Monday, March 12, 2012

Script Frenzy Comes to Scriptchat!

Need motivation to get a script written… in 30 days? If you think Twitter #writingsprints are miraculous, wait until you try Script Frenzy!
This Sunday (March 18th, 2012), USA & EURO chats have guests Sandra Salas and Grant Faulkner of Script Frenzy. Come learn all the tricks and benefits of surviving the 100-page-script-in-30-days challenge!
Sandra Salas,
Program Director
Sandra Salas @SandraSalas received her MFA in Screenwriting at the American Film Institute where she earned honors and awards for her writing talent. A native Angeleno, she grew up on a staple diet of films, spending summers at dollar movie theaters, and Saturday afternoons watching classic films aired on a local TV station. She has written shorts, promos, and features; co-wrote, produced, and directed a TV pilot; and is currently developing a feature documentary. Her film career has taken her to Bangkok, Malaysia, and Singapore; where she lived and taught screenwriting. During her off hours, she can be found skateboarding through the streets of Berkeley in search of undiscovered frozen yogurt shops, or hiking the east bay trails with her two wonderful dogs.

Grant Faulkner,
Executive Director
As a boy, Grant @grantfaulkner spent his allowance on all sorts of pens and paper, so there was never much question that he would become a writer.  He received his B.A. from Grinnell College in English and his M.A. in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. He has published in such journals as The Southwest Review, Poets & Writers, The Rumpus, Gargoyle, and The Berkeley Fiction Review, among others. He’s the founder and editor of the lit journal 100 Word Story and writes essays and book reviews for a number of publications and blogs. He believes quite simply that everyone is a writer—that we create our world through the stories we tell—so he now enthusiastically prods nearly everyone he meets to write a novel or a script and feel how life can be transformed through a daring creative act..

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