Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jaime Primak Sullivan, Creator Bravo's 'Jersey Belle' Guests on Scriptchat September 14th!

Join us on September 14, 2014 at 5:00PM PDT to pick Jaime Primak's @JaimePrimak brain on successful pitching, commercial concepts and more! Oh, and you'll need your tequila and your trucker mouth for this one. Just so you know, Jaime was just named R.I.S.E. & STAND's "Amazing Person of the Week," because... she is pretty amazing. See for yourself at #scriptchat!  ~ @jeannevb

The best way to chat is in tchat.io site, which auto adds the #scriptchat hashtag. Full chat instructions are here.

Entertainment publicist Jaime Primak Sullivan @JaimePrimak is the Founder and President of Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment, a full-service public relations and strategic marketing agency founded in 2005.

A year after she began, Jaime took her business to Los Angeles, and single handedly launched some of the west coast’s hottest bars and night clubs. Capitalizing on that success, she expanded her PR business to event planning and rocked brand launches, record releases, wrap parties and signature events like Jamie Foxx’s Grammy Party, Diddy’s White Party, The Travis Barker/DJ AM review and the Tony Hawk Foundation fund raiser.

Late 2006, Jaime relocated to Birmingham, Alabama to get married and start a family, but it didn’t slow her down. Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment continues to thrive in public relations, event planning and brand management. In 2012, Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment expanded into production.

In 2012, Jaime sold her concept for the unscripted series, Jersey Belle, to Bravo, in which she both stars and serves as creative producer. Jaime sold her first horror treatment, Fear Followers, which is currently in development at Relativity Media where she is serving as co-producer on the film. In October 2013, Jaime sold her screenplay, Before We Do, to Thunder Road Pictures where she will serve as EP. Her most recent thriller was just picked up by Universal Studios. Her knack for broad concepts solidified her nickname “commercial concepts” with production companies in Hollywood, and she does it all from a little office in Mt. Brook, Alabama.

Locally, Jaime currently sits on-camera as the entertainment reporter for the number one local news station, Fox 6, in Birmingham. Jaime is a featured speaker with Grammy nominated MC Lyte’s “Your Man, Your Money, Your Relationship” panel which began its second national tour in January.

Drawing from her “by any means necessary” business stealth, Jaime created the concept for “Breaking and Entering,” an on-line informative interview format for All Def Digital which will launch the fall of 2014 and produces her “cawfee tawk” segments online.

In 2015 she will have her first film in production; a horror at Relativity. She has optioned a comedy at Thunder Road and is finalizing a deal on a thriller which she is excited to announce shortly.

Her clients have covered some of the biggest national magazines, and appeared on numerous television shows. She currently has clients on 8 major networks.

Today, Jaime is simply the most sought-after independent publicist in her industry. An expert in grassroots public relations for all aspects of the entertainment business and rock solid relationships with the media, Jaime’s notoriety, respect, and demand are unparalleled.

Follow Jaime on Twitter: @JaimePrimak

Just to give you an idea of Jaime's heart and morning "cawfee tawks," here's one she did today, September 11th.

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  1. I was across I-395 from the Pentagon, watching the smoke rise. We earlier heard Howard Stern on the NY situation and it slowly became obvious this was not a joke. Traffic going southbound was gridlocked. We sat on the deck drinking pitchers of beer. Finally, he got out of his car, came up for a glass, then went back and traffic still had not moved. A colleague who was in the Pentagon and got knocked out of his chair by the impact, walked home to be with his family. He actually hiked to his home while our other colleague was maybe a foot or two away from where we first saw him. Meanwhile, my cousin (who worked for the owners of the towers) got out and got home safely. We were later saddened to learn that another colleague was on the plane that hit the Pentagon. And, one of the victims of that attack was a single mom who left her 14-year-old daughter as head of their home. Sad day...