Monday, February 13, 2012

Indie Filmmaker J.K. Amalou to guest on Euro Scriptchat on Feb 19th, 2012

They say you can’t do everything on your own, but no-one told Producer / Director / Writer J.K. Amalou, who has taken the indie scene by storm, and whose third feature Deviation starring Danny Dyer hits UK cinemas later this month.

After graduating from the London Film School, J.K. started his career as a writer, working for cult directors such as Harry Kumel, Michel Rodde, Jean-Louis Bunuel, Georges Sluizer.  Parallel to that, he also produced a number of shorts films, documentaries and TV Dramas for BBC, Channel 4, M6, ZDF.

He also worked as a script doctor and consultant for companies such as European Script Fund, MEDIA Programme, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Polygram, as well as for top producers, directors and writers.
Low-budget British film HARD MEN was his first film as a writer, producer and director.  A forerunner to LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS, it sold to Fox Searchlight for a record amount of money.  As a result, he signed with United Talent Agency (UTA) in L.A. and spent the next 6 years developing projects either as a writer or director (or both) for Ridley Scott, Arnon Milchan, Martin Scorsese, Diane Keaton, and Jean-Claude Van Damme amongst others.

DEVIATION is his third film as a writer, producer, director.  After a bidding war, it was picked up by Revolver Entertainment and will be released in the cinemas on 24th February 2012.

Follow J.K. Amalou on @jkamalou and come join the chat on the 19th of Feb, 2012 at 8pm GMT

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