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Derek Purvis of @MoviePitchPro Transcript - December 13, 2015

Derek Purvis - Producer of The Kids Will Be All Right and also Creator of Movie Pitch Pro @MoviePitchPro guested answering questions about the use of the Movie Pitch Pro app and database to help writers discover what producers are a good fit for their project.

Derek Estlin Purvis started his career at Paramount Pictures in the Early 90’s and spent 8 years working inside the studio system. In 2001, He relocated to Boston, MA and worked as an Executive Producer. In 2005 he joined Markedia Worldwide, a Film Finance and Branded Content studio. While at Markedia, Derek worked with Michael Bassick to finance all or part of eight films, Including The Ten Starring Paul Rudd and Jessica Alba. Derek left Markedia in 2010 to partner with Christy Cashman at Saint Aire. Sait Aire placed the equity finance in The Kids Are All Right, which would win the Golden Globe for best picture. Also while at Saint Aire, Derek produced and Directed The Love Guide starring Parker Posey. With the advent of the new digital content model, Derek has spent the past three years in the Technology space, creating the ground breaking mobile app Movie Pitch Pro.

Zac Sanford @zacsanford moderating.

Read the transcript below or on the Storify site.

Derek Purvis of @MoviePitchPro Transcript - December 13, 2015

Derek Purvis of @MoviePitchPro Transcript - December 13, 2015

Derek Purvis - Producer of 'The Kids Will Be All Right' and also Creator of Movie Pitch Pro @MoviePitchPro. Zac Sanford @zacsanford moderating.

  1. IT’S #SCRIPTCHAT O’CLOCK w guest Derek Purvis Prod of 'The Kids Will Be All Right' & Creator of @MoviePitchPro. @zacsanford moderating
  2. RT @scriptchat: IT’S #SCRIPTCHAT O’CLOCK w guest Derek Purvis Prod of 'The Kids Are All Right' & Creator of @MoviePitchPro.
  3. Q @MoviePitchPro - So tell us a little about yourself before we jump in with the regular questions. #scriptchat
  4. Hi! Lets start with a little fun trivia-I have been a Partner at Saint Aire Productions - Prod Co. for "The Kids Are All Right" #scriptchat
  5. But I started in the early 90's at Paramount Pictures. I I was working my way up the ladder there for 8 years! #scriptchat
  6. what a great way to learn the biz! I have been Financing films for the last 15 years or so #scriptchat
  7. And have even gotten to direct a few - Including "The Love Guide" with Parker Posey #scriptchat
  8. Over the past 3 years I have been working with a phenomenal group of technology guru's to bring a new Mobile App to life! #scriptchat
  9. It is the first Big Data driven research and analytics tool designed for established and up and coming filmmakers #scriptchat
  10. to find the people most likely to be interested working with them on a project. #scriptchat
  11. Q: How has the pitch process evolved over the years? And how has technology played a role on what is and is not accepted? #scriptchat
  12. @SarahAlexis4 @MoviePitchPro My responsibilities in those days were exclusively on the finance/business side - #scriptchat
  13. @SarahAlexis4 @MoviePitchPro I had nothing to do with the creative - but I can share my opinion a little #scriptchat
  14. @SarahAlexis4 @MoviePitchPro Which is, the execution on the creative by the Director was phenomenal & the cast as well #scriptchat
  15. @Al_1701 Good question. The biggest shifts in the sales (pitch) process for films is probably related to 2 things: #scriptchat
  16. Q @MoviePitchPro So what made you want to transition from the studio life to what you're doing now? #scriptchat
  17. @Al_1701 1) The demand for content is so high it has created way more opportunity and an easier access point for writers #scriptchat
  18. @Al_1701 2) so much more is possible with the scope of a budget range, it has shifted the decision making for buyers #scriptchat
  19. @Al_1701 Allowing them to green light a smaller film knowing tech has made it possible to delivery a high prod value #scriptchat
  20. @zacsanford2 @MoviePitchPro I have always wanted to Direct - but do not like having others dictate my career #scriptchat
  21. @zacsanford2 @MoviePitchPro So I decided to master the financing and distribution side in order to be able #scriptchat
  22. It is the first Chronic Farting driven research and analytics tool designed for established and up and coming filmmakers #scriptchat
  23. @SarahAlexis4 @MoviePitchPro Great Q! No. We are not in the business of selling access. We are a research tool. #scriptchat
  24. @SarahAlexis4 @MoviePitchPro MPP is designed to expedite the process of targeting potential collaborators AND #scriptchat
  25. @SarahAlexis4 @MoviePitchPro Providing a full suite of analytics about the producers, financiers, directors on your results list #scriptchat
  26. @SarahAlexis4 @MoviePitchPro There are several great ways to use it as a writer. The first: Validate a story idea #scriptchat
  27. @SarahAlexis4 @MoviePitchPro Meaning, when you get a story idea that pops in your head - use MPP to see if anyone may be into it #scriptchat
  28. @SarahAlexis4 @MoviePitchPro I get hair brain script ideas all the time and use the tool to gauge the market before writing #scriptchat
  29. @SarahAlexis4 @MoviePitchPro another great way to use the tool as a writer, is to focus your sales (pitch) efforts #scriptchat
  30. @MoviePitchPro @SarahAlexis4 There are times I look at a movie and think it was a hair brained script. Some of them even work. #scriptchat
  31. @SarahAlexis4 @MoviePitchPro and takes what is normally days, weeks or months of research in IMDB or SS, and does it in seconds #scriptchat
  32. @MoviePitchPro Who is "anybody"? Let's say you are a produced writer who knows what works, and the "anybodys" don't like it? #scriptchat
  33. @SarahAlexis4 @MoviePitchPro Perhaps the best way to use the tool - is working with the full suite of analytics you get #scriptchat
  34. Q @MoviePitchPro As studio needs tend to change daily/weekly/on a whim, how does your system (and how often) does it update? #scriptchat
  35. From Superstar Writers to First-Timers, Screenplay Contenders Run The Gamut - AwardsLine  #scriptchat
  36. @SarahAlexis4 @MoviePitchPro things like : Genre, Sub Genre, Conflict type, story type, hero type, target audience, budget #scriptchat
  37. @zacsanford2 @MoviePitchPro MPP has an enormous database and tracks 100K people and 300K Companies #scriptchat
  38. We're at the halfway point in the chat. Make sure to get those questions in to @MoviePitchPro #scriptchat
  39. @zacsanford2 @MoviePitchPro We include the full filmography from the past 3 years, as well as tracking current activity #scriptchat
  40. After the chat, you can check out @MoviePitchPro's site here  & #FF them to ask any unanswered questions #scriptchat
  41. @SarahAlexis4 @MoviePitchPro The actual creative in your story is of course, never required to be input. #scriptchat
  42. @Al_1701 @MoviePitchPro If the company's, financed, produced or distributed a film in the past 3 years, they are in out database #scriptchat
  43. Of course it's an app. What about us dinosaurs who still have a flip phone? #scriptchat
  44. @wcmartell @MoviePitchPro I can't speak to Relativity's algorithm, I have never been made privy to it - but thats good company! #scriptchat
  45. @Al_1701 I encourage you to explore becoming more connected with others in your industry in ways that older tech won't let you #scriptchat
  46. @Al_1701 Don't feel bad. Even Michael Shannon mentioned he has a flip phone. #scriptchat
  47. @zacsanford2 @Al_1701 but I imagine Michael Shannon has more than one phone. Work phone, personal phone #scriptchat
  48. Q @MoviePitchPro Has teh company thought about doing a web-based system for those without smartphones? #scriptchat
  49. @blueneumann Not sure if he has more than one, but on the Nerdist podcast he mentioned that was all he had as he hates tech. #scriptchat
  50. @wcmartell @MoviePitchPro If your a filmmaker and need to plug a collaborator into your project - we can help. As a financier #scriptchat
  51. @wcmartell @MoviePitchPro I get Production teams looking to get financed but have need of a physical production company #scriptchat
  52. @MoviePitchPro Any success stories yet made through MPP or is it too early yet? #scriptchat
  53. @zacsanford2 @MoviePitchPro I imagine a computer-based one would also allow for a more detailed interface. #scriptchat
  54. @supergloss @MoviePitchPro We have only been live for a couple months and we have not started out marketing campaign really #scriptchat
  55. @wcmartell Off topic but I am reading your SECRETS OF SELLING & loving it. Spot-on advice. Will post review when done #realtalk #scriptchat
  56. @supergloss @MoviePitchPro I will tell you, I have been using an excel spreadsheet version of this in my own career for 10 years #scriptchat
  57. @supergloss @MoviePitchPro and use it to analyze projects I am considering, and its been used in that way on a few films #scriptchat
  58. @blueneumann @zacsanford2 @MoviePitchPro Very true! The iOS version is really a soft launch for us - we will be browser based #scriptchat
  59. @zacsanford2 @MoviePitchPro As a guy that gets pitched EVERYWHERE, my advice is simple: understand the BUSINESS of your project #scriptchat
  60. @zacsanford2 @MoviePitchPro and most important, like ANY sales environment, focus on telling the info the buyer eeds #scriptchat
  61. @zacsanford2 @MoviePitchPro and to the research to over come objections from a buyer in the meeting. #scriptchat
  62. Q @MoviePitchPro How have you seen the indie landscape change since The Kids Are Alright? #scriptchat
  63. @MoviePitchPro Are you sure you're not a real estate agent, cause you kinda sound like one? #scriptchat
  64. @zacsanford2 @MoviePitchPro First, I have to say, the quality of scripts being read in NY, LA have greatly increased #scriptchat
  65. @zacsanford2 @MoviePitchPro I think more writers are working on improving their craft then ever before. #scriptchat
  66. @MoviePitchPro I came in late so no clue if anyone asked already but where do you think writers go wrong when pitching? #scriptchat
  67. @zacsanford2 @MoviePitchPro Some other big changes in the indie world are the budgets are deflated, but for good reason #scriptchat
  68. @zacsanford2 @MoviePitchPro and I think writers should be zeroing in on this, but films need more revenue streams to succeed #scriptchat
  69. @zacsanford2 @MoviePitchPro Scripts should have extension to other areas, games, graphic novels etc to be more appealing #scriptchat
  70. @jeannevb @MoviePitchPro in two ways - they don't fully KNOW the person they are pitching to. Research is key in pitching. #scriptchat
  71. @jeannevb @MoviePitchPro so when you sit down with them, you can have a dialogue, and not just project your ideas onto them #scriptchat
  72. @jeannevb @MoviePitchPro the second, is they don't fully understand what the decision making process for a buyer is. #scriptchat
  73. As we're winding down, I want to thank Derek (@MoviePitchPro) for being our guest tonight. Thanks for all the answers. #scriptchat
  74. @jeannevb @MoviePitchPro Buyers are considering; "Can I sell this to my boss/investor", "can I sell it overseas","Can I afford" #scriptchat
  75. Final 5 Plug: THE TERMINATOR MOVIES. All 5 films analyzed: why they work (or don't). 247 pges, under $3.  #scriptchat
  76. Thanks to everyone for coming out this evening, those who asked questions and those who sat in the wings watching. #scriptchat
  77. @JLalliWriter Writers are treating the craft more like a career, learning the trade, improving their skills, AND #scriptchat
  78. @JLalliWriter Understand that if they can imagine it - it can be produced, very liberating! #scriptchat
  79. @Angie_Lavallee Door. (they read your scripts, love them, call you in for a meeting) #scriptchat
  80. Next week I'll be moderating with @KathrynLyn Director of Development at @AmasiaEnt - a film production and finance company. #scriptchat
  81. @jeannevb @zacsanford Thanks for a great session and letting me hang around where the magic all starts! #scriptchat
  82. @zacsanford2 I need to check if @KathrynLyn of @AmasiaEnt can still guest next week... stay tuned! If not, we'll find backup #scriptchat

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