Monday, October 18, 2010

#Scriptchat 1st Anniversary Brings Geoff LaTulippe IN THE HOUSE October 24, 2010

A long-suffering fan of Cleveland sports, Geoff @geofflatulippe grew up all over the US (but mainly in Pennsylvania, otherwise known as the Cradle of Modern Civilization). After almost-graduating college at the vaunted James Madison University and working a series of soul-crushing regular-person jobs, Geoff transcended the ordinary and moved to Los Angeles. Once there, he gained 40 lbs and developed his storytelling skills by listening to too much Phil Collins and working as a reader for New Line Cinema and Summit Entertainment. For nearly five years.  Five long, long years.  Just at the point where life looked so monumentally bleak that it wasn’t even worth waking up in the morning, Geoff was prodded into writing his first feature script, GOING THE DISTANCE.  He finally sold it in July 2008; the film went into production in July 2009 with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long in the leads.  It was released into theaters on 3 September 2010 and stayed in theaters for upwards of twenty-six minutes before studio executives became too impressed by its near $18-million box office haul and promptly ripped it out of distribution so as not to make too much money and embarrass other films.  He is currently working on several film and TV projects including BREATHERS, a zombie comedy for Fox Searchlight.  Geoff spends his spare time pretending that he’s still 19 years old and praying that he figures out what the hell it is that he's doing before it all slips through the sausage fingers on his very, very small hands.

Grab your tequila and your sense of humor... this will be one chat to ring in the new Scriptchat year! 

BONUS: Script Magazine is giving away party favors!  WOOT! 


  1. One thing, if tonight's topic is finding time to write, should we blowoff #scriptchat, and actually write instead? That's like what, four hours right there....

  2. With a bio like that, who could possibly miss tonight's chat.