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CON TV Miniseries Team - #Scriptchat Transcript August 9, 2015

Tonight we talked with the team of CON miniseries: @AmyMSuto [writer/co-showrunner] @jenfieldkane [co-showrunner] @dylanvisvikis [Director] @chae_talley [Actor, Aiden] @derrickdenicola [Actor, Miles] @NoahPsychs [Producer] @portiajamas [Actor, Evelyn]. Get tips from the @CONtvshow team!

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Con TV Miniseries Team - #Scriptchat Transcript August 9, 2015

Con TV Miniseries Team - #Scriptchat Transcript August 9, 2015

The team of @CONtvshow joins #scriptchat to discuss their new miniseries!

  1. #scriptchat: Connects aspiring and seasoned screenwriters. Follow scriptchat. When: Sundays, 8pm ET #tweetchatshappeningnow
  2. Greetings! Sittin' by the pool, chillin' with the extended fam, ready for #scriptchat
  3. glad to see #scriptchat is still going strong. Been awhile. Hi guys.
  4. Hello all you happy people. This is Dave from the Mitten. #scriptchat
  5. Not sure how many of us are attempting miniseries, but let's all learn. Tell us about CON's journey. #scriptchat
  6. Just to let you guys know, I interviewed Amy and Jen regarding CON for @SnobbyRobot! Looking forward to watching the show! #scriptchat
  7. @jeannevb The most important part of creating CON was making sure we had a solid outline for the whole season! #scriptchat
  8. Anyone think there are a lot of series that would have been better off as just miniseries? #scriptchat
  9. @jeannevb We liked the shorter format so that we could also distribute online as well #scriptchat
  10. Q: Are miniseries easier to do for the web, rather than on TV? #scriptchat
  11. Q; By that, I mean are they easier to write and produce as opposed to doing, like a 10 hour miniseries for TV (episodic)? #scriptchat
  12. An analysis of people reading my latest screenplay suggests that the average human reads 0.0006 words per minute. #scriptchat
  13. @SarahAlexis4 We broke down each character's storyline first, then interwove them-- the individual episodes came last! #scriptchat
  14. @filmwritr4 Smaller content is easier to distribute online and the transmedia aspect is definitely a plus, but we're also airing #scriptchat
  15. @AmyMSuto @filmwritr4 generally people expect shorter content for web-based things vs. TV; this changes our process somewhat #scriptchat
  16. @SarahAlexis4 We broke both the season and each episode into four acts apiece #scriptchat
  17. @AmyMSuto Oh, that's interesting! Is that a standard consideration for miniseries? #scriptchat
  18. Q: Was there any specific time frame you wanted to put each episode in, length wise? #scriptchat
  19. #scriptchat @AmyMSuto Hi, Amy. I have such a hard time giving up traditional media. What are your thoughts? For example, a lovely book...
  20. Q: And what led you to create and develop CON as a miniseries, rather than a series taking place over seasons? #scriptchat
  21. @megankbickel We’re working with a very flexible distributor! So not necessarily, but we have a web series background #scriptchat
  22. @filmwritr4 There's more flexibility on the web with length/censorship, but there are dif. expectations for entertainment style #scriptchat
  23. I've heard of some web series having their episodes combined into movie format and distributed as such #scriptchat
  24. @filmwritr4 Well, removing the recap content, a miniseries is essentially a movie broken up into segments. #scriptchat
  25. I've heard the term limited event series used frequently. Is that synonymous with mini-series or is there a difference? #scriptchat
  26. @47young1 Traditional media (like books!) can never be replaced, but there's a lot of potential in transmedia and #webseries #scriptchat
  27. @filmwritr4 we liked the style of miniseries (contained&condensed) -- but we're actually doing a second season too! #scriptchat
  28. #scriptchat @filmwritr4 Sure, the web is great. Don't get me wrong. But, are we losing something of cultural significance?
  29. @jenfieldkane @noahpsychs @AmyMSuto Very interesting. Would the second season be a totally different story (like AHS) #scriptchat
  30. @rdlln seems to be the new way to brand a mini - thinking of it more as an #scriptchat
  31. @filmwritr4 We're considering doing a 2nd season, but if we do it that'll be our last. We like stories that have good endings! #scriptchat
  32. @AmyMSuto @47young1 Absolutely! Transmedia can provide a more immersive experience too, making you a part of the series! #scriptchat
  33. @jenfieldkane Q. Are you taking it one season at a time or trying to plan ahead? #scriptchat
  34. Did you pitch it or get picked up after making? What was that process like? #scriptchat
  35. @filmwritr4 That's definitely a possibility -- miniseries has so much flexibility in terms of form! #scriptchat
  36. @rdlln sorry, it enter too soon.... thinking of it more as an "event" to attract a new audience to the network #scriptchat
  37. Are there guidelines on what makes an idea miniseries worthy, as opposed to feature or TV series. #scriptchat
  38. @SarahAlexis4 We became more aware of how in-depth our outline needed to be, and how to keep storylines simple and contained #scriptchat
  39. Does the amount of episodes make a difference? I had an idea for a web miniseries but it was 6 episodes, 15 minutes long #scriptchat
  40. @battyink Miniseries are generally more contained than TV series, and more character-driven than features #scriptchat
  41. I personally like series with an overarching plot to have a beginning, middle, and end. Not tease after tease to keep going. #scriptchat
  42. @filmwritr4 harder to write, easier to produce; keeping it slim is an issue, but making it is easier. #scriptchat
  43. @battyink I would say that Sherlock and Honourable Woman are great examples of good miniseries! #scriptchat
  44. Q: will all the episodes of Con be released at the same time or in weekly increments? #scriptchat
  45. @noahpsychs @AmyMSuto @jenfieldkane When writing, would you approach the script as if you were writing a movie? #scriptchat
  46. #scriptchat @AmyMSuto My dad was VP at ABC TV in L. A. 20 plus years ago. He was speaking of this then! I staunchly wouldn't listen.
  47. @AmyMSuto @battyink Sherlock is interesting b/c it's like a halfway point between film series and TV series. it's best of both #scriptchat
  48. @filmwritr4 Rather than episode #s, it depends on how well you can keep audience attention-- comedy vs. drama also changes that #scriptchat
  49. @Al_1701 Endings are important! Thats why we like the miniseries -- the emphasis on having an end instead of continuing forever #scriptchat
  50. @noahpsychs @AmyMSuto @jenfieldkane By that, I mean, are you breaking it down into segments/cliffhangers, etc.? #scriptchat
  51. @filmwritr4 It depends on your production company! Ours is airing our episodes two at a time since we have 15-minute episodes #scriptchat
  52. @filmwritr4 @AmyMSuto @jenfieldkane a movie is self-contained, and we have to keep things in an episodic structure #scriptchat
  53. @Al_1701 We think the same too, which is why our second season in particular is structured like a movie! (with episode twists) #scriptchat
  54. @blueneumann Don't like soap operas and many comics at least solve something at the end of the current story. #scriptchat
  55. @noahpsychs @AmyMSuto @jenfieldkane I know. How do you approach storylines (A, B, C stories) within a 15 minute episode script? #scriptchat
  56. @Al_1701 @blueneumann sometimes, but usually they stay in a state of perpetual lack of resolution e.g. the Marvel Universe #scriptchat
  57. @AmyMSuto @battyink You break my heart calling Sherlock a miniseries when I want it to be a regular old series so badly. #scriptchat
  58. @blueneumann @battyink Absolutely! Sherlock has beautiful cinematography which takes time to achieve, hence the delayed release #scriptchat
  59. @Al_1701 how can you say you don't like soap operas!? Did you get amnesia? From your twin brother Frank the rich jetsetter? #scriptchat
  60. I've tried writing these scripts for dramas that I thought would work as web series, but the multiple storylines were hard to do #scriptchat
  61. @SarahAlexis4 Strong character arcs with achievable wants/needs as well as per-episode themes! These help keep things concise. #scriptchat
  62. @byChrisPhillips @47young1 Hey Chris! Jen, this is my friend and fellow writer Chris. Chris, this is my friend Jen! :) #scriptchat
  63. @filmwritr4 We had the opposite problem when we started -- we had too many characters and we had to cut them down #scriptchat
  64. @megankbickel @AmyMSuto @battyink Sherlock needs an accurate term so we can use it to describe what we want to do! #scriptchat
  65. What I meant is I like accomplishment. Have a season actually resolve something and the next season have something new. #scriptchat
  66. @filmwritr4 if you have a link to your interview with @AmyMSuto & @jenfieldkane shoot out the link for peeps to read after chat #scriptchat
  67. @filmwritr4 @noahpsychs We have our main characters A and B storylines, and C is just a thematic runner! #scriptchat
  68. You can have a larger, overarching plot going, but at least make it look like there is forward progress. #scriptchat
  69. @Al_1701 I TOTALLY hear that, and the Marvel movies definitely feel like they lack in that department. #scriptchat
  70. @Al_1701 I'd argue that we have that; You'll have to wait til the end to see it though! #scriptchat
  71. @Al_1701 Absolutely, if the story isn't being motivated by characters going after their goals, there is no story! #scriptchat
  72. @AmyMSuto @noahpsychs Is the C storyline generally lighter in your show, i.e. a throwaway? #scriptchat
  73. So you're saying a miniseries is the neopolitan ice cream of scripted writing. Sorry I haven't eaten since breakfast. #scriptchat
  74. @blueneumann I actually think the Marvel movies do a good job of resolving their own plots while bigger things still need work. #scriptchat
  75. @battyink I literally did the opposite, I ate all the meals of the day AT breakfast! #scriptchat
  76. @battyink That's a great analogy! And you're making me crave ice cream now haha! #scriptchat
  77. @filmwritr4 @AmyMSuto Not a throwaway, but a thematic runner: it reflects the theme of the show but isn't central #scriptchat
  78. @Al_1701 Revolution pissed me with that in particular. Watching a bunch of small-minded idiots fumble around was boring. #scriptchat
  79. #scriptchat How do you all deal with dialogue in such a short time frame?
  80. @SarahAlexis4 Marketing and casting! Our company has a marketing team but we're doing a lot of the social media ourselves #scriptchat
  81. @blueneumann @AmyMSuto @battyink How about torturously slow brilliance of writer-envy-inducing frustration. #scriptchat
  82. @rdlln We pitched it first and after we got the green light, we started production of the full series (without a pilot) #scriptchat
  83. @SarahAlexis4 We also played a large role in picking our cast -- we wanted to be involved since they're so integral! #scriptchat
  84. @47young1 we try to make all of our dialogue count; distinct voices, punchy replies--almost hemingway-esque #scriptchat
  85. @SarahAlexis4 I'm totally counting on your great question skills as I'm on a deadline. Ugh. *peeking in and out* #scriptchat
  86. #scriptchat @AmyMSuto How about the length of each script? Or,(never start a sentence with a conjunction.Teacher me)do you break down 120?
  87. Hi @jeannevb I remembered to bring my ampersand, heh, getting used to it #scriptchat
  88. Q. When writing with a definite finish line, how do you handle pacing so the climax isn't too soon or too late? #scriptchat
  89. @47young1 We wrote each episode 15-20 pages, knowing some would be longer or shorter! #scriptchat
  90. #scriptchat for each web episode, do you follow traditional, "standard" incident, plot, mud, resolution?
  91. @SarahAlexis4 Thanks! We're so excited to air. We pitched and had recommendations from people who worked there! #scriptchat
  92. I one time wrote a spec script season for a reboot of G1 MLP. Kept its story self-contained in the 26 episode span. #scriptchat
  93. @47young1 Yep, we definitely keep the same story structure, just truncated and simplified and serving the larger story as well! #scriptchat
  94. @filmwritr4 I always called "mud" the rug pull. It's like things are going to resolved but go horribly wrong. #scriptchat
  95. My poolside writing sesh went longer than anticipated. Wrote un-distracted, the pool babes were all Helen Keller towards me. #scriptchat
  96. Also shoutout to our actors -- they brought so much to their characters that wasn't on the page! #scriptchat
  97. @AmyMSuto @jenfieldkane Does the scripts focus more on the two main characters as opposed to secondary characters? #scriptchat
  98. @SarahAlexis4 @AmyMSuto Outlining with index cards! We have so much going on it's important to make sure everything CONnects! #scriptchat
  99. @SarahAlexis4 Jen and I love the same types of stories -- dark stuff with complex characters! #scriptchat
  100. @AmyMSuto @jenfieldkane I was wondering if that made doing each episode easier, including the B and C storylines #scriptchat
  101. @filmwritr4 @AmyMSuto @jenfieldkane Our leads are the A story, but every character has a need and want! No one is just a filler! #scriptchat
  102. @SarahAlexis4 @AmyMSuto questioning everything, and paring down as much as we could. we brutally murdered our darlings #scriptchat
  103. @filmwritr4 @jenfieldkane Absolutely -- since we also write the conflict and goals of every scene on the notecards #scriptchat
  104. @AmyMSuto @jenfieldkane Were there any movies/TV shows/miniseries that inspired you to create CON? #scriptchat
  105. @filmwritr4 Orphan Black, Chuck, and Sherlock! We liked the lighthearted but still dark tones of those shows #scriptchat
  106. @filmwritr4 @AmyMSuto @jenfieldkane amy loves Chuck, and you can see that influence. Anything i put in was Archer-inspired. #scriptchat
  107. @AmyMSuto @jenfieldkane For each character and their storylines, how many scenes do you write typically? #scriptchat
  108. @SarahAlexis4 Collaboration starts up top: Amy and Jen set up a wonderful story to play in, and an excellent team to play with #scriptchat
  109. @SarahAlexis4 @AmyMSuto screaming, bitterness, acceptance that sometimes things must be cut, laughter. #scriptchat
  110. @SarahAlexis4 We had a lot of convos w/ our directors about how long scenes would take to play out, what was necessary for story #scriptchat
  111. I'm sorry, but I need to do this. *from deep within a dead planet* CON!!! Okay. Got that out of my system. #scriptchat
  112. @SarahAlexis4 @noahpsychs @AmyMSuto Sometimes there are passionate arguments, but in the end it's about what's best for the show #scriptchat
  113. #scriptchat @AmyMSuto and Jen. Sorry, Jen, I can't get your handle to come up. What about an extreme horror? Too out if mainstream genres?
  114. @Al_1701 fun fact: I jokingly suggested a comic-con episode for season 2, where Jonah would scream COOOOONNNNN!!! #scriptchat
  115. @wcmartell please do we worked so hard and our witty lines will go to waste otherwise #scriptchat
  116. @dwacon @megankbickel If you like current events based comedy/satire of cable news, my web series @LateLateNewsTV is streaming! #scriptchat
  117. @AmyMSuto @SarahAlexis4 Amy was great about making everything super clear in script meetings. #scriptchat
  118. @47young1 @AmyMSuto Our genre is more thriller/drama, but there are def. lots of horror miniseries/webseries out there! #scriptchat
  119. @SarahAlexis4 We wrote Evelyn with @portiajamas in mind since we knew she could pull of the twist we wrote for her character! #scriptchat
  120. @SarahAlexis4 @AmyMSuto @theNikkiDee basically created Iris; we incorporated most of her suggestions and ad-libs #scriptchat
  121. @SarahAlexis4 @AmyMSuto After casting, dialogue rewrites were much easier knowing what our amazing actors brought to the table! #scriptchat
  122. @SarahAlexis4 We wrote Aiden & Miles w/ very specific characters in mind -- were lucky to find @derrickdenicola & @chae_talley #scriptchat
  123. @SarahAlexis4 @DylanVisvikis we talked about character intention, purpose of each action and how it applied to the story #scriptchat
  124. @SarahAlexis4 @AmyMSuto I come from a writing background, and I came in to do a midseason episode, so we dug deep into story #scriptchat
  125. @SarahAlexis4 Additionally nothing can replace seeing an actor bring your work to life -- so inspiring and unreal #scriptchat
  126. #scriptchat I love the idea of women antagonists. Your thoughts?
  127. @jenfieldkane @47young1 @AmyMSuto Not to mention comedy/drama... but I suppose I should not mention it... #scriptchat
  128. @dwacon I know, Orphan Black is amazing!! Deserves so many more accolades #scriptchat
  129. @AmyMSuto @jenfieldkane Did any of the actors improvise, or was there room for them to improvise (if they so choose) on set? #scriptchat
  130. @AmyMSuto @SarahAlexis4 This is one of the most amazing parts! It's weird to hear your words in someone else's mouth though! #scriptchat
  131. @47young1 We tried to create a lot of strong female roles, to balance out the dearth of said roles in mainstream media #scriptchat
  132. @jenfieldkane @AmyMSuto @SarahAlexis4 That's the great part. Not just having someone read dialogue out loud during a table read #scriptchat
  133. @47young1 so interesting and unexpected when done right, society doesn't expect women to be villains & it's so fun when they are #scriptchat
  134. @jenfieldkane @AmyMSuto @SarahAlexis4 But especially hearing actors read those lines and perform those actions on film. #scriptchat
  135. @dwacon I saw Tatiana in Parks and Rec and crushed so hard, "who is that beautiful woman?" i asked myself. Lo and behold... #scriptchat
  136. @filmwritr4 @AmyMSuto @jenfieldkane Our actors did lots of improv, which made the characters more real! It was a lot of fun! #scriptchat
  137. @47young1 I pitched an ensemble with female lead and antagonist to a cable net. Waiting on the outcome... #scriptchat
  138. @SarahAlexis4 @AmyMSuto Lots of google docs and index cards! We also made character webs to help keep us on track! #scriptchat
  139. @blueneumann I will mention your crush to her while we are on our honeymoon... #scriptchat
  140. #scriptchat speaking of female antagonists & other roles,how 2 pick a good female actor?I'm a chick.I have a hard time thinking about it.
  141. @filmwritr4 Our actor @derrickdenicola actually comes from an improv background & he had a lot of fun with our monopoly episode! #scriptchat
  142. @47young1 Just FANCASTING a female character is hard, there's so few women in movies it feels like there aren't many options! #scriptchat
  143. @filmwritr4 @dwacon @47young1 Yes, we do note cards for the full season and individual episodes! And lots of googledocs #scriptchat
  144. @47young1 @jenfieldkane @dwacon the same you'd pick any other actor; just find the person that embodies the character the best #scriptchat
  145. (I might miss the last chunk of #scriptchat because I need to slay my family at Cards Against Humanity. We shall see...)
  146. @blueneumann If so, we'll see you next week, but have fun playing with your family! :) #scriptchat
  147. (but we're not all here yet, and these guys are real slowpokes, so...) #scriptchat
  148. @filmwritr4 @AmyMSuto @jenfieldkane after callbacks, we rewrote iris and jonah's dynamic; nicole and joey basically CREATED it #scriptchat
  149. @47young1 We were so lucky to find @theNikkiDee -- she embodies a badass female character but is still human #scriptchat
  150. I wrote a script with a female lead, a female ally, & a female villian. A female beta asked where all the men were. #facepalm #scriptchat
  151. I asked mainly because I thought about going back and rewriting the parts of my scripts that were improvised before copyrighting #scriptchat
  152. @noahpsychs Okay, that IS the right way to play, the game is supposed to frustrate you to that point #scriptchat
  153. @SarahAlexis4 We look for different kinds deceptions-- traditional cons; love; etc within each character and apply it to story #scriptchat
  154. @filmwritr4 @dwacon @47young1 We took a class where we lockpicked and learned about con artists! That's how the show began #scriptchat
  155. @AmyMSuto @filmwritr4 @47young1 Real life experience helps mucho mas. Guess I should bet my White House comedy in shape… #scriptchat
  156. @dwacon Apparently their supporting roles made them invisible...hmmmm...#scriptchat
  157. @megankbickel @dwacon I got a note about a female lead, “That’s the kinda role Hollywood used to make.” Really? When? #scriptchat
  158. @SarahAlexis4 Novels are great because you create every aspect of the world; but I love tv/web b/c I love working w/ a team! #scriptchat
  159. @dwacon @megankbickel Ironically, the earliest screenwriters were almost exclusively female! Not sure how that played into roles #scriptchat
  160. @megankbickel And there's also still issues with platonic female/male relationships too... it's all about changing perspectives! #scriptchat
  161. @denisefennell No worries. It's okay. Talking about screenwriting with the writers of a web miniseries as part of a weekly #scriptchat
  162. Q: One other question regarding writing for this show: how do you approach writing the action sequences? #scriptchat
  163. @jenfieldkane It seems like you cannot have the male and female leads just be friends. Even two female leads must be romantic. #scriptchat
  164. @dwacon @jenfieldkane @megankbickel Unfortunately it feels like "gay male friend" has become a stereotyped trope- more to change #scriptchat
  165. @Al_1701 @jenfieldkane @wcmartell well id point out 30 rock as a counterexample; Liz and Jack never fall in love. #blesstinafey #scriptchat
  166. Thanks everyone for having us! Please check out our website if you want to know more about CON!  #scriptchat
  167. Includes chapter on Women Screenwriters in Hollywood... over 50% of all silents were written by women.  #scriptchat
  168. @Al_1701 It may be a trope, but we're trying to break that! Although, sitcoms often have platonic relationships too! #scriptchat
  169. #scriptchat I hope it's not to late for my knitting comment. I meant to show how funny and absolute role reversals can be.
  170. @SarahAlexis4 We'd love to do season two! The positivity we get from our cast and crew keeps us going #scriptchat
  171. @wcmartell You rock #scriptchat with answers when I need them, Williams! Thank you!
  172. @SarahAlexis4 Seeing everything come alive is motivation enough! For future projects, I just want to write entertaining stories! #scriptchat
  173. And last-second final five plug: Season One Finale of “The Black Larry David”  #scriptchat
  174. @AmyMSuto @jenfieldkane Great to have you guys here and thanks for answering mine and all of our questions! :) Thanks for coming #scriptchat
  175. Next week on #scriptchat is @BobSnz (HELP FOR THE HOLIDAYS, ON PAPER, STREETS OF LA) with @zacsanford moderating
  176. Thanks everyone for having us! So great to be here! #scriptchat
  177. #scriptchat my cancer buddies (guys) knit in group. I educate them on heavy metal. Let's see some real guys and real life girls!
  178. Thank you everyone for an amazing and stimulating conversation! #scriptchat
  179. @noahpsychs Thanks to you and the entire CON cast/crew for being here, and for your great insight! Thanks for answering our Qs! #scriptchat
  180. 🎼 I’m so glad we had this time, togetherrrr… 🎶 #scriptchat
  181. #scriptchat Thanks all! Pray, please,4my friend MarkDon't ever do this.I want to see him pearl before he goes.As usual fastest hour ever!
  182. Back to Dr. Who marathon. #scriptchat is all that could tear me away.

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