Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday 14th August Euro Scriptchat Guest: Simon Bates discusses his action film commission

- Who's always wanted to write an action film? 
- Who's had the dilemma about throwing in their day job? 
- And who has questions about the business of screenwriting? i.e. how to get a commission and deal with producers.

Well, these are the issues that Simon Bates has had to deal in the last year and he's kindly agreed to be a guest on Euro Scriptchat on Sunday 14th August at 8pm BST.

Simon Bates knew he wanted to write and direct films ever since he discovered his Dad's Super 8 camera in the attic (natch) and started filming his brother falling out of trees. He started acting at school and directing plays in university. He decided to get a job in the film industry, then chickened out and got a proper job instead. In his spare time he made short films, the last of which played in festivals around the world and was nominated for prizes at a couple.

This gave him the confidence to finally quit his job and give the film thing a proper go. This was last August. In May this year he had a screenplay optioned by an established Hollywood production company. Off the back of that he was commissioned to write an action movie scheduled to shoot in Hawaii next year. He's just handed in the first draft and hasn't been fired yet.

So if you want to discuss anything from writing an action film to the business of screenwriting, come join in on the Scriptchat! In the meantime, please don't forget to follow Simon @reebotfilms.

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