Monday, July 5, 2010

EURO ScriptChat Guest Speakers BROTHERS MCLEOD - Sunday, July 11, 2010 8pm GMT

We are privileged to announce triple BAFTA nominated animation duo Brothers McLeod (@brothersmcleod) as our next Scriptchat Guests on Sunday 11th July, 2010. Brothers McLeod will only be available at our EURO timeslot, so please feel free to join us from the other side of the pond if you normally take part in the US chat. It's an open invitation to all!  (8pm BST is 3pm EDT)

#scriptchat TOPIC: Screenwriting for animation. 

The award winning, triple BAFTA nominated Brothers McLeod (Greg and Myles) have a track record in creating animation for TV, web, and film. They are represented by Aardman Animations as Commercials Directors and have directed campaigns for Skittles, Stena Line, and Guinness amongst others. They have written and directed series for BBC (Pedro and Frankensheep) and Tate Galleries (Art Sparks), and written for a range of TV, Games and web projects (NoddySpongeBob SquarePants,NHS Relationships and Sex). They have a well established YouTube channel and have had several internet successes including Spamland and Fuggy Fuggy which was picked up by MTV and Mondo Media. In early 2009, they were nominated for a BAFTA Film Award in the Short Animation category for their film Codswallop. Late 2009, they were nominated for two BAFTA Children's Awards for their work with the Tate.

In an effort to have some order over the barrage of questions thrown at these guys (and to save their API so they don't get slammed in Twitter jail), we’ve decided to ask people to leave a question in the comment section below.

Here's how it'll work:
- Leave your questions in the comment section below days before the chat, and we will post them Q&A style on this blog before the chat begins (if possible, post them in 140 characters... including "RT @yourname:" so we may easily post them live at chat). 

We are keen to maintain the chat vibe which is the main appeal for #Scriptchat, so we aim to pick out 10 questions for the Brothers McLeod to answer. We will make sure that these questions will cover the general interests of individuals. This will also mean that we will avoid repetition in the questions and have more room for spontaneous chat.

- Come to #scriptchat on 11th July, and we will have the Brothers McLeod discuss some of the ideas raised in the Q&A as well as take a handful of follow-up questions.

So start thinking about what you would like to ask the Brothers McLeod. This is your chance to put it to the guys who are in the animation world. Find out what you want to know and get yourself ahead of the game. 

It would be great to give the Brothers McLeod some time to prepare the answers so they can focus on engaging with tweeps on the night, so please don't hesitate to post yours questions. Get them down now!

In the meantime, check out the Brothers McLeod's website to find out more about their work:

So until 11th July! Good luck with your writing.


  1. RT @DreamsGrafter: Could you share your breaking in story? #scriptchat

  2. RT @KageyNYC How do u get work writing for an animated show? Can u break in w/spec samples or do u need a backgrnd in animation? #scriptchat

  3. RT @DreamsGrafter Are there any format issues that are a big no-no when writing animation? That you have seen in spec scripts? #scriptchat

  4. RT @SDARANCETTE: How difficult is it for an American animation writer, with experience, to break into the UK field?

    RT @SDARANCETTE: Have you had difficulties getting writing gigs for US shows?

    RT @SDARANCETTE: And how did you approach the US shows or did they approach you first?

    Yes that's, like three questions.