Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Bitch Pack to Guest on USA Chat October 14, 2012

TOPIC: The Bitch Pack talks about the Bechdel Test and writing to pass it, as well as creating female characters that aren't just a "the romantic interest".

The Bitch Pack @Biatchpack was started to address the lack of Bechdel Test passing material in Hollywood. Every year during awards season, it's lamented how few produced films pass this simple test where there are two female named characters who talk about something other than a man. This "something other" can be their friendship, their jobs, monsters, aliens, ghosts, etc.. 

The Bitch Pack is a consortium of screenwriters and screenwriting students who strive to promote the idea that female roles can be strengthened to give women on screen more depth and therefore provide a call to society to look at females differently as well. We believe changing the way people think begins with the written word, not complaining after films are made.

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