Monday, September 5, 2011


An ever-increasing trend in filmmaking is for writers to get their movies produced independently on low budget, but how do you get the money to put your story on the screen?

Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular way to fund projects, from singers putting on gigs to the funding of films.

For funding a short film, how do you stand out from the crowd to get the money you need to tell your story?  Leilani Holmes and the producers of Clowning Around have done just that raising almost $9000 for their short film which begins shooting next month. Leilani has kindly agreed to guest on scriptchat on Sunday the 11th of September at 8pm BST to talk about crowdfunding, why they chose to finance their film that way and how much work is needed to make it happen.

Leilani began as an actor but now also screenwrites, directs and produces her own projects as well as getting involved with other people’s creative work and providing screenplay notes to other writers. Her projects have been seen throughout the world following the success of her first film, which was nominated for a British Independent Film Award in 2006. Film is her life and she likes to keep busy.

Please join us in learning more about crowdfunding, 8pm BST September 11, 2011. 

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