Wednesday, August 13, 2014

David Jung to Guest on Scriptchat August 17th!

Scriptchat is thrilled to have David Jung @davidfujung as our guest this Sunday, August 17th at 5pm PDT!

 Just go to the chat room and enjoy an hour picking David's brain and enjoying his journey.

His new film, The Possession of Michael King, debuts August 22nd.

David Jung’s family had one of the first VCRs in their neighborhood. It was a huge clunky monstrosity, purchased by his father. Its sole purpose: to record horror films. David’s earliest education came from that machine. He was in charge of hitting the pause button whenever a commercial came on, so that his father could “conserve tape.”

Forced to keep his eyes glued to that glowing tube for endless weekends, he was given an education in gore, one that couldn’t be bought, and one that sadly, he was never graded upon - as he was far from an A student in traditional school subjects... or even a B student, actually.

His fanatical dad dressed up as Dracula, all the time. He wore a black cape (with a sewn-in red liner) carried a silver tipped cane, and glued on homemade fangs (chiseled from ivory, right in the basement workshop). He travelled the neighborhood this way paying visits to friends and relatives, even crashing and leading the occasional parade.

This became embarrassing for Dave as a teen. But his dad’s knowledge of the supernatural was unbeatable. Its discussion took precedence over sports, politics, or any other such nonsense at the dinner table.

This led David to experiment, at a very young age, not with sex or drugs, but with Ouija boards, satanic scriptures, and homemade scientific experiments which attempted to raise the dead.

When these failed to produce results, instead of giving up and facing the prospect of searching for a job in the “real world,” Jung headed to the one place on earth where reality doesn’t matter: Hollywood. Having no discernable advantage over the throng of young talent in the pool (a.k.a. a relative in the biz), David proceeded to muscle his way, quite literally, into Roger Corman’s (now defunct) Concord New Horizon Studios in Santa Monica.

Upon noticing a group of laborers carrying an assortment of prop trees, hedges and other greenery into the studio off the back of a truck, Jung nimbly stepped into the assembly line, hefted a tree, and headed off into the studio after them.

A grueling twenty-two hour day later, Jung was approached by the director, and asked to join the crew.

Since then, Jung has worked as an executive at Walt Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, and has written films for just about every studio in town.

The Possession of Michael King is his directorial debut.

Follow The Possession of Michael King on Facebook and Twitter, @POMKmovie.
Follow David on Twitter at @davidfujung

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