Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Amazon Studios to Guest on Scriptchat This Sunday!

As some of you know, Amazon Studios @Amazon_Studios asked me to give Amazon Storybuilder a try, a free tool that lets writers build outlines with digital notecards in a cloud-based platform. I've had a great time using it and will definitely continue to outline my new project there.

To learn more about the Storybuilder tool, read the three-part series and get your questions ready for the Amazon Studios team to answer Sunday, January 19th at 5:00PM PST.

*note: There are no options or strings attached to use Amazon Storybuilder. It truly is free!

On ScriptMag, read an interview by Jenna Avery of a screenwriter who just inked a deal with Amazon Studios: Sci-Fi Circuit: Screenwriter Adam Pachter on Landing a Deal with Amazon Studios

To join the chat, simply go to the chat room, login and start tweeting!

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