directing is a whole other discipline which requires a bunch of other skills... many the opposite of writing. #scriptchat
  187. @matthewjanacone Directing is a whole other discipline which requires a bunch of other skills... many the opposite of writing. #scriptchat
  188. @megankbickel We put 5-6 writers in groups based on genre. Pages do every other week & everyone provides notes. #scriptchat
  189. @zacsanford2 @wcmartell Yeah. But script is something that you can take the time to get right for $0.. #scriptchat
  190. Direct a short and find out. RT @matthewjanacone: I wonder if I have the personality to direct. #scriptchat
  191. Don't downplay the skill-set for directing - cinema is a whole other language you have to learn... and there is no Rosettastone. #scriptchat
  192. So we're almost done... so what other topics. I like how this is just free flowing from idea to idea. #scriptchat
  193. Actually - it's good for your screenwriting to direct some shorts... and it costs $0 these days. #scriptchat
  194. @filmwritr4 No. Money has always been the issue, but I have written a dialogue-driven feature, specifically for 1st-timefilm #scriptchat
  195. I'm definitely going to tyr to put some kind of something video together when I go on my trip. Just to experiment #scriptchat
  196. I used to play with my cameras all the time, try to get interesting things #scriptchat
  197. @wcmartell @matthewjanacone I'd be happy enuf if producer/director invited me 2 watch rehearsals/scenes being shot of my script! #scriptchat
  198. @zacsanford2 I need to write every day, besides article writing/interviews #scriptchat
  199. I'm hoping #NaNoWriMo kicks my ass back into writing every day. When I write every day, it's easy. When I break, it's tough. #scriptchat
  200. @zacsanford2 @wcmartell @authorJamie I'd say I write five out of seven days in a week. Trying to get it to 7/7. #scriptchat
  201. And I'm glad to see so many people that write every day. I must applaud you all. #scriptchat
  202. I still believe that the writer is the most important part of the filmmaking process. It all starts with the writer/script :) #scriptchat
  203. I know an assistant who writes from 7-9 am every day. Works from 10-7. Networks. And then writes from 10-midnight M-F 8hr wknds. #scriptchat
  204. @Al_1701 @zacsanford2 @wcmartell @authorJamie If I spend a lot of time on an article, or on a deadline, that makes a difference #scriptchat
  205. I still very much enjoy the screenwriting process, especially the revisions. #scriptchat
  206. @zacsanford2 The good thing about blogging is it's writing. Any practice is good. #scriptchat
  207. I think what I might do is start shopping around for an agent/manager. #scriptchat
  208. @authorJamie @zacsanford2 I use penzu and when I'm stuck I just write i'm stuck i'm stuck and usually i get it going #scriptchat
  209. My goal on my next script is to use @onthepage's book, and do at least one exercise every day, if not more. #scriptchat
  210. A big help for me with my writing and career, going to therapy. I've opened the floodgates. I'm being more honest. Big help. #scriptchat
  211. @zacsanford2 good for you - if I had insurance I'd be there too. it helps alot. #scriptchat
  212. @filmwritr4 The exercises are simple and easy. I can carve out 15 minutes here and there and be done before I know it. #scriptchat
  213. @clpike_horror I just wish I had known earlier that my insruance covered it. Would have gone 18 months earlier. #scriptchat
  214. @zacsanford2 Yep. I've done some of them. They're very helpful, and challenge you to really think of each story element #scriptchat
  215. @matthewjanacone Only the official chat ends after an hour. The hashtag is useful all the time. #scriptchat
  216. Enjoyed chatting with you guys, as always! See you next week! Thanks for having me! #scriptchat
  217. This was a great and fun chat. We'll do the Going DIY vs Going to Hollywood on a future chat. #scriptchat
  218. Also we'll add Coverage: From Pass to Consider to Recommend as a future topic. #scriptchat
  219. @filmwritr4 I'm out, too - always great to chat with everybody. Have a wonderful week! #scriptchat
  220. Just trying to join the community of screenwriters on Twitter and hopefully make some friends and allies :) #scriptchat
  221. And if you have any other topics you want discussed, let us know. Or email 'em to zac at scriptchat dot ccccooommm #scriptchat
  222. Close of the #AFF2016 conference- #screenwriters, tweet us your reports! Are you headed home or finishing out the film festival? #scriptchat
  223. Been great to connect again #scriptchat folks! Have a fab week. Take care of yourself @zacsanford2! Happy writing, everyone!
  224. Now that we're hopefully all inspired, get to those pages and move that career one more step forward. #scriptchat
  225. @matthewjanacone I'm a fan. It's what I learned on and what I'll always use. And now with a working collab feature. #scriptchat
  226. I know this sounds crazy, but I'm 48 and would love to type out a script on a manual typewriter. #scriptchat
  227. Have a great night y'all. Now it's time to go back to the liquid diet until this pain passes. Chat later. #scriptchat

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