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#Scriptchat Transcript Corey Mandell @coreymandell - Writing Spec that Launches Your Career February 21, 2016

Tonight Corey Mandell @coreymandell joined us to discuss the business of screenwriting, the importance of a killer script and more. It's a must-read transcript with tons of important links. Enjoy! @jeannevb

Read the transcript below or on the Storify site.

#Scriptchat Transcript Corey Mandell @coreymandell - Writing Spec that Launches Your Career February 21, 2016

#Scriptchat Transcript Corey Mandell @coreymandell - Writing Spec that Launches Your Career February 21, 2016

Tonight Corey Mandell joined us to discuss the business of screenwriting, the importance of a killer script and more. Great transcript with tons of important links. Enjoy! @jeannevb

  1. Can't wait to hear @coreymandell talk about writing a spec that launches your career. Join #scriptchat if you want to know more :)
  2. ditto!! MT @heatherAtaylor: Can't wait to hear @coreymandell talk writing a spec that launches your career. Join #scriptchat :)
  3. In case anyone is interested in checking out that podcast on writing the Pitch Perfect Authentic Script  #scriptchat
  4. We're talking writing the spec that can launch your career with @coreymandell tonight! Shoot your questions out! #scriptchat
  5. Q What is the NUMBER ONE sign of a newbie writer that we all should AVOID? #scriptchat
  6. In the past 2 weeks, 3 of my students have sold scripts or pitches, and 2 got staffed (Jane the Virgin, The Leftovers). #scriptchat
  7. Q. screenwriter buddy just old me spec eps from existing shows are out of favor, preference is original specs? #scriptchat
  8. So plz shoot any q's you might have. Love to help if I can #scriptchat
  9. @BenHess yep -- managers and showrunners want to see if you can write a pitch-perfect authentic script. That said... #scriptchat
  10. @coreymandell what's the number one thing you should consider when writing your spec? #scriptchat
  11. Some showrunners also want to see if you can write a spec of an existing show as well to make sure you can write in... #scriptchat
  12. Q: Q What is the NUMBER ONE sign of a newbie writer that we all should AVOID? #scriptchat
  13. someone's else's voice. But AUTHENTIC is the big buzz word out there in both TV and features. NO PARADIGM or FORMULA #scriptchat
  14. @jgsarantinos Depends on what kind of shows you want to get staffed on, and what your strengths are #scriptchat
  15. @coreymandell Q: If you were to write a spec for an existing show, what genre (if any) would you recommend? #scriptchat
  16. @coreymandell thanks! so AUTHENTIC original spec. no pressure, piece o cake! ;-) #scriptchat
  17. @SarahAlexis4 @coreymandell It's all about learning how to turn off the part of your brain that censors and judges and... #scriptchat
  18. worries about outcomes and what other people think, and being able to fully write from the part of your brain that only cares... #scriptchat
  19. Q: If you're looking to get into entertainment for young audiences, how are the rules different? #scriptchat
  20. about what is meaningful and authentic to yourself... Writing from the conceptual part of your brain means having characters... #scriptchat
  21. that feel written. Because conceptual writers design their characters, which often feel like puppets... #scriptchat
  22. Intuitive writers discover their characters. They feel real and original. Thus, compelling. But the trick is integration... #scriptchat
  23. do you recommend submitting original spec to Blcklist / Screencraft / other contests? or keep closer to vest? #scriptchat
  24. Which means knowing how to take that which is most meaningful and authentic to you and have the tools to design the story... #scriptchat
  25. So that it will also be meaningful and engaging to others. That's creative integration. And the writers who can do that... #scriptchat
  26. Are the ones standing out in the current marketplace. The ones imitating existing shows or following paradigms are... #scriptchat
  27. generally being ignored. Too many writers are writing the kinds of scripts that would have sold 5 to 7 years ago. #scriptchat
  28. #scriptchat I'm lovin' shows like LOVE and CASUAL right now because it's not so much about the concept but more about how the chars grow
  29. @coreymandell What do you think the biggest changes are? What are the cliches that must be avoided? #scriptchat
  30. @BenHess There's no one right way and you gotta find success your way. And some have benefited from those lists. That said... #scriptchat
  31. Most of the managers and agents I know are turned off if your script has already had such exposure. They want something... #scriptchat
  32. very interesting! MT @coreymandell: Too many writers are writing the kinds of scripts that would have sold 5 to 7 years ago. #scriptchat
  33. @BenHess @coreymandell If most writers understood where the market is right now, they'd be shocked. There's a reason we saw... #scriptchat
  34. .@coreymandell got it re: contests and limited exposure, makes sense! #scriptchat
  35. more scripted shows air last year than before. They need to build libraries of original shows to compete in where TV is going #scriptchat
  36. @heatherAtaylor @coreymandell You really want to avoid following a paradigm or imitating what has already been done... #scriptchat
  37. our job is to write the story that only you can write, but do it with pitch-perfect execution. Much easier said than done. #scriptchat
  38. Idea Cloud Episode 3 is now up! Check it out, and don't forget to like and subscribe!  #productivity #scriptchat
  39. @Angie_Lavallee @coreymandell Yep. Netflix and Amazon doubling development this year. Others following suit... #scriptchat
  40. I think Adrienne's waving hand in back of room! ;-) RT @AdrienneAiken: #scriptchat hi I'd like to ask a question...
  41. Never been more opportunities for writers! But also never been so much competition. Only the strongest are getting noticed #scriptchat
  42. @coreymandell What if it would work in an existing universe, but is a completely different perspective? #scriptchat
  43. @coreymandell Q What is the biggest sign of a newbie writer that we ALL should AVOID? #scriptchat
  44. #scriptchat I have a tv series spec I'm writing. I need to include some visual imagery (beyond the scene set up)
  45. #scriptchat it's part of the nature of a character. Will this be frowned upon/thrown out for this?
  46. words o wisdom right there MT @coreymandell: Never been more opportunities for writers! But also never been so much competition. #scriptchat
  47. @MCorcoran15 @coreymandell Writing to a paradigm or formula. Writers need to create fresh, original, compelling characters... #scriptchat
  48. And learn how to tell the stories in the way best suited for it, as opposed to writing it in a way that everyone else is... #scriptchat
  49. Too many writers are following the paradigms being taught -- they stopped working 3-5 years ago #scriptchat
  50. I just read every single pilot script that sold in the past 2 years. It's a brave new world out there. And it's exciting. #scriptchat
  51. @coreymandell What is the new paradigm on the horizon? Or is it a truly clean slate? #scriptchat
  52. Plus, and this is really important, the networks are still interested in formula driven shows like 3 camera comedies and... #scriptchat
  53. are a few of these avail recently sold pilots online? MT @coreymandell: It's a brave new world out there. And it's exciting. #scriptchat
  54. Any advice on getting your first spec script into the hands of a studios? #scriptchat
  55. Procedurals... But look who they are buying those scripts from? Folks with a proven record as an EP or above on a hit show... #scriptchat
  56. They aren't buying those kinds of scripts from unproven folks. But they are buying pitch-perfect authentic scripts from... #scriptchat
  57. complete newbies. I saw more of my students sell scripts last year than any other year. By a wide margin #scriptchat
  58. @blueneumann @coreymandell yep. And once a writer has a proven track record, the game changes. But until then... #scriptchat
  59. @coreymandell how about advice on being sure your script is ready to go out. #scriptchat
  60. @coreymandell lol the reason I am late to #scriptchat is because I was working on my homework!
  61. #scriptchat sorry I replied, but to myself I think ;) Ok thanks (re last reply) that's great.. What about sound or music cues?
  62. Essential you write the kind of script that can get you the opportunity to go on to have a proven track record #scriptchat
  63. feeling like we shoulda been assigned to read Corey's blog before this chat. :-) Great resource! #scriptchat
  64. Don't worry about missing any of the links. I'll post a transcript of the chat after on our site  #scriptchat
  65. @jeannevb @coreymandell Great question. Single biggest mistake writers make is going out with scripts before they are ready... #scriptchat
  66. You only have 1 chance at a first impression. The first thing I would suggest is to test your script to see what movie plays... #scriptchat
  67. #scriptchat (I really yearn to include them.. 2 songs are referenced with very relevant lyrical content... I've put "subject to permission)?
  68. Q. what's a current episodic drama you're enjoying / that you'd recommend we read? #scriptchat
  69. in the head of the reader. Most writers would be shocked to see how other people are experiencing their scripts... #scriptchat
  70. I'm happy to send test questions to anyone who emails me... Once you are confident that other people are seeing the... #scriptchat
  71. "movie" you intend, (and only then), I'd suggest hiring actual readers at production companies to do the actual coverage they'd #scriptchat
  72. .@jgsarantinos it's so lovely to see unscripted 'reality' garbage finally making way for scripted shows! #scriptchat
  73. do if the script came through the system. Avoid anyone advertising online for such services... #scriptchat
  74. You want actual real readers. Hire 3 of them. If the coverage reports come back with issues, you're not yet ready. If you get... #scriptchat
  75. Recommend from all 3, time to move mountains to get the right people to read your script. The right script can change your life #scriptchat
  76. @coreymandell what's the best way to get someone in the industry to read your work? #scriptchat
  77. I see it all the time. But the wrong script will hurt you (unfortunately I see that all the time as well) #scriptchat
  78. @kevin_nail @coreymandell Get someone they trust to recommend it. That's not the best way, it's the only real way. #scriptchat
  79. sigh. more homework! ;-) RT @coreymandell: One script can change your life. But must be right script  #scriptchat
  80. @kevin_nail @coreymandell which means writing the kind of script that's truly worth recommending. Most writers... #scriptchat
  81. right??? RT @jeannevb: @BenHess haha you'll be reading @coreymandell's articles for the rest of the week #scriptchat
  82. who think they can do this, can't. Make sure you really can before asking anyone to take a look. Hence my advice to... #scriptchat
  83. Hire actual working readers (gate keepers). That's the way to verify. Don't trust your friend or teacher or script consultant #scriptchat
  84. Q Do I HAVE to live in LA to break in with a great script? #scriptchat
  85. did this one get answered? MT @SarahAlexis4: @coreymandell Q After 1st draft, what do you suggest writers look for re: rewrites? #scriptchat
  86. @MCorcoran15 You do not! One of my students just sold her script and she lives in South Africa #scriptchat
  87. @MCorcoran15 But it would be very helpful that you can be out here to take the meeting once your script is sent out... #scriptchat
  88. But with skype, that's not as imperative as it once was. Because here's the good news... #scriptchat
  89. power of that interweb thing! MT @coreymandell: @MCorcoran15 One of my students just sold her script, she lives in South Africa #scriptchat
  90. The demand for new writers who can truly write Pitch Perfect Authentic scripts far outweighs the supply of such folks #scriptchat
  91. Great advice @coreymandell Once you feel yr script's ready get coverage reports from 3 REAL readers-If you get recommend #WORKIT #scriptchat
  92. Managers, and now execs, call me all the time to see which of my students they should be reading. These calls have increased... #scriptchat
  93. Dramatically over the past 2 years. So stage one: Learning and Mastering the skills and tools required to... #scriptchat
  94. Write Pitch-Perfect Authentic scripts. You can do that from anywhere. #scriptchat
  95. lowest person at the company. Bingo. Really not that hard. They are usually happy to read a script and do coverage under... #scriptchat
  96. *should be writing* "is lurking on #scriptchat instead* Good tips & insight from @coreymandell
  97. table for a little cash. Shouldn't need to break the bank for this. #scriptchat
  98. @jeannevb @coreymandell Thnx for the shout out on the classes. We opened up a new June session. Currently 4 seats left #scriptchat
  99. #scriptchat sorry to ask re same subject, but will they hate me/throw it out for putting in sound/music cues? (If the rest is ace of course)
  100. @BenHess @jgsarantinos Amen! Hopefully the age of "reality" tv is over. Time to return to good stories! :) #scriptchat #writing #filmmaking
  101. Q: you've outlined a script that closely resembles the general storyline of a script already optioned - scrap it or keep going? #scriptchat
  102. @AdrienneAiken Really hard to give you a definitive answer without reading the script. #scriptchat
  103. and twit chat goes silent as we battle for 4 spaces :) RT @coreymandell: @jeannevb Thnx for the shout out on the classes. #scriptchat
  104. gr8 question. seconded. MT @SeatownCraig: you've outlined a script that resembles storyline of script already optioned - scrap? #scriptchat
  105. @AdrienneAiken @coreymandell Not trying to be difficult. But don't want to give wrong answer. Always depends on execution #scriptchat
  106. I would ignore anyone who would answer your question without having read the script. There are no rules. And execution is king #scriptchat
  107. @BenHess @coreymandell @SeatownCraig Great example of a pitch-perfect authentic script. And the thing to understand is... #scriptchat
  108. @coreymandell #scriptchat but that's great. There is a possible grey between the black and white... maybe not grey... Silver ;)
  109. That's the competition. You need to train yourself up to be able to compete at that level of pilot script design and execution #scriptchat
  110. But that said, 409 scripted shows aired last year. Not too shabby. Opportunities are definitely there. #scriptchat
  111. Boom! MT @coreymandell: That's the competition. You need to train yourself up to be able to compete at that level #scriptchat
  112. similar Q re: potential budget of show? RT @SarahAlexis4: @coreymandell Q: Thoughts on gauging the viability of concepts/ideas? #scriptchat
  113. @SarahAlexis4 @coreymandell Pick the project that resonates the most for you. The one project you just absolutely... #scriptchat
  114. have to write. THEN figure out how to design and execute it in a way that will resonate with others. It's all about integration #scriptchat
  115. That's the work. Train yourself to do it and it can change your life. No hype.  #scriptchat
  116. I'll try again: is it best to stick to writing in one or two main genres or does being niched not matter? #scriptchat @coreymandell
  117. As one of @coreymandell's current students, I can tell you his approach is eye-opening. #scriptchat
  118. Q Of your students who break in with a spec, how many do they write before that ONE? #scriptchat
  119. RT @JLalliWriter: As one of @coreymandell's current students, I can tell you his approach is eye-opening. #scriptchat
  120. @anicat @BenHess @jgsarantinos The TV industry is going to look a lot different in 5 years. Nobody knows exactly... #scriptchat
  121. how it will look. But we do know it's important to have a library of original shows. HBO, Amazon and Netflix have the lead... #scriptchat
  122. Others trying to catch up. Never been a better time to be looking to break into the TV world. Features getting better as well #scriptchat
  123. @SarahAlexis4 @JLalliWriter Instead of starting with writing to market, it's about starting with writing for myself... #scriptchat
  124. #scriptchat thank you Corey and all. I should prob get some sleep. Up in 4 hrs! Ciao! X
  125. @SarahAlexis4 @JLalliWriter Not to sound like a commercial, but I now teach an entire Story Design/Mapping workshop on this... #scriptchat
  126. @jeannevb @coreymandell @writerellison The writer in me says not to. But almost all the managers I know say you should... #scriptchat
  127. I don't want more homework. ;-) RT @jeannevb: 6 more minutes left to pick @coreymandell's brain... #scriptchat
  128. Brand yourself when starting out... Probably best to listen to the managers... Which means be careful what scripts u spec... #scriptchat
  129. Figure out exactly what kind of career you want, then reverse engineer the scripts you should be writing to get there #scriptchat
  130. Too many writers focus on selling something, or getting staffed. As opposed to launching the career they want. big difference #scriptchat
  131. I can't emphasis how important creative integration is in the current mrktplace  #scriptchat
  132. @coreymandell Apologies if this was already asked: are there particular genres more in demand than others right now for tv? #scriptchat
  133. @anicat @coreymandell yes, but it changes all the time. I think it's a mistake to write to the marketplace. By the time you... #scriptchat
  134. finish the script, the marketplace will have changed. Write a pitch-perfect authentic script. That never goes out of style. #scriptchat
  135. before u go, any shows you're especially loving right now?? recent faves of mine include Broadchurch, Happy Valley #scriptchat
  136. Thanks so much @coreymandell for answering all our questions and to @jeannevb for bringing him to us! #scriptchat
  137. Next wk #scriptchat is off for Oscars but join us 3/6 with @alrodz MACHETE, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN @kim_garland moderating
  138. Think about Sopranos. Orange is new black. the knick. Mad men. Breaking bad... written to what was selling at the time? #scriptchat
  139. Thank you so much @coreymandell! You rocked it, as usual! I'll ping you with the transcript link. #scriptchat
  140. @coreymandell Thank you for sharing your insights tonight - great stuff! Will definitely check out those blogs on the site. #scriptchat
  141. @BenHess Finishing up Transparent, season 2. And just caught up on The Bridge (original European version) Oh my, so so so good #scriptchat
  142. gr8 thx! MT @coreymandell: @BenHess Finishing Transparent S2. Just caught up on The Bridge (original Euro version) so so so good #scriptchat
  143. thx Corey, 1st timer, loved it! MT @jeannevb: Thanks so much @coreymandell! You rocked it, as usual! #scriptchat
  144. @coreymandell Thanks so much for the excellent info & advice & thanks @jeannevb for hosting another entertaining #scriptchat! :) #filmmaking

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