Sunday, August 30, 2015

John Jarrell @TLScreenwriting #Scriptchat Transcript August 30, 2015

John Jarrell @TLScreenwriting discusses WGA arbitration, writing assignments, pitching and more!

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John Jarrell @TLScreenwriting #Scriptchat Transcript August 30, 2015

John Jarrell @TLScreenwriting #Scriptchat Transcript August 30, 2015

John Jarrell discusses WGA arbitration, writing assignments, pitching and more!

  1. #scriptchat: Connects aspiring and seasoned screenwriters. Follow scriptchat. When: Sundays, 8pm ET #tweetchatshappeningnow
  3. Quick question -- is there any way to add jpegs/images to the posts? #scriptchat
  4. So tonight we're talking WGA arbitration with @TLScreenwriting... who has questions? #scriptchat
  5. @Al_1701 WGA arbitration but @TBScreenwriting knows a lot about a lot, so fire away #scriptchat
  6. @TLScreenwriting How does WGA arbitration work on rewrites if someone other than yourself does a polish, etc.? #scriptchat
  7. Yes -- you want to make sure you keep track of ALL materials you write and submit to the company/producer/studio #scriptchat
  8. @TLScreenwriting Like, how does the arbitration work if someone else rewrites your work but makes substantial changes? #scriptchat
  9. We've had many an Arbitration hinge on being able to prove that material was submitted -- or not submitted. #scriptchat
  10. Chris - Arbitration is exactly that process. The Guild takes ALL the material from ALL the participating writers and vets it #scriptchat
  11. then submits what's been approved to your Arbitration committee #scriptchat
  12. It's based on these materials that the committee decides who deserves screen credit... or not. #scriptchat
  13. By the way -- shameless plug here -- my book has a crazy 40 page chapter on Arb which is the best out there as far as I know... #scriptchat
  14. Hi @TLScreenwriting - Are there any "best practices" that can reduce the chances a writer goes to arbitration in the 1st place? #scriptchat
  15. Dante -- Not really. The "best practice" is being the only writer. LOL. Not likely these days #scriptchat
  16. #scriptchat oh I saw it. Best youtube vid out there. I'm getting my feedback from contests. @TLScreenwriting
  17. Sarah -- My chapter Green Envelopes in TOugh Love Screenwriting will tell you all you need to know :) #scriptchat
  18. The more writers involved in a project, the more likely it'll go to Arb... these days, that's pretty much most of the time. #scriptchat
  19. Yes, the WGA will notify you of the Tentative Credit and then everything follows from there... #scriptchat
  20. If you were a participating writer, the WGA will contact you. That's when the real fun begins. lol #scriptchat
  21. Jenzy -- It's more common because everyone wants the back end money from their deals! #scriptchat
  22. That's really what Arb decides -- who gets credit, and who gets their production bonus... residuals, etc. #scriptchat
  23. No -- I'm insane myself. Don't feel qualified to discuss staying sane ;) #scriptchat
  24. On a superhero movie a couple years back, the first writer lost the Arbitration -- wiping out something like $5 million to $10 #scriptchat
  25. in bonus/residuals. You can bet people are going to fight hard to win an arbitration! #scriptchat
  26. #scriptchat @TLScreenwriting As a certified insane person myself, how do you protect yourself? I would probably start cussing.
  27. @sarah -- Your Arbitration Committee reads EVERYTHING submitted and make the determination acording to the SCM. #scriptchat
  28. Believe me -- they get DEEP into the shit. It's like screenwriting forensic work. No stone left unturned. #scriptchat
  29. David -- It's not about losing badly. It's just about losing. #scriptchat
  30. so you have to read all versions and determine what was in final draft and decide who deserves what? Isn't there an app for that #scriptchat
  31. if you don't meet the required contribution -- 33% or 50% depending on the case -- you don't get credit. Simple as that. #scriptchat
  32. I HATE pitch fests -- and so do all the producers I know. They're b.s. IMHO. #scriptchat
  33. @TLScreenwriting So it's literally an all or nothing deal? Makes working alone sound like the best action. #scriptchat
  34. David -- Not all or nothing... many, many times writers share credit. Not a bad way to go - ANYTHING that gets your name on it! #scriptchat
  35. @writeranthonydp @TLScreenwriting I might be asking a stupid question here (probably am), but what's a pitch fest? #scriptchat
  36. @TLScreenwriting How is it determined what % of material belongs to the original writer (in disputes on rewrites by others)? #scriptchat
  37. #scriptchat @TLScreenwriting I was referring to your statement as to just how bad you will lose.
  38. @TLScreenwriting I designed an app with a friend. I'd sell it but we're in arbitration. #scriptchat
  39. I've been told by several heavyweight producers that they're not fans of pitch fests and don't pay any attention to them -- nor #scriptchat
  40. the execs who go to "listen". This is covered pretty extensively in my book. #scriptchat
  41. @sarah -- EXCELLENT QUESTION. you MUST work for a WGA Signatory Company if you want protection. #scriptchat
  42. Not Signatory -- the WGA can't do anything to protect your work. Have a good friend going through this right now. #scriptchat
  43. @itsjustsofie it's an event where about 100 execs are in a room and screenwriters pay for the op to individually pitch them #scriptchat
  44. Q: Do need representation when going into arbitration? Or is everyone on their own? #scriptchat
  45. Everybody's on their own -- your Mommy can't help you. it's big boy time :) #scriptchat
  46. @filmwritr4 Thank you. Can't actually stay. Wanted to recommend © screenplays in addition to WGA registration. #scriptchat
  47. @DavidLNewhoff It’s okay. Thanks. Would love to see your recommendations. #scriptchat
  48. Again -- want to stress this -- insist your contracts are with WGA signatory companies -- EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT WGA YET. #scriptchat
  49. So, you definitely want to be a part of WGA if you're going to write. #scriptchat
  50. @filmwritr4 Only to learn about protections of © for screenplays, which are considerably stronger than registration alone. #scriptchat
  51. David -- you join the guild as your career moves along. Not the priority at first. Writing and selling stuff is :) #scriptchat
  52. #scriptchat @TLScreenwriting What would you say about a script you decide is better as a book regarding arbitration?
  53. @David -- You don't need a US Copyright for a screenplay. Don't know a single produced writers who does that. #scriptchat
  54. @jenzy -- Books have to get produced as films to get into Arbitration. #scriptchat
  55. @TLScreenwriting So is the wga the best and/or only copyright you should need? #scriptchat
  56. Nobody is going to "steal" your script -- just register it with WGA and you'll be fine. #scriptchat
  57. @TLScreenwriting Yeah, I'm not too worried about the stealing stuff. Kinda like "know the rules" thing #scriptchat
  58. How often do you need to re register if you make changes #scriptchat
  59. #scriptchat @TLScreenwriting I've edited many cult horror books. I've never dealt with anyone but the author. So much more to think about.
  60. I'm not too worried about that either. Only the 'execution' of an idea can be ripped off, not the idea itself. #scriptchat
  61. You don't need to -- as long as the jist is the same. Once you're done with a draft you're going to show around, sure, reg it #scriptchat
  62. a second time. Don't get hung up on this guys. WRITING is what's important. #scriptchat
  63. #scriptchat I have 2 scripts registered with the wga that el never see the light of day..but one I will rewrite
  64. Trust me -- it's much cheaper to BUY something from an unknown than to go through the trouble of "stealing" it LOL #scriptchat
  65. @tjbalfe Hey TJ! Not a lot. Been working on another script idea. *waves* #scriptchat
  66. #scriptchat And before we search for managers, how many screenplays should we have done. @tlscree
  67. Sarah -- I saved Romeo. Was brought in with four weeks until shooting started. Cracked it by the grace of God... #scriptchat
  68. Stepping out of lurker mode to point out for any Canadians here, we have a Canadian alternative for registration: #scriptchat
  69. ... I wrote my draft in two. That's what got it greenlit. #scriptchat
  70. Sorry if that's been covered already... I can only catch up infrequently right now. #scriptchat
  71. @Jonathan -- respectfully, there is no substitute for WGA reg. Do them both if anything. #scriptchat
  72. RT @writeranthonydp: #scriptchat And before we search for managers, how many screenplays should we have done. @TLScreenwriting
  73. @TLScreenwriting were there others you worked on without credit? Did it get to you if you did/didn't get it? #scriptchat
  74. As a writer you just work with what the project allows and go from there. I was very fortunate to have an idea that worked... #scriptchat
  75. @windar -- Sure, that happens a lot. Most famous would be Live Free, Die Hard. #scriptchat
  76. #scriptchat lot of conflicting Info out there of course. Like some that say you should have 4 done or 3 in the same genre @TLScreenwriting
  77. Also wanted to announce on Script Chat tonight that my NEW L.A. CLASS begins 9/27 for 12 weeks. #scriptchat
  78. #scriptchat @TLScreenwriting Short & sweet & to the punch.I'm tutoring 4 the ACT test (high school)& they get thirty min 4 a masterpiece.
  79. Anthony -- I don't care what's "out there", I'm telling you, brother -- ONE GREAT ONE is all you need. #scriptchat
  80. Bottom line -- if you're a new writer, you have to have something an agent or manager can SELL. #scriptchat
  81. That's just the truth of it. Today's business isn't about nurturing writers like they may have 20 years ago. #scriptchat
  82. #scriptchat @TLScreenwriting I'm learning things about the art of brevity due to teaching the ACT. Quality counts. Period.
  83. If anyone's going to be at Story Expo Sept. 11-13 come say hi. I'll be at the bar. #scriptchat
  84. @sarah -- All that fun stuff is in the book. Grab it. You'lll laugh your ass off. Fun/sick read. #scriptchat
  85. @TLScreenwriting Do you feel that writers who want to break in to the industry have a better chance in TV than in movies? #scriptchat
  86. Jeanne -- I like to recommend Part 3 -- it's the most twisted ;) #scriptchat
  87. You'll notice that I priced it really low to help out aspiring writers. And I feel pretty good about that, damnit! LOL #scriptchat
  88. @TLScreenwriting What makes one better than the other (besides being bigger)? I always thought "registration is registration". #scriptchat
  89. Jonathan -- the WGA is like the NFL. It's the biggest/strongest in the world. if you want to play in the CFL, fine. LOL #scriptchat
  90. I LOVED working with Jeffrey at Dreamworks. My favorite job ever. #scriptchat
  91. #scriptchat @TLScreenwriting Thanks for thinking of your fellow humans! That's great. Fabulous.
  92. Unfortunately, just as we were getting ready to go into production, we found out Fox had a competing project that was... #scriptchat
  93. @TLScreenwriting I'm going to buy your book too, paperback though, I don't own a Kindle #scriptchat
  94. Somewhat similar It was a little movie called "Ice Age" they beat us by 30 days. The other way around, I would have been rich! #scriptchat
  95. Cool Tom. I like the paperback myself. Feels good in your hands. #scriptchat
  96. "Hard-Boiled II" was also a heartbreak... if Chow had simply signed his pay-or-play the movie would have been made :( #scriptchat
  97. @TLScreenwriting I've noted you are pretty colorful with your words (as am I) do you feel writers can go over do it at times? #scriptchat
  98. well with Kindle, I'm not anti-technology, but my 8 year old would break it plus a paperback seems more real to me, more "there" #scriptchat
  99. @sarah -- it's pretty much like any other type of homework. you just... do your homework ;) Come up with your best take... #scriptchat
  100. BIG THING, THOUGH -- make sure you're really, REALLY prepared when pitching. No substitute for preparation! #scriptchat
  101. Guys - don't think for a second you're going to get "lucky" on a pitch - it's like being on the witness stand in front of the... #scriptchat
  102. meanest jury alive. LOL. They will GRILL YOU on story points, if you don't know them, you're cooked. #scriptchat
  103. Or put another way, YOU need to know the holes in your pitch better than anyone... and have the answers to get by them. #scriptchat
  104. This is serious shit, guys. There are a lot of produced, hardcore writers out there struggling. As I like to say.. #scriptchat
  105. "They ain't givin' that money away." You'll fight to the death for it, God Knows. #scriptchat
  106. Post crash, there's not much room for fakers anymore. You're expected to come up with a hundred times the info you used to... #scriptchat
  107. Bottom line -- you gotta blow folks' doors off. Plain and simple. "Okay" ain't gonna cut it. #scriptchat
  108. @TLScreenwriting Do you write w/ audience in mind? gotta give'em something meaty every few mins or so? #scriptchat
  109. REMEMBER -- No contracts that are not WGA Signatory. Save yourselves a HUGE headache later down the road. #scriptchat
  110. @windar -- Not really. I write with myself in mind, in the sense of "what would *I* like to see? What would get ME pumped... #scriptchat
  111. We've all seen a million movies. What is going to make yours fresh and different. That's what I think about. #scriptchat
  112. @TLScreenwriting "No contracts that are not WGA Signatory" - Even if it means possibly NOT getting a sale? #scriptchat
  113. It won't mean a "sale" -- it will mean an "option". God Forbid that movie gets made and you have no protection... #scriptchat
  114. @TLScreenwriting Thanks so much for the amazing advice and insight you've given us here John! Will definitely be buying the book #scriptchat
  115. ..the producers can do ANYTHING they want when it comes to your credit -- and bonus. #scriptchat
  116. @TLScreenwriting Got it! Thank you sir for taking the time and "enlightening" us #scriptchat
  117. Without the Guild, we'd all be getting buggered 1000 times more than we already are! lol #scriptchat
  118. #scriptchat @TLScreenwriting Thank you so much. Getting the book tonight. Thanks for your candor. Rare these days.It is much appreciated.
  119. @TLScreenwriting you survived! Thanks so much for spreading the Tough Love tonight. #scriptchat
  120. so much useful information from John Jarrell @TLScreenwriting tonight, thanks John! #scriptchat
  121. #scriptchat a Thank you to our wonderful script chat team. Fastest hour of the week!
  122. New L.A. classes 9/27. Grab the book -- it's one helluva lot of fun! #scriptchat
  123. Next week there's no chat bc of Labor Day. Enjoy the long weekend & get your asses writing. #scriptchat
  124. No online for me -- love being in the room. That's where the magic happens -- just like when you pitch :) #scriptchat
  125. Sept 13th #scriptchat - @Storygeeks, author of Anatomy of a Premise Line: How to Master Premise & Story Development for Writing Success
  126. John Jarrell ‏@TLScreenwriting 42s42 seconds ago
    *** NEW L.A. CLASS BEGINS 9/27. ONLY TEN SPOTS. RUNS SUNDAYS FOR 12 WEEKS. EMAIL ME for a spot *** @ScriptReaderPro @ashleymeyers @jeannevb

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