Thursday, July 9, 2015

Scriptd to Guest on Scriptchat Sunday July 12th

This Sunday Scriptd @scriptdinc is our #scriptchat guest.

What is Scriptd? Simply put, they connect screenwriters directly to readers.

Instead of having your script sit on your laptop, unread, you can now upload it to Scriptd so readers can enjoy your stories, and hopefully, help get you discovered by the industry.

Why let every day readers have access to your scripts? It's just another way to prove your story's concept has legs and a fan base. Plus, you get paid every time someone reads it. Imagine that.

We'll let their FAQ page explain further (click on the below image to enlarge), but go to their site to learn more and get a peek at some of the scripts available:

Join us to learn more about how to get exposure for your script in a more out-of-the-box way! Sunday, July 12th 5PM PST 

Best place to chat is here.
Full chat instructions are here

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