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Kam Miller @kammotion to Guest on #Scriptchat Sunday August 21st

If you dream of writing for TV, don't miss Sunday's #scriptchat with
Kam Miller @kammotion!
5:00PM PT August 21, 2016
Chat here - instructions for participating here.

Topic: Writing your TV pilot! Pilots give showrunners and TV execs a clear sense of a writer's voice, dexterity, command of the page, and vision. TV pilots can help writers attract attention and get representation, too. Join us with all your questions about writing dramas and comedies for premium cable, basic cable, broadcast networks, and digital streaming series.


There are more platforms and buyers for TV shows than ever before, and they all need great content. The entertainment industry's looking for strong voices with edge, and you need kick-ass original TV pilots in your portfolio.  

Kam Miller @kammotion is a writer/producer who has created pilots for Fox, CBS, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Television, and Universal Cable Productions. She wrote for Fox's Killer Instinct as well as the long-running NBC show Law & Order: SVU. In The Hero Succeeds: The Character-Driven Guide to Writing Your TV Pilot, Kam shares her hard-earned knowledge about creating TV series that sell to Hollywood. She’s sold pilots in the room, even over the phone!

The Hero Succeeds has garnered “modern, relevant, and entertaining,” “absolute best,” “must read,” “highly recommend” reviews from network execs, fellow TV writers, and top industry consultants.

About Kam Miller's Book 

In The Hero Succeeds, veteran TV writer Kam Miller shows you exactly how to create your own TV series—from concept to writing a professional pilot script. Drawing from her career as a successful TV pilot writer, Miller shares her hard-earned knowledge about creating TV series that sell to Hollywood. She covers essential elements such as character, world of the show, story engine, tone, and themes for dramas and sitcoms. In this book, Miller introduces the groundbreaking character-driven structure that will help you solve even the most difficult script problems and create structurally sound, emotionally satisfying stories.

Miller illustrates the practical application of her character-driven script structure in current successful TV shows, including Cinemax's The Knick, NBC's Hannibal, Amazon's Transparent, BBC America's Orphan Black, ABC's Modern Family, FOX's Empire, FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, AMC's The Walking Dead, FOX's Brooklyn Nine-Nine, ABC's How To Get Away With Murder, Starz's Outlander, CBS's The Good Wife, Showtime's Episodes, and many others.

The Hero Succeeds shares professional screenwriting expertise, tools, and techniques previously available only to Miller's students at USC's School of Cinematic Arts and Boston University's Film & Television program. Whether you write drama or comedy for broadcast, cable, or digital distribution, The Hero Succeeds is the guide you need to build or expand your TV career.

Editorial Reviews

The first time I developed a show with Kam Miller, I was stunned by her insight into character, form, and story. She had all the elements down perfectly. Then we pitched it--she is indeed the best pitcher I have ever worked with, bar none. Kam's expertise is reflected in her book. "The Hero Succeeds" is the absolute best bible for anyone who wants to succeed in the TV series business!
Jeffrey Kramer
Executive Producer
CBS Television Studios

As a development executive, I've heard more than 3,000 pitches and developed hundreds of TV pilot scripts. Kam Miller's "The Hero Succeeds" delivers everything it takes to write a killer pilot script. It's knowledge that only someone who's been doing it successfully for years can provide. "The Hero Succeeds" is modern, relevant, and entertaining. I recommend Kam's book to every new--and experienced--writer I work with. "The Hero Succeeds" is a must-read for anyone who aspires to write a professional-level TV pilot that can sell.
Carole Kirschner
WGA Showrunner Training Program Director
CBS Diversity Writers Mentoring Program Director
Entertainment Career Consultant

"The Hero Succeeds" is fantastic! This book has been needed for a long time--so glad it finally exists.
Scott Weinger
ABC's "black-ish," "Galavant," "The Muppets"

In "The Hero Succeeds," Kam Miller gives you an inside glimpse of what it is like to write a TV pilot that sells. Because Kam has staffed and sold pilots, she has had the opportunity to develop her craft at a very high level. Her experience adds a tremendous value to the writer. She has an original and thought-provoking voice when it comes to writing the character-driven pilot. Kam has created a unique story system that will help you elevate your game and find success. I highly recommend this book.
Jen Grisanti
Jen Grisanti Consultancy
NBC Writers on the Verge
Story Consultant, Writing Instructor,
International Speaker, Author

"The Hero Succeeds" is a must for your writer's quiver--it's the inside track to writing your TV pilot.
Beau Smith
SyFy's "Wynonna Earp"

"The Hero Succeeds" delivers smart, engaging tools all writers can use. In great tech-industry fashion, Kam Miller has "open-sourced" pilot writing in a way that is not only practical but also lasting. She has laid out simply the complex trail of television development while paying attention to the unconscious biases that slip into the process. You'll notice her clever use of both female and male pronouns throughout implying that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Deconstructing long-standing gender and racial tropes from the very beginning of a writer's journey may be the most powerful and lasting impact of this great how-to guide.
Julie Ann Crommett
Entertainment Industry Educator in Chief

"The Hero Succeeds" is a must-have book for any development executive. It's become my greatest go-to resource when giving notes to writers.
Jennifer Stempel
Director of Development
Juniper Place Productions

This is a great read and a very useful tool for anyone looking to put together a television series. It provides a thorough and understandable roadmap to take you from initial concept to a pitch-ready series package. I always read "The Hero Succeeds" again before I begin a new series project.
Andy Wehrspann
Creative Producer
Facts & Fuel

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