Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Search for America's Newest Scriptwriter Contest

Overbrook Entertainment/Will Smith, James Lassiter and the ANA Alliance for Family Entertainment (AFE) are conducting a writing contest and would love to have our Scriptchat community participate! 

Search for America’s Newest Scriptwriter Contest” is being judged by Overbrook Entertainment, the award-winning entertainment production company co-founded by two-time Academy Award nominee Will Smith and acclaimed film producer James Lassiter. The AFE is a group of leading national advertisers that brought to air some of the most popular family shows on television, from Friday Night Lights to Gilmore Girls.

It’s FREE to enter… yep, you read that right… FREE! What have you got to lose?

The contest has two categories:
  • 30-minute comedy
  • 1-hour drama 

Two winners will win:
  • $5,000
  • A meeting with Overbrook Entertainment
  • An opportunity to have their TV script further developed and an 18-month option agreement on their script
You can learn more about the contest by visiting the contest website. If you need a bigger kick in the pants, take a look at a short video where Will Smith and James Lassiter not only explain the contest, but also inspire you to face your fear and make it happen! The only way to succeed in life is to take action. You say you want to be a writer, then polish that script and throw your hat in the ring!

With the incredible talent we have at Scriptchat, we’re confident one of you will rise to the top and get the break you deserve. To learn about last year’s winner, read this post on The New York Times site. Your name could be on the next one… someone has to win, why not YOU? But you won’t win unless you enter. 

Submit your script before the deadline on March 21, 2013 at 1pm PT!

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