Monday, August 23, 2010

Scripped to Guest on August 29th - Talking Screenwriting Contests

What sets Scripped apart (@scripped) from other screenwriting sites is their sense of community.  It’s a company founded on much the same premise as #scriptchat… bringing screenwriters together to learn and grow.  They probably don’t drink as much tequila as we do though. 

In celebration of our mutual philosophies, Scripped’s CEO, Sunil Rajaraman, and their COO, Ryan Buckley, will be guesting on #scriptchat Sunday, August 29, 2010 to discuss screenwriting contests. 

Not only does Scripped host a variety of contests on their website, they also offer Scripped Writer, a Web-based software that allows writers access to their scripts anytime, anywhere.  What better way to work with a screenwriting partner than to work simultaneously on your script online?  Plus, if you aren’t working in the same room, they can’t hear you swear at them.  Bonus!

What we respect most about Scripped though is their origin.  It’s just a group of guys seeing a gapping hole in the industry’s ability to serve a screenwriter, and having the courage to fill it.  We love guys who love writers.

So join us on Sunday, August 29th 8pm EST (5pm PT) and welcome the dynamic Scripped team to our feed.  Don’t forget to refill their tequila glasses while they tweet.

To find out more about the great minds behind the Scripped site, click HERE

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