Sunday, July 31, 2011

Euro Scriptchat: Meet the new moderators!

After a year and eight months of being Euro Scriptchat’s moderator, I will be officially hanging up my boots on 21st August and passing the baton to the wonderful duo, @SweetTweenie and @TaroJ who will also have @alli_and_that their deputy moderator.
The Euro team is getting bigger and stronger, which is so exciting to see!
I have had such an amazing time building up Euro Scriptchat with the most amazing support from the treefort, as well as everyone who has taken part in the online chats. It has also been great to take the discussions offline and to organise Scriptchat’s monthly London tweet ups; none of which could have been achieved without all the writers involved.
So where will I be? I’ll still be here, dipping into the chats and meeting up at the tweet ups as usual. But as my workload develops, it only makes sense for me to pass this opportunity on to a couple more writers who will hopefully be able to connect, enjoy and learn as much as I have done, and then some. The people who run Scriptchat do it for the love of writing and the writing community and in turn, what we get from it is growth and learning.
I am really excited about Euro Scriptchat’s next stage and in the meantime, please follow Taro, Teenie and Alli as they prepare for this fantastic journey!
Thank you so much to all the guests who have participated in Euro Scriptchat and to all the writers and filmmakers who have supported this amazing community!
And most of all, thank you to Jeanne, Kim, Jamie and Zac for initially inviting me into the Scriptchat Treefort. Your support throughout the last couple of years has been beyond amazing and the treefort is easily one of the best things that has happened to my life. I can’t wait until one day, we are in the same room together, drinking tequila. Love you guys!
Mina xox


  1. Mina, we couldn't have become the world force we have without your help. You singlehandedly rallied the EURO chats with such grace and professionalism... and fun. There is shot glass in the treefort for you always. Our best wishes for your continued success!

    Welcome Taro, Teenie and Ali to our crazy team! We're thrilled to have you as part of our family.


  2. Mina, you have been a true inspiration to all of us in the treefort. We wish you well with your endeavors, and know that you will never be far away (we won't include miles).
    I 2nd what Jeanne said, we are thrilled to have Taro, Teenie, and Ali join the scriptchat family.